Hong Kong 2018

12 Mar 2018 – Hello Hong Kong

Sat: Indonesian food@IndoChili/TanjongPagarCentre and again tried to order this beautiful combination dish but was told that it had to be done in advance. Oh well, will try to remember to call in advance to order if we decide to eat here again.

Dessert@Henri Charpentier. What a delicious combination of foods for one afternoon. As planning to see iLight Marina Bay 2018, but was too tired after all these yummy foods and do have to pack, so will have to wait till after HKG trip.

Guess who is at the Marine Parade RCs’ Chinese Lunar New Year 2018 dinner? Bon Appetité to Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Yusof Lateef and to the MP residents&friends attending this celebration.

Would not have taken these pix, if not caught with the lion&dragon dancers as I was going up to my 4-walls after a lovely bday celebration afternoon in town.

Sun: up bright&early to catch the 36bus where I can admire rows&rows of beautiful Bougainvilleas (previous posting) on the way to T4.

Hello HKG – on time and uneventful after 3+hrs CX flight. Met Les&Ivy who were on an  SQ flight and were waiting for their baggage in HKG T1 while I only had a carry-on. Had planned it this way, hoping for no delays from my CX flight so that I could ride with their to the hotel.

Bus into CrownPlazaHotel@TseungKwanO took an hour on this beautiful day with Les&Ivy+his golfer friends. The views of the suspension bridges and the skyscrapers against the mountains never fail to fascinate me, especially on such blue sky like today.

View from Les&Ivy’s 45floor-suite, and silly me who was hoping to get a good view of Clearwater Bay!

Entrance and lobby.

My room on the 8floor (no much view but no complains!) for the next 4nights. T on the 47floor.

So nice to catch up with David and thank you for yummy seafood dinner @SaiKung. It has been a looong time ago since Ivy, Les, David & I got together, so long that I do not even recall when? must have been in Dublin when we were all still students there!!

Always enjoy the ambiance and scene@SaiKung. Last time here was exactly 6yrs ago after the MacLehose hike and could certainly not afford to eat here. Abundance of fresh and dried seafood and looks like Les&his group are not the only golfers here!

Perfect Fit For My Feet

9 Mar 2018 – Chaco Sandals

Tue: FB reminder that it has been 6yrs ago Grace & I hiked the 100k HKG MacLehose Trail, started at Section10 (2Mar2012) and ended at Secton1 (6Mar2012). Wow – am impressed that the young handsome LokMan remembered that we met at Tai Mo Shan 957m 3,140ft (Big Hat Mt) then!


The Mercy***a true story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst and his attempt in 1968 to win the 1stGolden Globe singled-handed round the world yacht race. Being a fan of Colin Firth, had to see this movie even when I knew the ending. Firth is good as ever, playing the role of someone with the sense of selfishness&foolishness who’d sooner drown than admit defeat. Glad that neither sailing nor pride are in my blood!!

Tkx to Ivy&Les for dinner – best melon (Crown) I have tasted is from Shizuoka/Japan, tkx to Yoshie for the melon info. Glad to be able to make some plans for this Sun dinner when we get into HKG.

Wed: condolences to Christine, Steven and Carolina for the passing of their father. Not that they remember me but I recall uncle KanYuetFai as the smiling kind gentleman who visited my father regularly after father’s stroke. Wanted to pay my respects.

Have not been to MtVernon for a while and was slightly confused with the new 4-lanes+turn-lanes road and constructions of new blocks on both sides. The old 2-lanes UpperAljuniedRd is now a dead-end, but the trees are still as lush as as ever.

Thu: Happy International Women’s Day and here are some interesting combinations of these Chinese characters.
= woman
ānn = peace by adding a roof over 1 woman
hao = good by adding the character child next to woman

2 more characters using 女 which were omitted in the poster!
女女 nuan = quarrel by adding 2 women together
jian = adultery by adding 3 women together

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal – 

Had fun meeting with Jeffrey today – tkx for MeePok lunch and appreciate the FinnishLiquorice he brought back from Norway. Spent a lovely afternoon relaxing on the trendy & portable chairs, sipping beer@Campers’ Corner Summer Sale. Could not resist buying 2pairs of Chaco (S$50 per pair). Jeff also bought 2pairs+a portable chair.

Considering that I have been wearing Chaco for nearly 20yrs – first pair was destroyed in the house-fire 4yrs ago and got another pair after the fire. So these 2 new pairs should hopefully last for this life’s journey!


