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16 Sep 2021 – COVID-19 Cases In SIN

Mon: a good week ahead to all – missing overseas family&friends, autumn-colours, etc etc. With 520new COVID-19cases yesterday in SIN trying not to gallivant about, thus sharing memories from some of my favourite places on this earth. https://amylamsg.com/2018/09/14/tromso-kvaloya-2018/

Tue: 9/14/2021 07:34hrs ST MorningBriefing 607 new Covid-19 cases yesterday here in SIN, rather concerning & depressing with 500+ and 600+ cases the past 2days! https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-covid-19-cases-sept-13-21

Needed this uplifting, heart-warming pix&write-up to share today!

https://www.irishcentral.com/news/hikers-rescue-dog-wicklow Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen ― Orhan Pamuk. But only very very few know how to listen!

Memories of taking care of Ram, a golden retriever in the late 1970s when we were living in TOS/Norway while the owners (Ellen&JohnSr+Nils&Cathrine) were in UK for 6months. Ram was such a good well-trained dog and gentle with L&M but working part-time and living in a small 2nd storey-house (Anne&Roar were occupying the ground-level), felt guilty&sorry that he could only be outside when one of us had the time to take him out then. Unable to locate the 1977-78pix, the only one with Ram is from 1980 after we all move to OSL/Norway.

Those who do not really know me believe that I do not like dogs and that is such an incorrect observation. Do not like any pets who are not well-trained and really dislike any animals jumping on me or licking me. Feel sorry for dogs being cooped up, especially those living in cities – they should have the space to roam&run around freely. How many can take the responsibilities&time to take their dogs out in the nature to do that??

Wed: https://www.worldnews.easybranches.com/amp/10157377

Oh no! 837new cases in today’s news, need to stop keeping taps with these figures!! The 3above downloaded pix are from a FB-posting Trust Me, I’m Singaporean – maybe at the rates of all these high figures, it might be the way to go on public transport – better safe than sorry!


Bring in the good memories&thoughts now that I should not be roaming around too much and as for travel, that is definitely out of the question at present.

Must be missing Norway to watch this documentary – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B25DbSNoyRs Not a fan of cruises but have been on the Hurtigruten a few times on short trips and once from Bergen-Kirkenes before moving away from Norway/1985, it was in my bucket list – really enjoyed&glad that I went on it then.

Revisited a section of it with my oldest friends KK&PP 9yrs ago/Sep2012 – tkx for wonderful memories. Hurtigruten – The coastal highway to the soul of the north. Even I who do not like cruises will go on the Hurtigruten any time – highly recommended.  https://amylamsg.com/2012/09/11/svolvaer-goat/

Å – World’s shortest place name is located on the Moskenes island in Lofoten is the civilization most far-out on the Lofoten islands.

Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it ― L.M. Montgomery

Thu: Happy Bdays sis-in-law Ivy/SIN, cousins Edith/Canada&Wendy/USA. In memory of LKY(1923-2015), SIN1stPM (1959-1990) who would have been 98 today.

Tea with KK before he takes off for UK and appreciations for yummy home-made dinner@Theresa&ChengJun to celebrate Ivy’s Bday in the healthy good company of a cardiologist, gastrologist, gynecologist and a GP!

‘Variety’s The Very Spice Of Life…

12 Sep 2021: That Gives It All Its Flavour’
Thu: it is bc of consequences like these that gets me to report to MarineParadeTownCouncil/MPTC when items are placed in our HDB common areas&corridors. Appreciations to MPTC who has always been prompt&vigilant to remove them.
Today 100pax from Germany lands here@ChangiAirport and they will not need to be quarantined if tested negative for Covid-19 on arrival. Hope that flying can be opened up bit by bit, and no, I will not be rushing to fly anywhere yet – safe journeys to KK who will be flying off next week!
Fri: I think I have tasted&used most of these herbs&spices in my cooking, but not sure if I can name them all, can you? Could not resist downloading&sharing such a beautiful&colouful pix.
Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour – William Cowper.
After a FrenchMalayanCuisine dinner, I need to add this – its good to have variety of flavours, but do check that they compliment each other where the preference of your personal tastebuds are concerned.
Visited bro Steven@UMC a day early for his Bday, app made in advance and had to be swab for COVID-19. Nice to see him even when I can see in his eyes that he was having problems to remember who I am. Not easy to capture a decent sunset shot with all these constructions&barracks as I crossed the overhead bridge to the bus-stop.
Appreciations to niece DaisyL for dinner in good co of grandnephews Stanley&Darryl @TheWhiteLabel/FrenchMalayanCuisine where FrenchHalal cuisine does not compliment each other when you know what real FrenchCuisine is about! The food did not match up to the lovely presentation and the chic-decor. Do remember going there for coffee&cakes (also with the same company then) and now same thoughts as from 8months ago below!

