Jerusalem – Capital of Israel Controversy!

13 Dec 2017 – Back To Normal, More Or Less

Fri: a quick trip to Mustafa to buy Norwegian salmon&dill for gravlaks. Had a nice hot herbal chicken soup@SoupParadise/CitySquareMall. Quite a decent deal with 2pieces of drumsticks.

Concerns over US president Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – this is going to spark and start off much unrest in the world 😦 Pix downloaded.

The Battle of Armageddon – A Prophetic View. Jerusalem will be reestablished as the capital city of the Israelites (Zechariah 1:16–17; 2:12; 12:6; 3 Nephi 20:46). (I-9) Armageddon: The End or the Beginning?

In memory of John Lennon’s (1940-1980).

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace..

Sat: completed the course of antiB. Oh dear! a car has crashed into my regular flower stall@MarineTerrace wet-market. Fate has it that I was just across the road putting the seasonal greetings snail-mail into the mailbox.

Sun: a lousy Sat night-sleep and woke with a stiff neck – seems like inflamed or muscles spasm, took 2Panodols and feeling better, tkx for medical advise from Ivy. Got a delivery service GoGoVanS$20 to deliver gravlaks to Les&Ivy – apologies for missing the dinner but still on the mend and need to rest. Good to learn that there is such a fast and efficient delivery service.

Mon: congratulations to my beautiful niece, Dika – a NY Times Fellow at NYU, who won the Bronx Writers’ Center Chapter.

Still good news even-though it is old news (according to Dike),  but only just got the info from Lock today.

Tue: Design Centre for Bonjour WOHAbeing – neat designs.

Tkx Aileen for lunch@Tanuki Raw Restaurant & Bar****healthy and tasty Tofu Rice Bowl set-lunch, and enough to doggy-bag for another meal.

Wed: Happy Bday Ingrid. More of less back to normal after 12days of resting. @PlazaSIN, saw this line and decided to check out the fuss. Was allowed to purchase a max of 5small packages – verdict only after tasting them and that will be next week. Fish-skin was sold-out by the time it was my turn!! Appetite not up to par yet and will not taste until there are others to help eat it!

Irvins started off with humble roots, with founder Irvin Gunawan coming up with the idea to coat potato chips with salted egg yolk sauce back in 2014. The hype for salted egg yolk everything might have died down, but Irvins Salted Egg Yolk Chips are still drawing the crowds.


To family&friends observing Hanukkah – the Jewish eight-day, wintertime festival of lights, celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and foods.

St Lucia’s Day –  today celebrated thru’out the Scandinavian countries (more Sweden!). Originated in Italy, St Lucia, whose name comes from the Latin lux=light, links with this element and with the days growing longer after the Winter solstice. St Lucia is the patron saint of the city of Syracuse (Sicily).

This Too Shall Pass

7 Dec 2017 – Days Of Discomfort

Sat: and the weekend is not the kind wished for anyone!

Sun: need to get myself to the Polyclinic tomorrow. Did not even find the candles and holder for the first Sunday of Advent. Will do without them this year! At least the other lights and calendars are out.

Posting from Linn’s FB reminded me that it is hers and May’s father’s 70Bday – Happy Bday to the father of my 2 children’s  and grandfather to my 6 grandchildren.

Memories seemed to wander back to 40yrs ago in Tromsø where there was energy to paint an attic and fit a table set with 4-course dinner+wines for 12. Had white phalaenopsis flew in from the Netherlands. Marit&Henrik have passed on but do wonder the whereabouts of Matts&Agnetha. Ah yes, those were the days when youth, love and immortality conquered all 🙂


Glad to see that today the eldest John#3 (11) and the youngest Olai#6 (6) grandsons are bonding and having a blast together – adorable hair contrast! Pix credits to Linn.

Mon: if only there were some energy left from those days, would have walked or taken the bus to the MP Polyclinics, instead took a cab/S$5 there. From there was explained that it was best to go in an ambulance and to be admitted into A&E@RafflesHospital (nearest in distance to where MP Polyclinic). Spent the rest of the day there with drip, medications and blood tests – turned out to be some bad stomach infection. RH even though private, has some tie-ups with the government health services and my bill was S$116.

