Life With The FaBulous5

29 Apr 2016 – Is A Life Full Of Activities


Wed: late afternoon by the lake while Linn is at the track meet. Tkx to Cindy for pizza. Zuno loves playing fetch. Priceless expressions from the FaBulous5. Katy the teenage – help get me out of here. Ellie the pre-teen – hello, here am I. John the handsome dude – are you done with that camera? Sophie the princess – all I want for Christmas is my 2front teeth. James the baby – the sun is in my eyes 🙂



Thu: believed to be the oldest house in CAE this 200yrs Seibels House is located in the heart of downtown historic district. One the most treasured buildings, the house was donated to Historic CAE in 1984 and adapted for offices and rental space. If you are willing to pay anything from US$1,000+ to 2,000+ per day, you can rent the ground floor and the gardens.



Lunched at Spotted Salamander****serving classic southern dishes with a modern twist. Deviled eggs, Crispy Pork Belly Salad (warm Carolina Heritage Farms Pork Belly, Cured Kimchi Apple, Candied Sunflower Seeds, over Greens with Sesame Vinaigrette), Croinuts. Creativity of the food, friendly service and have been told that the menu changes daily makes this place well-worth another visit. Opens only for lunch.

First shopping day back in the US and I go crazy, especially in the liquor store where the prices are more affordable as compared to that in SIN. Walmart is of course a must!

Thank you and bless this family and the taco salad dinner, amen! Am on Cloud9 with the FaBulous5 and their parents. Appreciations to Linn for the introduction to Moscow Mule – the name itself is an amusing combination, cow+mule=Vodka Buck (cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime and served in a copper mug).

Fri: TGIF and 12hrs behind SIN. Looks like I will be heading to meet up with AT hiking buddies for Trail Days 13-15May. Tkx to Wiggs who will be arranging accommodations and MoFo has kindly offered me a ride.

2008TD-VA (2)trail-days-logo2008TD-VA (1)

Did not plan on this and did not have any intentions to go, especially after HiHill’s freak accident in 2013 🙁 The only time there after the thru’hike was in 2008. Sometimes very strange things happen for a reason. What are the chances that MoFo’s fence repair email was cc to me by mistake, and at the same time I received Wiggs message asking if I will be at Trail days?????? Telepathy for some hikers 🙂

One would like to know, for most people, being denied reliable telepathic communication, reach for the phone, which they feel is more reliable – Heinrich Böll


27 Apr 2016 – Here We Go Again…


Mon: got the last #36Bus to arrive at T1 by 0015hrs. Bummer that DL does not have early check-in and had to wait till 0300hrs to check in. Such is life when one lives on a budget and in additional, I prefer to be there when it is quiet, especially with all these lovely tulips on display for promotional SIN airlines flights to Amsterdam.



SIN-NRT: movie – Lady In The Van***a BBC production. Dep and arr on time after nearly 7hrs on flight. Had some spare yen from the last trip and time to shop. Like shopping in Japan – their presentations are always a feast to the eyes. Could not resist this mini Green-Tea set, JPY3,000 S$36 and my first purchase for a complete set! Now can still enjoy this tea ritual during quiet times in the US 🙂



NRT-ATL: on schedule after 12.30hrs on a full flight. Watched 4movies, must document them as will probably not remember any of them by tomorrow!! Coincidentally, all 5movies were from different parts of the world. Journey To The Shore/Japanese – fell asleep here with this one. Magallanes/Peru, Mountains May Depart/Chinese, Room/USA. Not fair to rate any of these movies as I was not really with them.


ATL-CAE: remember just hearing the announcement that it might be a bumpy ride due to some local storm clouds, and the last I heard was that we were #3 in line for take off. Was sooo tired that I fell alseep before take off and only to be wakened by landing on this 1hr flight. Arr on schedule onto clear sky as the sun was slowly setting. Good to see Linn waiting for me and got back in time to say goodnight to the Fabulous5.



Tue: safe and sound after a tiring 30hrs ordeal. Such joy to see the family makes it all worth the while. Awakened to the lovely sounds of the birds after a good 8hrs rest. Lazed around unpacking and enjoying time with the family in their lovely home in the tranquil surroundings. Again difficult to get a family pix but I am not in a rush with 2months here and hopefully nobody will be traveling in the next 2 months!