From Jan2021posting: nice ceiling lights at a Halal-French-inspired eatery – The White Label, where we had dessert, but somehow cannot imagine how French-Malayan fusion cuisine, made Halal and infused with local flavours would taste on my palate? Desserts were OK, too heavy&sweet for my taste. Stanley was impressed with the cutlery&tableware, especially the small spoons!


Fri: Darryl’s drink YuzuBleu looks as pretty as he, I did not taste it. Daisy’s chicken was OK taste, but chicken was not properly cooked thru’ –  hope that she will not get a stomach upset tomorrow!

Shared TWLTruffleFries; my orders TruffleMushroomChowder – do wonder if they know what truffle is or even taste like?? Specifically requested for NON-spicy when asked if I wanted mild or strong spicy SquidInkSpaghetti – had to send both soup&main back after one taste. My main did not even get to the table until the others had finished theirs! Stanely’s duck tasted OK, but was dry as dry can be and Darryl’s pasta was nothing to write home about.

Have no intentions of ever returning – slow&poor service despite that they did smile and did not charge my orders. Perhaps one can blame it on the Fri crowds, but I do question what the younger generation knows about or have tasted the authentic world cuisines! Or maybe I am just more decadent as age catches up!!

Glad that we did not ordered dessert and decided to venture to TheHainanStoryChapterOne (Hotel Boss) for more food&coffee for the grandnephews – these young men can really put it in! Tkx to Leo for the introduction to this 24hrs place, glad they all liked it here too – especially the KopiGuTou! and, no, did not taste – need my zzz for tonight!! A lovely evening was enjoyed by all; am truly blessed in the youthful company of charming grandnephews.


BearyCuteQingBuLiang dessert ($5.60 per bowl, now $2.95 promo with top-up) consist of coconut water, taro balls, red kidney beans, pearl sago, coconut jelly and honey sea coconut before topping it off with shaved coconut ice and cute frozen iced bear. A good way to celebrate the new Panda bear cub recently born here in SIN, maybe he should  be named QingQing – hahaha


Sat: Happy Bdays to bro Steven/SIN and to cous May/Canada. And in memory of all who were lost 20yrs ago today when most of us will remember where we were when the NYC TwinTowers were destroyed.

Some more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN. 208 NewUpperChangiRd, #01-19 Bedok InterchangeHawkerCentre, BedokChweeKueh 勿洛水粿 $0.50 per piece.


Tonight’s dinner by LondonFatDuck tkx to SL.

Sun: the stomach&body need to rest today!

Happy Labor Day/USA, 2021

8 Sep 2021 –  Missing My Flock

Sun: Happy 10Bday to #6, the youngest of my flock and today my whole flock counts their age in 2digits! His request was this kransekaker made by his mother, nice that she can use those old rings from me as my baking days are more of less over and also my oven in SIN no longer works. Tkx for dinner@Jo’s 

Mon: Happy Labor Day to US family&friends. Enjoy whatever you are doing and stay safe where ever you are located. My USflock is probably out boating on Lake Murry/SC, missing them all (pix from 2018). This week in SIN is also the school-holidays!

