Temenggong Road(4) With Maps

14 Nov 2014 – And Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim.



Wed: bright and early to pay a visit to the mosque, Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim. It is the only mosque in SIN managed by the state government of Johor, Malaysia. Originally built in 1890 and named after Daeng Ibrahim, son of Temenggong Abdul Rahman.


History buffs may want to pay a visit to this mosque as the Temenggong’s tomb lies within a small cemetery surrounding the Johor Royal Mosouleum located which now has its own building under construction.


Coincidently met up with this night guard and asked him if he had any knowledge of the neighbouring land to the mosque. To my surprise and delight he told me that when he and his friends were kids, they stole rambutans from our trees and how the owners of the grounds let loose the dogs to chase them. OMG, I remember just like it was yesterday about those incidents. When we parted ways, he asked if all is forgiven. Told him that there was nothing to forgive as when we were kids, we too helped ourselves to the jumbu fruit trees in the cemetery and exchange was no robbery 🙂



Unfortunately my knowledge of #5 Temenggong Rd (marked with redO on this ariel map, tkx to Benny) is minimum and no one from father’s generation/blue generation had any interest or facts to go on.


Used to climb down the drain behind the stonebench in the early 1950s, one of my earliest memory recalled.

Have been told by word of mouth that grandfather LAM SongKee bought #5 from the WONG AhFook’s family. When? When was this house build?? By the time the LAM family acquired this site, it would have been around the 1940s???  Area of site????

Wong Ah Fook, Immigrant, Builder and Entrepreneur by P Lim Pui Huen 

Cousin YatSoon in London asked ‘What has happened to the site?‘ And the only answer I could provide was: the site has been taken over by the State many moons ago. Do not know when the house was destroyed as I left SIN in 1965. Today it is a an overgrown jungle and the only ruins left standing are the one gate pillar and the rock wall by the upper field.


When the State took over the land, it was supposed to be used for PSA then (so they claimed!). But who knows what they have in mind now?? Better with a green densely overgrown jungle than a concrete block or anything concrete. Anyway it was supposedly to be full of spirits as most of the bank staff experienced when they had to attend their annual dinners at #5. Have never experienced or seen any in the 15yrs there! But then according to my grandmother, even the spirits fear me… LOL


Much appreciations and thanks to my young hero Chris who accompanied me to #5 and helped to tear off a piece of the cement where the bulb-wire fencing was! So sorry that he got bitten by fire-ants. Without him, this journey would have not been! Now a closure to this chapter is possible before the memory fades!

Sunlight through the trees in summer
Endless masquerading
Like a flower as the dawn is breaking
The memory is fading – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats


Inside the densely over-grown jungle and at the lower field. I was a total wimp, fully dressed and sprayed from top to toe, even with gloves and cap! Not about to take any chance in case a snake crosses my path. Tripped a couple of times over the roots but thank goodness nothing broken except the heart 😦 Disheartening to learn that the house where I was born was deliberately burnt down and destroyed.


The house in the early 1950s. The stonebench was on the upperfield when rockwall was not yet built. This pix is after the rockwall was built and the stonebench moved to from the upperfield. must have been around the mid 1950s. Remember father planting trees by the stonebench after the rockwall was built. Discovered that part of the rockwall by the upper field still stands today.


The wall and I in its heydays 1956! Some parts of this wall still stands and as far as the memory can recall, this end section of the wall ended with a smaller set of stairs which led to rambutan trees.





 To be edited, hopefully when more lights & pix and factual info are gained…

Map1 - Copy

#5 Temenggong Rd no longer exist and thus no info can be google or provided anywhere. The only info are my memory which I will be putting in this blog posting and editing when more info or facts turn up. This is a touchy subject as the State took over our family’s land with the min compensation at a time when I was too young to understand!

By words of mouths, ie not sure if these are facts: the State bought over the house and land at min price in the 1970s? claiming to be used for the cable car. PSA also had part of their hands in it. Somehow nothing was done and there were squatters in the house. The house was burnt down and destroyed…


24Feb 2015 – saw this fantastic map at the National Library. Will look more into it when time permits.

Edited 10May 2018 – appreciations to the Malaya Heritage in FB and to Tuah Bugis who shared this YouTube. I heard about the Istana Lama Bugis (just learnt the name) when I was a child but unfortunately by the time I could run about and play in this area it was no longer. Instead there was a Bata Shoe factory there and that too is no longer.

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