Katy working on her project. Linn’s track team was here for dinner, a carbo-load before their meet. Jeremy, the young coach made a delicious mac&cheese. Nice to meet them – bringing back fond memories of the days she ran CC & track in LHHS when hosting those carbo-load dinners before a meet were a norm.


Always do your best and enjoy yourself. Don’t be upset if you don’t win, you’ve won by doing and simply not giving up – sharing with y’all one of the  of motto my life 🙂

So Long SIN, KV & Family

25 Apr 2016 – Until We Meet Again


Sat: shopping at Plaza SIN to show Christine Spotlight where she can compare the prices of the crafts and tools there to that in the UK. And, no it is not cheaper here in SIN and I know for sure that they are not cheaper than the US, as a matter of fact much more expensive.


Lunched at Kopitiam using my card for the 10%discount. Found some cute wooden signs for the grandkids at ArtsFriend.


Appreciations for dinner at Paragon Crystal Jade Golden Palace (翡翠金阁)****hosted by Les&Ivy. More fine dinning with another voice from Dublin days – Helen Hooi who is also visiting SIN with her husband, Thomas.



Excellent wines with yummy food – my favourite is the bamboo clam. Dinning with Les, one is never in any lack of food! Had to doggie-bag my lamb-chop and noodles, but will certainly be a good lunch tomorrow!! Thus ends this 3days of gourmet fine foods and vintage wines. To KV & family, safe trips to us all until we meet again.


Sun: packing and laundry, my least favourties on the list, but has to be done and will feel much better after the luggage is checked in. Am not sure how others pack, I seem to leave everything out so that I can see what I am packing with me. Sometimes it is sooo overwhelming to see the chaos that I need to close my eyes for a cat- nap.


After traveling like this for over a decade, one might think I am used to it but I still dread the packing and the flying across the oceans, especially when it will be 25+hrs before I get to my destination!

2400sw_white_frontdaypackhero_stuffpack_frontThanks to Calvin@CC for these Hyperlite Mountain Gear. Stuff Pack weighing 0.28lbs/4.4oz/125g. Load capacity: 5-10 lbs/2.2-4.5kg.   Vol: 1800 cu in. (30L)

2400 Southwest (white) weighing 1.79lbs/28.6oz/811g. Load capacity: 20-40 lbs/9-18kg. Interior vol: 2400 cu. in. (40L)

The white one will be my hand-luggage and the Stuff Pack will be folded inside the white one. Still wish to go out and grab a backpack, a tent and disappear for awhile where I can be with Mother Nature.

Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends – Richard Bach

KV Lee & Family

23 Apr 2016 – Welcome to SIN


Thu: welcome back to SIN KV&Christine, Caroline&John and Kenny. Has it really been 9yrs ago they were in SIN? But then I met up with them on 2013 before my UKc2c hike. KV holds a special place in my heart as he is the only non-family member who visited me in my lonely and lost 1960s boarding-school days in Dublin/Ireland.


Appreciations to Les&Ivy for chicken-rice dinner (one of SIN signature dishes). The local fresh fruits are always refreshing way to end a meal. KV is enjoying this whiskey practically personalized for him 🙂


Fri: beautiful contrasting of old & new skylines. A morning at Arab St area where Sultan Mosque the revamp is finally done. Here is some interesting info which many are not aware that the bottom of the golden dome is made of glass bottles and the history to that –



On the way to the Malay Heritage Centre saw this man holding a pigeon and was wondering what was happening. He then asked if we had a pair of scissors as the poor bird had its legs caught all entangled in some strings. Went around to try to buy something to cut, no luck but kind people in one of the stores loan me their scissors and the bird was free to fly again.

A short drive and lunched around the east coast area and to show how the 83% lives here in HDBs before tonight’s fine-dinning hosted by Les&Ivy for KV&family (Godmanchester/UK) and Catherine&Lee (Kuantan/Malaysia).


ME@OUE****a location with a view on the roof-top and food to die for!


Squid-Ink Croissant – my favourite.


Sashimi platter, Red Lobster with chili sauce and man tou, Dark chocolate Moelleux, best lave-cake tasted.