235 new locally transmitted COVID-19 and SIN rolls out measures to slow down spread of COVID-19 community cases by reducing non-essential social activities for next 2weeks. As it is, with the school holidays and the spread at 8different bus-interchanges despite that there has been no evidence of COVID-19 spread to commuters following the detection of COVID-19 clusters at bus interchanges, said Transport Minister S Iswaran on Friday (Sep 3), I would prefer to stay within my own 4-walls, except for my early morning outdoor cycle or walks before sunrise.


If you’re superstitious, you’ll know that during HungryGhostFestival (8Aug-6Sep2021), ghosts are said to revisit the land of the living. Particularly on 22Aug, when GhostDay hits. So today is the last day before the Gates of Hell closes again for another year. This is the first time I bought this package S$10 for sis Jo as she practices these rituals and I helped her to include a list (~50ppl) of the LAMs&TSANGs we know of in the family who have passed on – I am a total non-believer! Blog posting from a decade ago on this subject and still the same thoughts! https://amylamsg.com/2011/08/22/if-religion-is-a-thing/

Tue: nnnoticed deaths of older people will become more common as the population of over 60s grows – so sad! Next-door neighbour about my age lives alone like I do, but I am blessed to have family&friends to check on me regularly. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the newspaper are no longer delivered to the door, but to the postbox downstairs. Do hear her every morning getting out of her place to go to downstairs, and if I do not hear or see something like the 2above uploaded pix, will report.



Wed: really! are we moving backwards to the dark ages???



Need to stop reading all these depressing news!!

Welcome Sep2021

4 Sep 2021 – In With The Lanterns

Wed: looks like it is a good harvest for #6 in Norway with his sunflower even taller than him who will be counting his age with 2digits on Sunday 5Sep.

Dance with the flowers of enlightenment—then watch as your mind and body blossom as you begin to harvest the fruits of self-progression and self-realization ― Natasha Potter

Byebye Aug2021 – in with the lanterns&mooncakes! Mid-Autumn/Moon/Lantern Festival will fall on Tue21 this month. Bought these 3lanterns 2decades ago and they need repair every year when I take them out, but they are absolutely beautiful&mesmerizing when a real candle flame is flicking inside them. Will probably need new ones next year! Looking forward to make a night-trip to the Chihuly exhibitions@GardensByTheBay after sunset with a full moon without rains! Perhaps that is asking for too much, but can always hope!!

Thu: Good Thu morning from a lovely wet cool island of SIN. Too wet to cycle but not too wet for a short stroll feasting the eyes with the pretty in pink flowers –

The Bougainvillea was named after French navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville, whose voyage to circumnavigate the globe in the 18th century led to the discovery of the plant in Brazil. Because of its beautiful appearance and showy blooms, the Bougainvillea soon became established around the world as a decorative garden plant. In fact, even though the Bougainvillea originates from South America, its largest breeders and producers today are in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hawaii and Florida! –  NParks

Antigonon leptopus (common names: Coral Creeper, Chain of Love, Hearts on a Chain), a fast-growing climbing vine that holds via tendrils.

MrsGoh@HoltPk told us that the delicate pink flowers can change colours, thus also gained the nick-name False-Heart here in SIN! Actually the flowers will turn dull pink&eventually brown as they age – but that happens to humans too!! and down with the flags when they dry out!

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses – Alphonse Karr
Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. To those affected by the backlash of Hurricane Ida in USA, take care and be safe. 16yrs ago today, Sat3Sep2005 our group (CandyAss, Karen/MissWiggy, John/Gadget, Mike/T2 and I/TigerLil)+friends completed the AT-Thru’Hike 2,175m/3,500k in 127days in 2005 making me the first and only female from SIN hiking the AT-Thru’Hike then. Today VictorTan/FarerEastCoast (2012) is the other person from SIN who also has completed the AT-Thru’Hike. Appreciations to FB-Trail-Angels, fellow-hikers&supporters and to those not in FB.
Yummy steak dinner@Theresa&ChengJ with Les&Ivy – after a dinner like this, would not need to eat any more meat for the month!
Sat: Happy Bdays to 2nd-born, May/Norway and to nephew Vincent in Perth/Australia.

Sharing&recommending some of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN. DunmanFoodCentre, 271OnanRd. Say Seng Famous Tau Kwa Pau 正宗生成著名豆干包 S$1.50 per piece/S$5 per plate.