Early 2000s when working@H&H and we designed their first brochures and also chose the font RH which are what you still see now, strange to be a patient there now! Pix of RH downloaded.

Tue: started on the antibiotics and it is the first day since Thu night that the liquids are not coming out like a tap and feeling less dehydrated. Energy and appetite level still 0, finally losing some unwanted weight but not in a healthy way! Looks like snail-mail for this season’s greetings will be extremely late out! Nothing is out of the Christmas box yet but at least it is out of the store-room 🙂 🙂

Wed: been some days ago since food pix did not make me nauseous. Nice to be able to see one without feeling such, but just managed to struggle with a cooked-egg for breakfast, took me over an hour to eat it. Now to gather some energy and mood to open the box.

Thu: there things are out in a mess to be sorted, but first to make sure that the greeting cards get out in the mail asap. Tkx to Aileen@H&H for her help with the printing of the inserted notes. Now I have the chance to get them out latest early next week and hope that they will be received in time for the season.

Hello December 2017

1 Dec 2017 – That Time Of The Year

Mon: and so it is that time of the year to get the Christmas decorations, etc out – checking and repairing whatever needs to be repaired before they go on display.

The theme this year is White Christmas, matching Orchard Rd! as I am too lazy to get out the whole village of dolls. The host of angels stay and do feel the need for their protection now, more so than than other years. Dinner@Jo’s.

Tue: @Marina Square.

Thank you Christopher from Shanghai for meeting up despite of his busy schedule. Appreciations for the first Christmas gift. Thank you for his thoughtfulness.

Wed: Happy 11Birthday to #3, not easy to get a shot of this camera-shy grandson born in SIN. Being the middle child with 2teenage sisters and 2other younger siblings must be quite a challenge. Pix credits to Linn. 

Feeling a bit in a daze with not enough sleep last night. A throbbing toothache kept me from a goodnight sleep, but that shall pass! Belated 70Bday celebrations for Hong to coincide with Richard&Judy’s visit from Sydney who are in town to attend their niece’s wedding. Lunch@Glory and dessert& bubbles@my pad! Kuehs requested by Hong. Should have asked a younger helper@Glory to take the group pix 🙂

Thu: last night was another interrupted night-sleep and was determined to go to the dentist this morning. But the pain miraculously disappeared this morning – wonders never cease.

Appreciations for dinner to Les&Ivy@ChangKoreanBBQ Restaurant/Dempsey***with David&Judy from KL and MeiPin.

The yummy foods- first time to taste TempuraGinsen with good wines+Makgeolli 막걸리 were irresistible but my stomach did not forgive me. Another night with interrupted sleep. All these warning signs are telling me it is time for another check-up and also time to change my eating and drinking habits or I will not survive to be 70!

Fri: TGIF, first day of advent and the advent calendars are out – first thank you for the season, sukran/Arabic. A day and probably the weekend of rest to pay for all the dues of gluttony. Apologies to DaisyC for cancelling lunch today and also to Christopher for not showing him around SIN.

O gluttony, it is to thee we owe our griefs – Geoffrey Chaucer

24852438_1372418136195548_2634562276660674880_n13 Happy Bday Ingrid HUSTAD

14 Happy Bday LAM Cheng Chwab

16 Happy Bday Andy LAM

19 Happy Bday Rita Tann

21 Happy Bday Anna Tsang

23 Happy Bday Minos LAM

25 Merry Christmas

27 Happy Bday Lisa XIAO

28 Happy Bday Peggy LEUNG

From WovenSouls To A Spirit Medium

26 Nov 2017 – With All Kinds Of Heritages

Sat: lunch@AsiaGrandRestaurant 亚洲金阁***tkx to Clement&family. Used to be one of the places I liked for dim-sum, but sadly the standards have dropped since my last visit.