OUE Bayfront ground-floor lobby with these sculptures do make me think that DIET is to DIE without the T. Who am I trying to kid?? Not only being a glutton but also being greedy and weak for good food, champagnes, wines and whiskeys and not forgetting good-looking men, in that order – hahaha. Life is good… 🙂 🙂 🙂


Katong V

20 Apr 2016 – On East Coast & Marine Parade Rd


Mon: Welcome back to SIN Catherine & Lee. Lunch & coffee at I12. Can never get enough of the East Coast and glad to see that the Red House is coming along and looking forward to its completion. 1923-2005, then The Red House Bakery. And soon this Red House Project will house 42 residential units and five retail shops. Do share if you have old pix shopping there!


The former Paramount Hotel is now East Village Hotel in KatongV with access on both EC and MP Rd.



The lobby is influenced and inspired by the Peranakan culture with a very contemporary touch.


If you can still play games like 5 Stones & Chapteh, let’s get together and have a go at them 🙂



The halal dinner buffet spread at Katong Kitchen***has a wide variety, including nasi ulum, and for me the durian shot glass was my favourite and had 6 of them – yummy yum yum 🙂


Tue: educational and interesting 9-part docu-series to watch with an open-mind. Have watched bits and pieces of it , so happy now to be able to all of it. Believe it or not but much of is logical and common sense!!

Tkx for dinner with Jo & family


Wed: the temps today is predicted to get above 35. Get such a headache when not in the AC and dreading it when I have to go out!



An invitation to participate at the NDC in a treatment outcome research study concerning the survival of endodontically treated cracked teeth – a 10yr review was accepted 2weeks ago. Treatment+X-ray costing S$131.07 was waived and also S$20 cash paid out for transport. The sky opened up while on the dentist chair but cleared when the ordeal was over. Helped to cool down the weather a little. All in all it was a good Humpday 🙂

Going to be real busy the next few days ahead with KV&fam visiting from L’don. Looking forward to catching up and also looking forward to seeing the grandchildren after the weekend.


Hot Hot Hot

18 Apr 2016 – Weather In SIN & HDB Issues!


Sun: tkx to Calvin at CC for the green bean soup. An hour of cutting for a large bowl of fruit-cocktail was worth the time as it was completely consumed 🙂 The wall-murals are great but will not be able to see them completed before flying off. Looking forward to seeing them when I get back.

Tkx for dropping by Carmel & Catherine who are getting gears for their Camino holidays. Boss himself helping out with foot-wear 🙂



Nice dinner on QueenSt and lovely evening stroll by SAM@8Q. Tkx for good company, Yoshie. Cheerful and colurful benches to rest on too 🙂

Mon: not a good start having to write to HBD because a Mr Lau seemed to have not heard what I said last week and a letter of complain was mailed to me. Sometimes I do wonder if it is a waste of time to talk to certain people as they are not even listening or hearing. Perhaps people like that need their hearing checked.

Boring to many but have to just document this to remind myself that for those people, words in B/W are the only way to communicate!! Thus the email below has been circulated to HDB and cc to NEA highlighting in red-text for them.

Referring to the letter reference dated 12 Apr 2016

6 Apr – received a note regarding the AC. Called to inquire about the situation and was told that the neighbour below complained about my AC leaking.

7 Apr – 0900hrs Mr Lau from Geylang Branch HDB paid a visit to let me know that I needed to place a tray below the AC compressor to avoid it from leaking to the neighbour downstairs. Informed him that I would prefer to talk to my regular AC service people first in spite of his insistence to get the HDB contractor.

8 Apr – visit from my regular AC service contractors to be informed that yes, it is possible to fix a tray but on the other hand no one is able guarantee that if problems of stagnant water appears, especially in a situation when I am unable to monitor it as I travel quite often.

11 Apr – called Mr Lau and suggested for him to let this neighbour (assuming that it is #06-54 who is also his office staff) know that I will be away soon and to use a temporary water-proof mat on top of the compressor so as the leaking condensation does not fall directly below her compressor. Would have explained to her the situation if she directed the problem directly to me, but as it was she went to Mr Lau. So the protocol for me was to direct my message to Mr Lau.

Explained that I will be away from SIN this weekend and back in Jul. And in Jul will only be back for a few days and away again until Oct/Nov. Since I am unable to monitor the tray under the compressor, it would NOT be a good situation if things go wrong and the tray becomes mosquitoes’ breeding ground.

