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Born on15Jan1950 at 5TemenggongRd, Singapore:


Amy SuGuan LAM was educated and has worked in Ireland and Norway teaching music for 20 years; coordinated events and travels in USA for 15 years, worked at an advertising agency and coordinated events in Singapore for 10 years. Hiked a thru’ hike on the Appalachian Trail/USA 2,175m/3,500km, 30Apr-3Sep 2005 in 127days after both daughters Linn&May flew away from the nest! Still enjoying her shorter hikes annually and shares the experiences to inspire ppl to appreciate being out in the nature.

Through-Hikes around the world:


In 2008, published 1st SIN AT Thru-Hiker/First Singaporean Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker – a collection of data, pictures, quotes & thoughts during a 127 days hike. She has been and still is sharing the experience through PowerPoint presentations with Q&A about the hike to various associations, groups and societies around the world. Since the AT in May-Sep2005, have been doing just short day hikes every year.


2-6Mar2012: HKG MacLehose Trail 100km 62mi thru’ hike in 5days.


27Jul-11Aug2013: England UKc2c 309km 192mi thru’hike in 16days.


15Jan2016: The Green Corridor/SIN 25K 8+hrs.

13Aug-1Sep2023: Tip-Tip-Confederation Trail,PEI/Canada 273km k/170mi.


If interested for her to give a presentation, please write to her. If she is in your area, she will be delighted to share her hiking experiences. After globe-trotting around the world for 8 months in 2008 to gather branches, twigs & leafs hoping to draft her family tree – LAM TinYue Heritage.

Above pix of her paternal grandfather with their families. Her grandfather LAM SongKee(1891-1950) with his 3wives, children&families from the 1940s. Her father LAM TinYue(1911-1996) was the eldest of 15 full-siblings (4 did not survive) and 3 half-siblings, total 18. Amy(1950) is #7, the youngest(not yet born in the above pix) in her branch of 6 full-siblings of 4 brothers and 2 sisters.


Today’s count from her paternal grandfather LAM SongKee(1891-1950) and CHAN SweeNgor’s(1891-1978) branch, including those who have passed on but excluding spouses:

Blue generationBG/my father – 18
Green generationGG/including me34
Orange generationOG/my children – 41
Purple generationPG/my grandchildren – 34
Brown generationBrG/a new generation – 1

LAM TinYue(1911-1996)(LAM-branch1)+TSANG MayLan(1911-1965)(TSANG-branch5)

Green generationGG/my father – 7
Orange generationOG/my children19
Purple generationPG/my grandchildren25
Brown generationBrG/a new generation – 1

Including my parents and 2older brothers who have passed on + spouses, there is a total of 74 from BG1LAM TinYue branch.


Thanks you Daniel Yiek for sharing this chronological graph.


2009’s visit to the ancestral village in Jiangmen 江門 a province in Guandong/S China with a population of about 4.48mil where the ancestral hall and house still stand. An eye-opener trip which created more interesting work to be researched into. Future travels to S China and Borneo/E Malaysia will be necessary before embarking on a rough draft of the heritage trail – the never-ending trail starting from 1905 when her grand-uncle LAM JieChiew and grandfather LAM SongKee(1891-1950) started the family business as a mortgage company originally which resulted to banks, mines, properties, etc…


Fri9Oct2020: pix+name credits to AnnaTSANG

Aug 2013: even more to research and work after recent meetings with her cousins on the maternal side. TSANG. Her mother TSANG MayLan(1911-1965) was #5 of 10 siblings from maternal Christian pastor grandfather 曾維新TSANG WeiSun(1853-1940) and a maternal medical doctor grandmother 謝冠英TSE KuanYing (1873-1940), –  excited to just find (Oct2020) this B/Wpix of her.  Colour pix of 4, 6, 8 & 10 visiting LAM TInYue(1911-1996) in SIN(1970s or 80s??). 

To be edited: numbers from her maternal grandfather
曾維新TSANG WeiSun(1853-1940)+謝冠英TSE KuanYing (1873-1940),
including those who have passed on but excluding spouses:

Blue generation/my mother – 10
Green generation/including me35
Orange generation/my children – 63
Purple generation/my grandchildren – 50 (does not include Branches1&3, no info)


With 2beautiful daughters Linn&May, 2wonderful son-in-laws Jeff&Bjørn, six adorable grandchildren #1Katy, 2Ellie, 3JohnW, 4Sophie, 5James (5 blonds & blue eyes in the US) and 6-Olai (finally one with darker hair and eyes in Norway!), life is blessed! They are part of her, thus making them a quarter of the Chinese ethnic race, but one can question&wonder about her ancestry???


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  1. wow… really nice blog.. thanks for opening my eyes to Norway. When are you going back to Norway… I WILL FOLLOW YOU….. (to the tune of Whoopi Goldberg)

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Please do continue to visit and will welcome and reply to all constructive comments.

    • Thanks for stopping by and yes I do say thank you again and again to my parents and children for everything I have and am today! I am blessed.


      • Hi Kitty, thanks for your call and for stopping by my blog. Who knows, I might make a trip to Ireland again someday soon. Take care.

  2. HI Amy,

    Have been following your exploits on your blog. What are you doing in Thailand? Also read about your ulcer episode. Hope you are on a H. Pylori regime. Significant blood loss is dangerous at our age…..may precipitate a heart attack or stroke.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the rest of the family!


  3. Hi Alfred, am here with Les & family at the Banyan Tree Resort getting my SPA treatment!!

    On anti-bio and yes they have concerns about the heart condition too. Oh well, that is life when one gets on in age 🙂 Thanks for asking.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family too.

  4. Hi, Amy,
    I am the son of Lam Siong Kheng, (the manager of Kwong Lee Bank Kuching). My father was brought by your grand father or grand uncle Lam Song Kee or Lam Jie Chew from Juang Men, Tong Ping Lee to Singapore and then to Kuching, Sarawak to work with them. I had met your father, your brother Lawrence Lam before.I had also met with Lam Jek Sen and Lam Jek Wen in Kuching in the bank when I was a small kid.Glad to know more about the history of Kwong Lee Bank. Do you know there is one road in Kuching by the name of Kwong Lee Bank Road given by the Government in recognition of the contribution and good service rendered by the bank. My father had always mentioned to me about your grand father and grand uncle when I was small but never hada chance to see them. Now with the photograph I know how they look like.very gentlement.

    Thank you for your write out information about the history of Kwong Lee Bank, ( I guess it is the first local bank in Sarawak) .

    • Appreciations for your comment and interest. Will arrange to meet either in SIN or KCH before the year is out. See email

  5. Hi Aunty Lam, my name is Kelvin and I am from Singapore as well. I am intending to set off on a thru-hike of the entire Great Wall of China soon. As a total beginner on hiking (most I did was walk my 48km route march in army ), do you have any advice to give?

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