This location brings back very traumatic memories from when the British movie-star HayleyMills was personally in 1960s SIN. PuiAh&I were at then the OdeonCinema/built 1953 (now OdeonTowers) to see her. And the root to my phobia of crowds started here when I fell, and if the crowds were as they are today, would not have survived to write about it. Pix credits to the below link.–History–20th%20century

1960s pix downloaded from various sites. Interesting 1960s SIN scenes in the PrettyPolly Youtube link below:

The Arts House – Wovensouls Heirlooms, just can’t get enough of these old exquisite penmanship. Even-though not old or antique, the camel-tassels is quite a cute item.

Beautiful and brilliant colours&workmanship for some of the tapestries, silver, etc.

The short stroll from the Arts House to the Esplanade never bores me as there is always something on the way. This stretch also brings me back fond childhood memories of my parents when they used to take me for evening walks in this area.  2different couples for their wedding pix – will someday gather some of these pix and comment on them 🙂

Happenings@the Esplanade.

Sun: 2 strange coincidences – on my way to the bus to town, met Sue who was in the car as I was crossing the road, then when I got off a bus and sat down for a bite, Clement walks by. Hmmm what kind of sign is this as I am on my way to…

Entertaining The Gods & Social Diary of a Spirit Medium – hosted by SingaporeHeritageSociety@The Pod, NationalLibraryBoard, a venue with a view.

Panelists: Chan ChowWah/Writer, Margaret Chan/SMU, Ronni Pinsler/Producer, Kenneth Dean/NUS and KelvinAng/URA. Was pleasantly surprised with a NasiLemak dinner to this well-attended event where a documentary of a time in SIN was captured and also learning about the tang-ki spirit medium worship.

Artopia – Back to the Era of Impressionism. Colourful&fun displays outside the library.

Finally up to date today with the local drama Tanglin-Episode612. Started a week ago and just finished with Season1 of Growing Up, (produced from 1996-2001), another local drama based on SIN-life in the 1960s-80s. Useful lessons from these to understand SIN&the ppl.

Liking this peaceful&simple life-style with less complications&problems.  Eating yummy foods (to my taste), admiring&seeing (not owning) pretty things (subjective as beauty is the eye of the beholder) and be entertained with subjects which interest me, but also to learn from.

Coincidences are spiritual puns ― GK Chesterton

2017 Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov 2017 – Cantonese Proverbs

Mon: anyone who knows me also know spoken Chinese/Cantonese in-spite of being my mother’s tongue is very limited! Found this fantastic link with Cantonese proverbs including explanation and how to say them, but am wondering why mainly with reference to ghosts??

Having such fun with this link – proverbs are short&profound that they catch my attention and interest. Wish that there are equivalent links for the English and Norwegian languages too.

41. 放葫蘆 [fong wùh lóu] to throw a gourd=self-boasting, bragging. Do wonder if this one would be equivalent to singlish ya-ya papaya…

Tkx to Jenny&Bill for dropping by. Too lazy&tired to cook lately, just finger-food in the apt, continuing to the neighbourhood’s eatery for dinner. Pix credits to Jenny. Have been dying for durians and since it was the end of the day, got them cheaper and they were yummy.

Tue: loving these heavy morning downpours. Appreciations to Embassy of Ireland for the invite@The Projector to an educational&interesting screening of a documentary –John Hume in America: In the name of Peace. Anyone living in Ireland and was old enough to understand cannot forget 30Jan1972 Bloody Sunday.

Catching up with more old&new Irish friends

Trying out a new Irish brew with finger-snacks!

Wed: the best breakfast for yesterday and today – yummy durians!

Thu: Happy Thanksgiving/USA and there is sooo much to be thankful for. A bottle of Beaujolais Nouvea 2017 for old-times’ sake as I do not know of anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving here in SIN. Linn&Jeff, Katy, Ellie, John Sophie&James, May&Bjørn+Olai are always in my heart&mind. And to all my US families&friends – enjoy your turkey, feeling blessed to have y’all trotting&crossing my path.

Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.

Coco*****Despite his family’s baffling ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming a musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets Hector and together, they set off on a journey to unlock the real story&mystery behind the family history. Beautiful movie in every way and a good reminder to not forget you past&present family&loved-ones.