Winter pix credits to Mette who took it from her place in OSL today. Beautiful as it is, do sometimes wonder how I survived over a decade in those Norwegian winters, especially those darker winters in Northern Norway??


Fri: TGIF and Happy Birthday to SueLynn. It is Bougainvillea time and this is what you will see on your way to and from the airport on the ECP – the only SIN expressway which the last letter behind uses P! Many overhead bridges are also full with these beautiful Bougainvillea blooms too. ECP pix credits to Nparks.

Aged To Perfection

5 Mar 2018 – But Forgot The Camera

Fri: 196 bus to BedokInterchange and a free shuttle for a shopping trip to Giant&IKEA@Tampines took a whole afternoon. Discovered that there is a FoodCourt@Giant but was not hungry enough to eat there.

Had KwayTeow@Bedok Interchange FoodCentre – personal preference is still the ZionRoad KwayTeow. Clement had the chicken curry-noodle, tasted a bite and it was OK.

Sat: appreciations to cousin Karen for her yummy home-cooked KCH laksa and the delicious roast duck from an auntie in Sibu. Stayed for a short while to catch up as her parents, auntie Ngor/Anna and uncle Kuan could not make it to SIN this time round. Karen’s maternal grandma and my paternal grandma, CHAN SweeNgor were sisters from KCH.

Tkx for great company, Brian&Helen and Leonard. So nice to catch up again, just like the good old days when I first met them 20yrs ago – still looking the same, but have all Aged To Perfection. These lovely young ppl made me feel welcome when I moved back here in 1998. Brian&Helen’s kids are now away in boarding-school and Leo back working in SIN, finally some time together but forgot the camera!

Sun: Thank you for delightful performance@EsplanadeConcourse 

Rit Xu, Gabriel Lee, Joachim Theodore Lim, Jonathan Shin (Lorong Boys) with an adorable boy admiring his percussionist father. Thus ends this 2018 Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts 华艺节

All members of the Lorong Boys graduated from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. After putting up an impromptu performance to commuters in MRT trains in 2014, one of their videos went viral and thus gaining their popularity.

Nice getting to know the boys with a quick bite&drink@Makansutra and a short walk in the area.

It was indeed a beautiful evening. By the time I got off the bus and to my doorstep, the moon was impressively clear, full&bright.

Mon: a pleasant day indoors getting papers&pix organised and finishing left-over foods. Tkx to Garry for sharing this awesome post with amazing wall paintings by JulienMalland (Paris 1972), SethGlobepainter. There are so many good ones, but have decided to download only the above 2 as they inspire me profound messages!


Time extracts various values from a painter’s work. When these values are exhausted the pictures are forgotten, and the more a picture has to give, the greater it is – Henri Matisse

Mountbatten Road

1 Mar 2018 – Bye-Bye Feb, Hello Mar 2018

Mon: have been following the changes of this interesting house (781 MountbattenRd) which many think is ugly or an eye-sore – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What caught my eyes first were the feet sculpture a few years ago! Looks like BigFoot diving into a mini pool 🙂

In a garden of standing rocks with a statue, the feet are now covered by a tree from the sidewalk. Like the stained-glass window but not sure if I like the new eye-catching lime-green. Metal parasol by the pool matches quite well with the new add-on on both sides.

Interesting SIN architectural history, an attempt to conserve the old building while maximising the land use with new construction – a mish-mash of styles trying to fit in unsuccessfully. The colour would not be my choice and in my eyes it is neither beautiful nor ugly, but interesting enough to stir up comments&reactions!

Also along Mountbatten and the junction of ClactonRd is this run-down house on a rather big site. Do wonder who owns it what will become of it?? but whatever happens, just pray and hope that the BanyanTree will stay.

No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly – Oscar Wilde

Tue: grocery day shopping@Giant for the week.

Wed: CC to pick up some gears and bought a dress@Arc’teryx. Had this same designed dress lay-away some years ago but forgot about it till I saw another one today. Chicken-rice lunch@Waterloo St.


Picked up grocery@Mustafa for Sat dinner and collected eTickets at Les clinic’s new relocation, FarrerPark Medical Centre – Connexion. Easier and more convenient to get there by public transport with FarrerPark MRTstation (ExitC) just around the corner. Congratulations and good luck to him&his staff in the new clinic. Prefer this new location better than MtE, more selections with foods, etc in Little India’s neighbourhood.