IMG_0345Am more than willing to resolve the situation with a tray when I get back to SIN in Oct/Nov; can then monitor the situation. Seemed like my message has not been taken into consideration to receive this written complain dated 12Apr. One of the neighbours’ AC where another temporarily solution is possible by placing some water-proof mat on top of the compressor so as the leaking condensation does not fall directly below the neighbour’s compressor.
IMG_0379IMG_0378 - Copy
Units 54&52 on 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th floors there are no trays under any compressors and mine is even one of the newer compressors. Units 54 on 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th floors with my AC circled.

Question – how much leakage is normal and how much warrants a complain?? I do dry off some condensation from my above neighbour’s AC unit nearly everyday and this is NOT a complain, but just need to know so as I can explain to my AC contractor what is considered normal leaking condensation. Would appreciate pix to document my AC leaking condensation as my contractor has been here and checked on it and have told me that most ACs will have some leaking condensation, especially during these overwhelming hot weather the past few weeks.

Reading the complain received and asking me to refrain from using the AC do make me wonder who will then take care of me, a senior living alone if I had a heat-stroke and fell or fainted and hit my head???

Call it a case of mis-communication or lost in translation but really it has even been difficult for me to try to talk to a person who does not hear or listen. Thus the above email was the best solution to a situation to those who might try to be objective.

This is probably my most words blog posting ever…


CHAN Branch In Sarawak

16 Apr 2016 –  More Cousins From Paternal Grandmother



Thu: hello cousins Karen & Sharon from paternal grandmother, CHAN side from Sarawak. Tkx for good company, wine and chocolates. Appreciations to them for taking the time to share my simple home-made lunch – Salmon Roll, Irish Stew and Fresh Berries served on the Irish Shanagarry pottery! Food pix credits to Sharon who takes real good pix.

Usually Karen would host a CNY full day drooling buffet and with her parents visiting from KCH. This year she spent CNY in KCH, thus a get-together at my place to catch up for this year.

Still trying to figure out the relationship and as far as I can understand, Karen’s mom auntie Ngor and Sharon’s mom are my father’s cousins from his mother side! Not so simple where polygamy is in the equation.


5bc9ff67dfd7395ceb410fc1912d32f7Fri: like this wall-mural on block 34 Marine Cres. Appreciations to Gel for the visit and rather concern with both her emotional and physical health.

The Tea Ceremony with Daisosho SEN Genshitsu on Wed  triggered off the memory of a 1989 TV Mini-Series The Ginger Tree*****Made an impression on me then.

Re-watched it on YouTube and enjoyed it. Still a movie-buff but do not usually remember them – this must be one of the better ones for me to want to re-watch!


Based on a book by Oswald Wynd which is quite a dry read, but Masterpiece Theater TV Mini-Series did an excellent job on it.

Early 1900s, a young Scotswoman travels to marry her diplomat fiancé in Manchuria/China during the turmoils of war. A marriage without love and in an alien country, she falls in love with a married Japanese Count and bears him a son. Being ostracized from her European group, she learns to survive 40+ tumultuous years in Asia, including 2WWs and the cataclysmic Tokyo earthquake of 1923…


Sat: Rescue crews scrambled through rubble Saturday morning in a desperate search for survivors of a magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck Japan’s Kyushu Island, the same region rattled by a 6.2 quake two days earlier – CNN

Also another earthquake – Myanmar shaken by 6.9 magnitude earthquake last Wed. 3earthquakes within 4days. Mother Nature is shaking with fury to see how we are slowly destroying her 🙁 🙁 🙁

Prayers and thoughts are out to those affected for the 3 earthquakes. Strange that I was watching The Ginger Tree and probably at the earthquake scene when the earthquake happened…


Am I getting over-sensitive?? Freaking out with these kind of telepathic incidents! Is there such a thing as the Subconcious-Mind-Mental-Telepathy???

Because of technology, we don’t develop telepathy. We don’t use telepathy, but use, you know, the mobile phones. Why? – Marina Abramovic

Welcome Norway’s PM Erna Solberg

14 Apr 2016 – To SIN
Tue: valid view-points from all sides but still sad and disappointing that it has come to this. Both LKY&his wife would probably feel the same if they could feel and they certainly do not deserve this 🙁 May they RIP.



Tue is senior-day-discount (3%) at Giant. Prefer to shop at my local wet-market but needed dill and that is not available at the wet-markets. Best to be at the grocery store when it opens at 0900hrs to beat the crowds. And since I am there, might as well get the rest of my grocery for the next few days. Had only one choice of dill, but one is better than none!

Tkx for dinner with sis Jo&family.