UCD Alumni Event@Grand Hyatt: Top Industry Trends for 2018 – Panelists: Mark Hanley/BOC Aviation, Lisa Phelan/KerryGroup,  Kate Simpson/JP Morgan and Timoetheus Kayliang Lee/Coleegs. An evening of learning&discussions followed by drinks&canapés. Group pix credits to Jenny.


Fri: Am still learning that you are never too old to learn. The day you stop learning will also be the day you are no longer 🙂 TGIF and also I can now officially start with the Christmas preparations! Happy&Safe shopping on this Black Friday.


Tkx to niece May/Patricia for a wonderful evening@EsplanadeTheater with the production of  Ninagawa Macbeth*****with  amazing symbolic stage-settings and beautiful colourful costumes. This definitely is not your usual Shakespeare Macbeth! Did not know what to except and was pleasantly surprised with Ninagawa’s adaptations. The only problem was with the wordy and fast subtitles on both left&right – could not fully focus with the acting on the stage, thus missing out some of the drama.


After the earlier heavy downpours, the evening turned out to be perfect outdoors and a good time to have an alfresco bite@Makansutra. Could have danced and walked all night outdoors in this kind of temps, but alas did not bring either dancing or walking shoes and caught the last bus back to the EastSide.

2017 Julebasar@Sjømannskirken

19 Nov 2017 – Labrador Nature Reserve 

Thu: check out these ultra-lightweight gears@Campers’ Corner and learn how enjoyable&fun camping&hiking trips can be when you are appropriately equipped to take time being at peace in nature. Akan datang for these house-brand white 46-68gms sling-pouches.
Credits to Spencer Chew for the youtube link.

And you never knew that food can taste so good on a rocking chair under a flock of migrating snow-birds – like me 🙂 or under the moon with millions of stars.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better — Albert Einstein

Fri: TGIF – feels so good to be not doing anything or going anywhere but just snoozing and vegetating in these cool&wet weathers. If you see a beer in the above downloaded pix, you may have a problem, but since I am not a fan of beer, there should be no problems!


Here is a gentle reminder to NOT Drink&Drive. The Holiday Season is just around the corner and the local school holidays have just started here in SIN.

Sat: a day on the WestEnd. Started the day at 0600hrs on Bus16 changing to Bus30 to Labrador Park – an area which I have not been since a kid. Cute 4-wheeler motor-bike on the MCE Tunnel, but would not want to be in it on a highway!

Strange to see the emptiness@Brani Terminals in the sunrise. Snapped these shots (even when they are not the best from the upper-deck of a moving bus) knowing that they will probably the last I will see this – considering how things progress here, constructions of high rise will soon be the future views!

Got off on WC Hwy just after the LabradorMRT Sta and walked along LabradorVilla Rd to the park – beautiful peaceful morning mist along the way.

DragonTeethGate, MachineGunPort, BerlayerBecon. Was so excited to see these 2 bunkers across by Tanjong Rimau on Sentosa – have not seen these 2bunkers since I left SIN in the 1960s! There used to be a kelong here then, sadly gone now 😦 


Nparks did a wonderful job here with some white-fragrant orchids, pigeon orchid/dendrobium crumenatum blooming on this tree. Delicate flowers from the Putat laut/Barringtonia asiatica tree on the ground. Couple taking their wedding pix on the sandy playground and if only they know how to balance their marriage relationship on this see-saw so as both can balance and not fall! What an ironic position to have wedding pix!!

My lucky day here to meet this kind gentleman – appreciations to Tan ThaiPin who was taking pix with his drone and shared them with me.

These 2bunkers, bringing back such innocent childhood memories – now I am a total fan of the drone. Pix credits to ThaiPin Tan and his drone. 2pix of the drone are taken by me with my idiot-proof but precious camera!

Good of Hannah to meet up and walk on the BukitCherminBoardwalk by BerlayerCreek enjoying wide-life and the shade by the creek back to the bus-stop.

Enjoying the rest of my morning@the NorwegianSeamen’sChurch for their annual Julebasar – my best Christmases are from Norway.

Appreciating the brass-band/PosaunenchorSingapur and the views from one of SIN steepest roads before the deconstructions of the PasirPanjangContainerTermainls.