Thu: tucked away discreetly behind the 70yrs old traditional HuaBee in TiongBahru,


and inspired by a yakitori-ya (traditional small grilling stalls) in Osaka, Bincho is an all-in-one unique concept. Their grilled chicken gizzards were grilled to perfection, but the chicken soft-bone could be a little bit more tender – perhaps just me with my with my not so strong teeth.


IMG_2921All in all, a decent set-lunch for the price. Tasted a bite of everything from Clement’s lunch as I felt like the meepok from the outside stall. A cuppa+a fresh-baked croissant from TiongBahru Bakery before heading for the bus. Difficult to imagine that we are already into Mar – the past 2 months flew by and before I know, will need to close down the place and head on to Norway and USA!

5 Mar – Happy Bday Gel

6 Mar – Happy Bday Linda

9 Mar – Happy Bday Sue Lynn

11 Mar – Happy Bday Ken

14 Mar – Happy Bday Ellie

17 Mar – Happy Bday Pat Lynn and Beth, Happy St Patrick’s Day

18 Mar – Happy Bdays Linn, Yi Sheng & Al Sosa

19 Mar – Happy Bday Thomas Heggelund

21 Mar – Happy Anniversary to Ivy & Leslie

31 Mar – Happy Bday Josephine

Live While There Is Life

25 Feb 2018 – Enjoying Every Moment&Movement

Thu: keeping company with Clement, the one-eye bandit 🙂 after his cataract surgery@Gleneagles. All these road constructions for new TEL MRT line can get anyone disorientated. MFA&SBG in the backgrounds behind these barricades.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for dinner@Paradise Teochew/ScottsSquare

with YewHuat&Angie, ChengJune&Theresa, Lee&Catherine+Alphonsus. Nice to catch up with everybody for yummy foods and fine wines.

Fri: the day started with a lovely visit from the Lundemos who are here from Norway for the CNY. Welcome to baby Aurora for her 1st trip to SIN. Big brothers Marcus&Victor enjoyed the playgrounds@MarineCove while Leng&Tore and I had fun catching up.

Tkx Zarina for dinner @Chinatown Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, SIN Michelin hawker. Glad that we had dinner there, just by looking at the lines into these eateries @ChinatownPoint. But thank goodness it was not too crowded to enjoy window shopping and the lights which are quite delightful, especially the street lights on SouthBridgeRd.

Pleasant surprise to bump into Ulrik and nice to meet his identical twin bro Robin and their father, Sture who is visiting SIN. Met Ulrik on the Nepal hike and now he is here visiting Robin who works in SIN. Will not be able to tell the difference if I bump into any of them separately.

A walk thru’ AngSiangHill to discover this festival@ThianHockKeng Temple and whatever festival that was going on the street. Wonderful to be surprised with all these – it sure is a big contrast with day and night with all these red lanterns lit.

Recommending MusicBox Museum to Zarina. Started to rain on the bus, hope that the Chingay Parade is not too affected by it. 12hrs on the go and still to prepare for a fruit-cocktail salad!

Sat: Happy Bday to Bjørn, father to #6. Was too tired to attend the morning CNY talk. Appreciations to Henry for belated Bdays for us both and CNY celebrations, enjoyable&delightful HighT@Intercon with Rit&Nick’s music.  Relaxing and a lovely afternoon passed by quickly, or rather we had so much to catch up! Another bumping surprise, good the see the glamorous, Laura.

Continued on to celebrate this 9thCNY@Campers’ Corner for Calvin’s  surprised BdayBash.

A jolly-good time was had by all with yummy foods&wines. Tkx to Sam for arranging this and to Yoshie’s friends for the Hawaiian HulaAuana.

My usual contribution is the Fruit-Cocktail Salad requested by CC staff and management.


Sun: thank you to Peggy for gathering past&present employees&families+friends of Hagley&Hoyle on the 10th CNY day. Had a fun time catching up.

NORCongratulations to Norway for winning the most medals (14gold, 14silver, 11bronze=39total) for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea. Am sooo happy for them and impressed by my fellow Norwegians.


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

2nd Brother’s Branch – 2018

21 Feb 2018 – Lam KwokKiong (1935-2000)

Sat: 2ndCNY day – accompanied 4th sis-in-law PohKit to visit 2nd sis-in-law YokeSau. Tkx to nephewVince for driving and to nieceLeng for have us in her home. 1stCNY day is when 2nd bro and his branch gathers, thus unable to get pix for 2nd bro LAM KwokKiong’s branch. Pix credits to Leng.