Celebrating the day with nieces Judy&Daisy, nephew Clement and grandnephews Stanley&Darryl. Tkx for yummy ChickenRice delivered by BoonTongKee (been a while now since I have had their ChickenRice), and durians for dessert. 

We were surprised by this flock – Wings of Parrots Community/WOPC with their free-flying parrots on EC Pk. yesterday.

Our birds are our priority and they are born to fly; not caged – WOPC members https://wopc.sg/
Had to brave the crowds to take a short walk after all that eating over the weekend and glad that I did or would not have discovered about these free-flying parrots, no matter how noisy they are!
4 Sep – Happy Bdays MayH & Vince 
5 Sep – Happy Bday Olai
6SepHappy Bday Nicholas 
8 Sep – Happy Bday Alfred
11 Sep – Happy Bdays Steven & MayY
15 Sep – Happy Bday Ting Ting
16 Sep – Happy Bday Ivy 
19Sep – Happy Bday Edith 
20 Sep – Happy Bday AmyR
21 Sep – Happy Bday Greg
23 Sep – Happy Bdays Joyce & Klaus
24 Sep – Happy Bday Yun
25 Sep – Happy Bday Kat
30 Sep Happy Bdays Mabel, DaisyL Valerie


31 Aug 2021 – Portable NeckFan

Thu: this pix was in last week’s STs TheBigPicture. Rock-Solid Marriage Vows, now that is the best  oxymoron example! This was the hike that landed me in the hospital 5yrs ago! And that was also when I knew that I had to slow down with my hikes!!

Grandniece Vanessa is the only one in the family I know of who has done this hike. So far she is also the only one in the PurpleG who will be a medical doctor when she is done with MedSchool in SIN. https://amylamsg.com/2016/08/25/trolltunga/

Fri: discovered Kinex, a mall with a crocodile on the staircase when view from the above, but is a TingKat+AngelWings when seen from another angle. Just wandering around different levels and looking at things in different angles and you will be surprised what you can see if your mind is open! No need AngelDust – hahaha

Livin life from a whole different angle, only see the road through the wings of an angel – Drake
Had coffee, ginger-ale&soufflé@HoshinoCoffee where they charged only for the drinks as they messed up the soufflé and had to make another one. On top of that they forgot Clement’s SouffléPancake and he got a piece of cm-complimentary cake. Of course they got to hear about my frustration, not that I mind that they messed up as we had the time, but the fact that they kept us waiting without letting us know the situation!
Can’t believe how decadent&spoilt I have turned to be during this COVID pandemic. Bought myself this gadget@IUIGA, a portable neckfan S$50. Tested it out with a fully charged battery running on medium speed (3speeds) and it lasted for 7hrs, for real!
Too much of a good thing can be wonderful! ― Mae West
Sat: sharing&recommending some of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN. HaigRoadMarket&FoodCentre – 林玉梅 LinYuMei SarawakLaksa&KoloMee S$4
Appreciations for Sat’s dinner (my usual contribution, FruitCocktailSalad) to CC-Management, staff&friends to welcome the BTS X HELINOX new gadgets – do drop in to check&test them out – 2above pix credits to Helen.
I have 3HelinoxChairs+2tables, they are comfortably-stylish, easy to move around or put away for storage. Like the idea that this bag can be opened up to be a ground or picnic mat.
Sun: perfect wet&cool day for snoozing in front of cheesy movies! Dinner@sis Jo. Tropical EdibleGarden harvest – Kedondong(SpondiasDulcis)沙梨 leafs are delicious, tkx to Albert for the tip! TorchGingerBud/BungaKantan(Etlingera Elatior), Calamansi (Citrus x microcarpa) – just a dash of those can really enhance many of the local dishes, I like them in my salads too. And also here is May’s harvest from her UrbanGarden in Norway

Mon: another wet&cool day but no snoozing, today, app@SGH – all is well and back to normal. 16yrs ago when we hiked the AT Thru’Hike in rains for 3days&nights in Maine/USA with the backlash of HurricaneKatrina, but was not aware that there was a hurricane then! Today 16yrs later HurricaneIda has made landfall in Louisiana/USA again – to all in her path, plx take care&stay safe. Tkx to Sam@CC for this Häagen-Dazs StrawberryIceCream – my dinner for tonight!