Feasting on yummy home-made smørbrød and catching up with SIN, Irish, Norwegian, NZ friends. Tkx Carmel, Hannah &Pauline&family for turning up. Looked like they had enough help this year. Could not help last year as Yun was visiting but did so 2yrs ago.

Met a new friend, SweeLin and while in the area, took the opportunity to catch up on family news with Clement@HawPaVilla & tea@HollandV. Back to the EastEnd by 1930hrs and had to crash after more than 12hrs on the go. Have forgotten how the strong the Norwegian coffee is, had a cup earlier and my heart was out of sync for the rest of the day…

Sun: did not open my mail box until this morning to receive a card mailed to myself from PEK airport as I was curious as to how efficient their snail-mail would be. Now I know, app 10days. Mailed to #1-5/US and #6/Norway. Wonder if they have received them?? Used to snail-mail cards to my children where ever I may be and now will still try to do it to the grandchildren!

Staying in today to recover from the cup of Norwegian coffee yesterday – hahaha

Chocolate, men, coffee — some things are better rich – Author Unknown

AirAsia & Norwegian

16 Nov 2017 – IrmoXC Celebrating Their Banquet

Mon: while I have been busy with visitors, the family in US were also busy celebrating their 2017 cross-country-season banquet! Such a great group of coaches, parents and teammates with

my first-born coaching the girls’XCteam and #1&2 both making it to State – what a blessed mother and grandmom I am. Pix credits to Linn, Kim, Shannon.

Tue: have been throwing up and had the runs last night – the consequences of all the good food! Rained most of last night and still raining this early morning. Enjoying the rains+some herbal tea to cool the stomach in these cool temps! but feeling sorry for those who have to be in the traffic which was at a stand-still for some moments.

There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing ― Ranulph Fiennes

Catching up with paper-work, mail, 2018 travel bookings, etc. The budget airlines kind of pricing do not include check-in bags, food and reserved seats, but anything above these prices are not within my budget!!

  • SIN-OSL-SIN (S$557) tax+everything inclusive
  • OSL-FLL/USA-OSL (S$530) tax+everything inclusive
  • SIN-KCH-SIN (S$112) including booking fees+insurance

Senior day grocery-shopping@Parkway. Seems like the Christmas deco here is following the white-colour like Orchard Rd. Movie at the new CathayCineplexes and seniors tickets have gone up to S$5! Victoria&Abdul***Queen Victoria strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Indian clerk named Abdul – somehow I could not help feeling sorry for this lonely queen even with all her power & wealth!


Wed: welcome back to SIN and congratulations to Leonard on a new job. Appreciations to one who has taught me most of what I know in this High-Tech-World. FBfriends for a decade, but I have know him, Sia, Brian&Helen (now parents of 2 for Sia too) since my return to SIN in 1998-99 – before their parenthood&my grandmahood days 🙂 Thank you to all who included me then and made me feel young at heart. Pix from SIN 1999&2011.

Goodbye Christopher Robin****A glimpse into the relationship between children’s author AA Milne and his son ChristopherRobin, whose toys inspired the world of Winnie the Pooh. Being a fan of Winnie the Pooh, I found this movie rather sad, but touching and felt like giving the boy the biggest hug.–the-real-christopher-robin/

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
For I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me – AA Milne

Watched this movie@VivoCityGV (S$4.50). Pix of BayHotel with the green background/Temenggong Rd; boardwalk to Sentosa seals off what was once part of an open sea and the ports; St James Power station by Brani Container Terminal which will be moving as this land is too valuable for containers.

Happy Bday Chris – the only person I now who would not blow the candle off, but puts it in his mouth and let it continue burning. Then he releases the candle while it is still burning, makes his wish before blowing it off, just hope that he will not burn his tongue doing that trick too often 🙂

Appreciations to Calvin for a wholesome crab evening@Holy Crab****dinning on

4different crab dishes+a holy cow dish – personal favourite, the Green-ChilliCrab, their signature dish.

You cannot teach a crab to walk straight – Aristophanes