Wed: Happy and safe Songkran to those celebrating – refreshing with all the water on these very hot days! And Happy Hump Day to all. Above 2 pix downloaded.


Norway and Singapore enjoy good economic relations, especially in the maritime sector. Our ties go back more than a century. Norway established an honorary consulate here in 1906, soon after it became independent. As PM Solberg told me, the right to establish its own consulates overseas was the final issue which led Norway to dissolve its union with Sweden in 1905 and become an independent country.

During her visit, PM Solberg spoke at the 6th Norway-Asia Business Summit, and gave a public lecture at The International Institute for Strategic Studies Asia (IISS Asia) – Fullerton Lecture Series.

I thanked PM Solberg for Norway’s strong support for Singapore’s participation as an observer in the Arctic Council. Look forward to enhancing the close and longstanding friendship between our countries. – LHL

Photo by LH Goh & KP Seah (ST)

Hjertelig velkommen statsminister Erna Solberg til Singapore. Vi håper at du vil ha et hyggelig opphold her. Explains why the Norwegian flag was up and on a car when walking by the Fullerton Hotel to get to ACM!


Appreciations to Yoshie for the invite to The Urasenke Chado Tradition at ACM. Daisosho SEN Genshitsu (age 92) showed how to bring the people of Japan and SIN closer and by the same token bring the world a big step closer to achieving peace through the agency of the Way of Tea (chado).


The welcoming committee, SR Nathan (SIN ex-President), Haruhisa Takeuchi, (Japan’s new Ambassador to SIN), Yoshie and her lovely friend, Calvin and I.


Admiring the presentation of the sweets served with the tea. This alone is peaceful and pleasing to the eyes 🙂


It has been awhile ago since the last visit to ACM and the River Room, feel strange to be back.


Great to catch up with Seb for a late cuppa – the short pouring rain was refreshing and welcoming after a hot oppressive day. Even sat outside at Starbucks on Bras Basah/Waterloo junction under the extended roof to enjoy every moment of it. Starbucks pix and map downloaded…

Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life – John Updike

Hello Cousin YatSoon & Family

11 Apr 2016 – Visiting From London


Fri: welcome to SIN cousin Yat-Soon, Helen, Merle & MeiMei from L’don. Last time we met up 2013 when thru’hiking UKc2c. Here with 10&16aunties, cousin Wilson.



Merle was all excited seeing the view of MBS. She has seen it on her teacher’s screen-saver and recognized it. Appreciate the time with the Yeos and MeiMei who manged to take a power-nap before a local dinner at Marina Square Food Court with a view.


Edited 14Apr – Words from YatSoon who is the only child from 9auntie: My recent trip to the Far East has made me contemplate my family heritage. I am very proud of my parents who came to the UK in around 1960. Though both from affluent family backgrounds and well educated (although both regretted that their education was interrupted by the war) they went into business, like so many immigrants, through food. They both loved their food and we’re both expert cooks. In the mid 1960’s they ran one of the few Singaporean/Malaysian/Chinese restaurants in London. As a result they catered for the visiting parties of Singaporean/Malaysian dignitaries who regularly visited the UK for governmental discussions regarding the complex political and sovereignty issues of the time. This historical photo from the early 1960’s shows my father with Tunku Abdul Rahman (founding Prime Minister of Malaysia) and Lee Kwan Yew (founding Prime Minister of Singapore) at one such banquet. For those who don’t know who’s who visually, I challenge you to identify the two visionary statesmen and the one humble cook (who also played the cello, loved Italian opera… and ended up quite liking the harpsichord!).

Pix credits of 9uncle with LKY and Tunku Abdul Rahman to YatSoon. Wedding pix form 1957 of 9auntie&uncle with father&mother and me in my collection. Glad to have someone in the family who is interested in his heritage too.


Sat: A quick bite and so long YatSoon & family. Safe journeys and great to catch up. Beautiful tulips are in at Changi Airport T2.


Way to go Linn – at the Palmetto half Marathon, Columbia SC USA. Pix credits to Alex – tkx for sharing these lovely pix.


Sun: introducing Zarina to the Peranakan culture. Enjoyed a great afternoon on East Coast and Joo Chiat Rds.


At East Coast Pk to share our tribute to Michael, our parents and ancestors for Tomb Sweeping Day tradition. It is only befitting as Michael connected us when Zarina first moved to SIN. It was indeed a beautiful day for a lovely gesture to our departed loved ones. May they all RIP. Tkx to Zarina for suggesting that we get flowers to throw into the sea.