Tue: enjoy this last 2021AugDay – appreciations to Calvin@CC for the loan of this bike&helmet and blessed to be able to test it out on EC-Pk before the rains this morning. Do I sense a tint of autumn@CyclistPark or am I just missing the Fall colours&weathers?

Nice ride on this neat light-weight Japanese bike, but not a folding one! Too many clouds for the sun to rise above them – not my hammock here, will bring my own on the next ride! Also the portable-neck-fan was effective&useful – very pleased&satisfied with it on this ride.

31Aug2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 55
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 10,562
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 814

Wet And Stormy Days

25 Aug 2021 – Ancestral Village In Jiangmen/China

Sat: to those going to the belated NDP today, enjoy&be safe – this will be it for the floating platform for now as it will be closed after today for renovations until 2025. Downloaded pix

84 MarineParadeCentral 
XingLongCookedFood SteamedFish (S$5per piece). Actually S$5per piece is considered not so reasonable as one can get 2veggie-varities+1meat with rice all for less than S$5 at these kind of hawker-stalls! But then fish is not that cheap!

Sun: tkx for home-made PrawnMee dinner at Jo’s and also for the Kedondong (Spondias dulcis) 沙梨. The tree in her garden is packed with fruits and was also recently told by Albert that the leaves are slightly sour and can be added to a salad – that I must try.

Mon: ham cheese egg toast lunch@ToastBox/Esplanade S$7.10 where I could also change my bus here, thus still keep within my transfer fares, ie under S$1 when I can be on another bus by 45mins! Follow-up app@SGH and walked to TiongBahruBakery to take away my favourite almond croissant S$5.35.

Took whatever bus that came first back to the EastEnd and bus33 was it – turned out to be quite a joy ride bringing me along KoonSengRd in the JooChiat area.

Arr Bedok Interchange just before 1700hrs where I managed to pick up a lotus-peanuts/rib soup S$4.10 an a big box of YoléYogurt $21 in BedokMall – would not have gone in if there were any crowds or lines!

Tue: grocery shopping day@Giant/Tampines S$127.16 including SenSav3%S$3.93+PowerPac ElectricClipFan&MEG-MultiCooker, both for S$25. Bought the 3rdFan of the same kind, being satisfied with the other 2 which I paid S$20 for both in Nov2020. Pouring cats&dogs when done with shopping, but no worries, did not even have to open the umbrella, shaded all the way from the bus stops. It was rather comforting to hear the rains hitting down on the corrugated bus-stops roofs as it reminded me of nice memorable hiking days in the humble huts&shelters with these kind of roofs.

I remember from childhood days, ie 1950s-60s! how these road always flooded on heavy rainy days and the traffic was just terrible when there were Sunday races at the SwissClubRd area!


Wed: sooo excited&thrilled to hear from a long-lost cousin, IreneLAM (sister of the CoconutPostMaster in HI/USA) – no have never met her or him and really hope that we are able to connect&work something for our family’s ancestral village in Jiangmen/Guangdong Province, China so as to be linked to a neighbouring village (1hr away) which is in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This has always been in my dreams&hopes when I first set foot there in 2009, but kinda given up hope as no one in the family showed any interest when I voiced out my thoughts then!



Edited 5Sep: appreciations to GG-LAM Irene, a cousin from granduncle RG-LAM JeeChiew’s branch (Alfred-Linda Tay is the contact person for this branch) for this interesting link that her father BG-LAM YatYin and bro GG-LAM Michael started. https://lamaviation.com/

Edited 7Sep: hoping&praying that the LAM-Heritage is moving forward in the direction of preservation instead of destruction in the name of progress! As a granddaughter (let’s hope that I can count in this matter) of RG-LAM SongKee, have given the POA to the Cangdong East Culture Heritage Conservation & Development Centre in KaipingCity/China to mange the family’s property&affairs there. http://cangdongproject.org/cangdong-xmgken.asp

2021-First School Day For The Flock

20 Aug 2021 – Gastronomical Feasting

Tue: saddened by all the news of many disasters happening around the world – https://disasterphilanthropy.org/our-approach/disasters/

And the consequences of the man-made long history in Afghanistan which brings back memories of


Steve McCurry, one my favourite photographers and where the idiom A picture is worth a thousand words really applies.


