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23 Apr 2016 – Welcome to SIN


Thu: welcome back to SIN KV&Christine, Caroline&John and Kenny. Has it really been 9yrs ago they were in SIN? But then I met up with them on 2013 before my UKc2c hike. KV holds a special place in my heart as he is the only non-family member who visited me in my lonely and lost 1960s boarding-school days in Dublin/Ireland.


Appreciations to Les&Ivy for chicken-rice dinner (one of SIN signature dishes). The local fresh fruits are always refreshing way to end a meal. KV is enjoying this whiskey practically personalized for him 🙂


Fri: beautiful contrasting of old & new skylines. A morning at Arab St area where Sultan Mosque the revamp is finally done. Here is some interesting info which many are not aware that the bottom of the golden dome is made of glass bottles and the history to that –




On the way to the Malay Heritage Centre saw this man holding a pigeon and was wondering what was happening. He then asked if we had a pair of scissors as the poor bird had its legs caught all entangled in some strings. Went around to try to buy something to cut, no luck but kind people in one of the stores loan me their scissors and the bird was free to fly again.

A short drive and lunched around the east coast area and to show how the 83% lives here in HDBs before tonight’s fine-dinning hosted by Les&Ivy for KV&family (Godmanchester/UK) and Catherine&Lee (Kuantan/Malaysia).


ME@OUE****a location with a view on the roof-top and food to die for!


Squid-Ink Croissant – my favourite.


Sashimi platter, Red Lobster with chili sauce and man tou, Dark chocolate Moelleux, best lave-cake tasted.


OUE Bayfront ground-floor lobby with these sculptures do make me think that DIET is to DIE without the T. Who am I trying to kid?? Not only being a glutton but also being greedy and weak for good food, champagnes, wines and whiskeys and not forgetting good-looking men, in that order – hahaha. Life is good… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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  1. I have read with great interest the story of the Kaverly DUO from the VI days. I wonder of Stanley Loh is still around. Sad about Fuziah Ahmed.

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