Pix credits of nephews+family to nephews JenMum, JenWee and Steve.

Lam JenMun (1969)&Tan SiewKing (1956) –
Lam SuiChang (1989)

Lam JenLeng (1960)&Ang ChinSheng (1957) –
Ang KeeYang Michael (1989) and Ang KeeLing Michelle (1993)

Lam JenWee (1962)& Lee MuiHui Mayven (1963) –
Lam YiTing Vanessa (1995) and Lam YiLing Valerie (1997)

Steve Lam (1965)&Toh ChengHong (1966)
Lam YiYan Cindy (1995) and Lam YiSheng (1998)

Leng has decided that the next generation will be Brown and so it will be, also easy for me to remember, the new MRT line TEL (MarineTerrace will be my station on that line) is also brown and hopefully will complete their constructions for my life’s journey!!

A visit to bro Steven, tkx to Vince for driving.

Sun: Appreciations to nephew Clement&his banker friends May, Julie, Karen and Audrey for a lovely afternoon.

Lots of luck and profits to them for the Dog Year ahead – 遍地黃金 pin dei wong gam=opportunities everywhere to earn money.

View from the 9th floor.

Mon: staying in to rest – watching&enjoying the 129th RoseParade. Trader Joe’s on TV, most outstanding display of showmanship and entertainment and this was the only one that I managed to capture from the TV on my camera.

The others floats and marching bands were just as impressive bringing back memories from my first RoseParade in 1987, 31yrs ago!!

Tue: this cough has really been persistent, was hoping to kick or kill it before the CNY. Age really takes its toll as the immune-system&resistance are not working as it used to. A peaceful&quiet walk thru’ the HDBs under shelter except for 2short road crossings to the PolyClinic. After an X-ray to discover some lung infection and was prescribed with anti-B, such is life but that too shall pass.

Usual Tue grocery shopping@Giant/Parkway, and had a bite and a cuppa in the basement food-court. The first Lion-Dance for me on this 5thCNY day in an enclosed basement food-court.

The heart must have skipped some beats when the drum was at its loudest! Should carry ear-plugs with me until the CNY is over 🙂 Always enjoy this dance, but do prefer them to be outdoors.

Wed: welcome back to SIN and appreciations to Catherine&Lee’s friend for lunch@I12, CantonParadise.

Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter – John Muir

CNY 2018

16 Feb 2018 – Who Let The Dogs Out…

Tue: accompanied sis-in-law PohKit to SGH for her appointment. Considering that she is 80 and recently had a heart procedure and hip surgery, she is in decent physical condition. Was impressed how efficient and only a short wait, amazed at how built-up and still building out@SGH. Dinner@Jos.

Wed:  Phantom Thread****set in the glamour of 1950s post-war London, Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Cyril are at the center of British fashion, dressing royalty, movie stars, heiresses, socialites, debutantes and dames with the distinct style of The House of Woodcock. A renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his muse and lover…

Appreciations to bro Les&Ivy for reunion+HeartsDay dinner. Wolf Herring,西刀, Ikan Parang is the only fish I like in my Lohei, 撈起=tossing up good fortune. For the benefits of my overseas friends, this is a CNYraw-fish salad dish with at least 18ingredients. My favourite of all has 28ingredients.



The other dishes & wines.

Lovely flowers and decorations are all in their places.

Thu: a short walk to the wet-market to find out that many stalls are closed and quite rightly so. CNY Reunion dinners are often considered the most important get-together meal of the entire year and ppl need to be home preparing the foods. Tkx to Jo&family for including me for theirs.

12mid-night: and so it is time to say bye-bye to the Rooster. The mini-garden from #6 sprouted in time to welcome the Dog.

Fri: KungHayFatChoy 恭喜發財 to my Cantonese family&friend and a Happy&Healthy Year of the Dog 2018 to all celebrating.

Appreciations to bro Les&Ivy for welcoming the Year of the Dog with family&friends for yummy lunch&wines on this 2018 1stCNY day.

Was not focus enough this year to capture more pix before ppl had to leave. Bro Steven’s branch left earlier, so did sis Jo and Michael, Sharon&Alex. Tkx to Alex for forwarding me his pix. Unfortunately it will not be possible to get all my siblings&I+our families together for a group pix.


Ah doggie is nothing if he don’t have a bone
All doggie hold it

Who let the dogs out
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
Who let the dogs out
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
Who let the dogs out
Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof
Who let the dogs out – Anslem Douglas