I can so relate to the saying The eyes are the windows to the soul here. McCurry’s famous photograph, SharbatGula /Afghan Girl, on the cover of National Geographic Jun 1985. 


Wed: at Les’sClinic/FarrerPkMedicalCentre to pick up medications – looks like the clinic girls have green-thumbs and the plants here are thriving at the corner window on the 7floor.

OysterHouse/OwenRd – no mussels, but the clams look good for tonight’s dinner.

Chinese Restaurant JiaHeWanShiXing 家和万事兴 which translates to if the family lives in harmony all affairs will prosper – a nice restaurant conveniently located downstairs from Les’s clinic and serves a well-presented varieties of Cantonese cuisine. Tkx to AiHwee for today’s lunch which started with Pan-fried Bacon wrapped with tomato served with SaladCream, an interesting appetizer that combines sweet cherry tomatoes with smoky bacon, CrispyRoastPork, SilverBait+StiredFriedKaiLan done to my taste with a nice crunch and well presented – good idea to serve the baits separately to keep them crusty fresh.

CrispyHorFun with Seafood&EggSauce – first time for this dish and is best enjoyed immediately, while the HorFun is still crispy.

Good StuffedCrab and excellent DoubleBoilSoup of the day. Delicious DurianDeepFriedSesameBall and mini EggTart for dessert.

Appreciations for the 1stMoonCakesX4 (LotusPaste+MacadamiaNuts) of the season – could not resist this pretty insulated bag to keep future take-away foods warm!

Good to see MartinNg whom we have not seen since father passed away –  an afternoon@Les&Ivy’s catching up with his Dublin days&when he returned to SIN in the early 1960s. He left SIN 1953, before Lawrence, returned in the early 1960s and was our family doctor then.

Stayed on@Les&Ivy’s for dinner since already there – home-made clams done to perfection by Les+foods by ImperialTresures/Paragon from Chris – what an amazing gastronomical feasting day and a lovely evening was enjoyed by all. Nice to meet with Caroline&Alex, Michael and ChrisLim. Appreciations to Michael for sharing his ride back to the EastEnd.

Gastronomy is the greatest form of therapy that anyone can be exposed to – Marco Pierre White

Thu: pouring at~0300hrs, got up to close the windows, continued sleeping soundly with the heavy rains pelting down on the AC-compressor outside the bedroom window; stopped by the time I got up at~0700hrs. Tkx Aileen for brunch company at my favourite CCF@MTmarket and for lovely orchids to add to my weekend red bouquet.

Fri: #1 moved to her apartment to start her sophomore year at UofSC/USA. Mon16Aug2021 was 1stSchoolDay for #2(11th), #3(9th), #4(7th) and #5(5th) grades. These 4 looked thrilled when their mother asked to take their pic!!!! tkx to Linn for the pix.

Can’t believe that #4 is now taller than #2. Could not recognize #3’s voice when I spoke to him – last saw them all 2019summer and in just under 2yrs they all seemed to have grown overnight…

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere – Chinese Proverb

TGIF, a good weekend to all, stay safe&dry on this lovely cool&very wet morning here in SIN. Has been a long long while ago when&where I could walk for ~4hrs and only saw 2ppl walking and others 2cycling. The paths were wet and waves were higher than usual this morning, managed to even pick a handful(46)SagaSeeds on the way.

On the way back stopped@KatongShoppingCentre to pick up a banana pie@DonaManis. Also tried a new flavour@TheHumbleScoop – ORH HAW/HawthornBerry, nice&refreshing.