Mon: appreciations to SY for the company to Mandai Crematorium to pay respects to father and mother for this ChingMing festival. More construction on the way there and good to see these construction workers stretching out before the start of their work day.

The AC Story from my side as the other side has yet to approach me directly!

6Apr – received a note regarding the AC.  Called to inquire about the situation and was told that the neighbour below complained about my AC leaking.

7Apr – 0900hrs Mr Lau from Geylang Branch HDB paid a visit to let me know that I needed to place a tray below the AC compressor to avoid it from leaking to the neighbour downstairs. Informed him that I would prefer to talk to my regular AC service people first in spite of his insistence to get the HDB contractor.

8Apr – visit from my regular AC service people to be informed that yes, it is possible to fix a tray but on the other hand, there is no guarantee that MOE will approve if problems of stagnant water appears, especially in a situation when I am unable to monitor it as I travel quite often.


Pix of one of the neighbours AC where another solution is possible by placing some water-proof mat on top of the compressor so as the leak or condensation does not fall directly below the neighbour’s compressor. Other pix also show that no other ACs have a tray under the compressors.

11Apr – called Mr Lau to suggest that he talk to the person who complained to him (assuming that it is #06-54 who is also his office staff). He still insisted that the HBD contractors can placed a tray under the compressor. My point is that he is not even willing to suggest to try with an easier alternative and even told me to talk to the neighbour directly.

This is quite unacceptable as the complain went thru’ HDB. Would NOT have any problems talking directly to the person who complained if she directed her issues to me but as it is she made the complain to HDB.

Thank you to Calvin and Yusof for hearing me out…

With a monologue, you can be unendingly elliptical – Mike Birbiglia


7 Apr 2016 – Lack Of Integrity or Honesty


Mon: Panama Papers: Mossack Fonseca helped firms subject to sanctions…

and here are just a fraction of the leaders (directly or indirectly) of the countries whose names have been mentioned – Xi Jinping (China),  Sigurdur Johannsson (Iceland), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Petro Poroshenko (Ukrainian), David Cameron (UK)…


Here is a brilliant way to explain this that even I can understand…


Tue: it is no wonder the world is as it is when so-called leaders are so corrupted! Need to really get away back to nature and do a long long walk. But first grocery shopping for senior day!


Appreciations to Simplicius (visiting from Sydney) for dropping by to try out the Yamaha and for dinner at Glory***Walked to the MPCC and was in luck to get this Follow that Rainbow pin for SY, also more luck to stumble upon another Play me I’m Yours – made from balloons of cheerful colours with much hot-air and matching the pin 🙂


Wed:  heading bright and early to NDC to remove stitches. Short and painless appointment by handsome young dentist! They seemed to get younger or rather it is me who is aging – lol


Amazed at all the constructions going on en route from NDC to Chinatown. Interesting history in these areas that some are not even aware of – the old Outram Prison was once located here!


Thank you to Daisy for yummy coffee-mocha shaved-iced which helped me with shopping for gifts in Chinatown and kept me going for the rest of the day. Always a delight catching up with Daisy.


Somehow Chinatown seems always interesting, no matter how many times I have been there. Chinatown Heritage Centre is newly revamped but has to be another time to revisit. The mural for this eatery on Sago St is quite intrigued. A quick look at a distance, one might think it is the real interior of the restaurant.


Gifts for the L&J, M&B, granddaughters are of no problems but not so easy for the grandsons. Still have a few more weeks (between overseas visitors!) to figure out before packing!!



Thu: if you are enjoying your afternoon as much as these two, then you are doing something right 🙂 Tkx to Calvin and Andrew for whiskey tasting at CC where the wall and floor murals are getting new make-overs!


Wall murals seemed to be the in-thing recently…

old national library2569512767_af9a749fa4View towards the shore

For those who remember the Old National Library Building (1960-2004), pix downloaded from various sites. Today, all that remains of the building at its original site are two red-bricked entrance pillars standing near the Fort Canning Tunnel. You can find a wall mural of it at CC. Drop by for a visit and a cuppa!

Have to deal with a complain from downstairs neighbour who went directly to HDB about leakage of the AC. Was not even aware that my AC was leaking. Will call them and find out what it is all about…