Affordable Favourite Local Dishes 

16 Aug 2021: Bucket List Additions

Fri: tkx to sis Jo for dinner – TGIF on this one&only 13Fri for 2021. A good weekend to all and do not let the superstitious, etc affect your life. What happened on Friday the 13th originally? On Friday, October 13, 1307, the French rounded up thousands of Knights Templars and tortured them as heretics. Some believe the date of this massacre sparked our modern-day association of Friday the 13th with bad luck. 


Sat: weekend project from this week onwards is to share&recommend my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/Market Food Centre (max 2ppl) in SIN. 50A MarineTerrace YongHuatDelight’s ShrimpCheeCheongFun (RiceNoodelRoll) 豬腸粉 S$3 – Bon Appetit https://www.misstamchiak.com/yong-huat-delight/

Sun: continuing to add to my bucket list – NorthCoast&Northern Isles (Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides) in Scotland. Lived over a decade in Ireland, but have not been to Scotland! It has been nearly 2yrs ago since I last used my passport!!
Appreciations for yummy home-made dinner tonight – fish&veggies for starters and steaks done to perfection by bro Leslie.
Tkx to MeiPin for durian dessert and for driving me in this stormy weathers – pix taken before the sky opened up!
Be still, sad heart! And cease repining- Behind the clouds is the sun still shining- Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Mon: exciting news – the very first born-in-SIN panda cub has arrived. KaiKai&JiaJia, are finally parents, XinXin&LeLe among suggested names! Can’t wait to have the family visiting again to see this new cub. #6’s request during his 2020 1st visit here in SIN was to see the panda.
From Garry13Aug:
Trip around the block #29. Next stop was Kalbarri, a pleasant seaside fishing and holiday town where the streets were, sometime ago, paved with shells, literally. Ravaged by a cyclone in April this year, the mess has been cleared but the damage very visible. Dramatic red stone coastal cliffs and the impressive sky walks in the National Park were highlights.
The extremely saline water here provides a perfect environment for these minute clams that have no preditors. Everything is covered in them. The solidified shells are quarried for building blocks.
Seafood platter for one. Delicious. Great dinner with Greg Shortis and Anne. These beauties, stromatalites, were the first oxygen producing organisms about 600 million years ago (roughly), thus allowing god to create oxygen using humans at a later date. Very few exist. This is a World Heritage Area.
Cyclone damage.
Dramatic coast.
One of the two skywalks in Kalbarri NP.
Everything is green – young wheat or yellow – canola. Pink Lake. Not my pic obviously but the light was pathetic when I came by. 
Wonderful memorial to HMAS Sydney. Waiting wife statue. This was put in place about 6 yrs before the remains of the Sydney were found. By coincidence, she is looking to almost the exact area it was found.
Some lovely old homes in Geraldton. $9 million raised to restore this Catholic cathedral. The pinnacles and one human which reminded me some vague memories of a trip there many moons ago! Will have to search for old pix (not digitized yet) as to when I was there!
Trip around the block #30. Still heading south through small coastal towns / villages /hamlets of Dongara, Leeman, and Julian Bay to Cervantes. 
The prevailing wind from the west!. I missed this tree as I had a road train up my butt and good not stop. Came across this pic later. Pulled in Dongara where this alpaca asked to be in the pjc.
Every house has a boat but serious boat cred⁹ only comes with a tractor in the front yard as well!. No comment on the house! Houses and land around here do target the elderly boasting ‘big enough for a caravan AND a boat!’
This is the turquoise coast and lobster heaven! Ended up in Perth!

A Time For Everything

12 Aug 2021: And A Season For Every Activity – National Day 2021

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were ― Marcel Proust

Fri: working on my emotions so as not to allow them to overwhelm me.

Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them ― Leo Tolstoy

Sat: made a big pot of seafood (crabmeat, prawns, squids) creamy cheese, mushroom herbal sauce for this weekend Sat dinner&tomorrow’s lunch. Tkx for this Oximeter, have to now figure out how to use it!

Sun: nice to have Helen&Calvin’s company over Sunday’s pasta lunch. Appreciations for drinks, durians, strawberries and lovely sunflowers to cheer me.