Tropical Fruits

14 Aug 2022 – SGH & Sentose

Wed: trying to find an extensive image+list of tropical fruits – plx help to share if you have any images of any of the tropical fruits not listed here in this downloaded image. Tkx so far to Johnny,CK,Soo for adding on with





Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad — Miles Kington

Thu: SGH consultation appts today&tomorrow with more referrals to be scoped the following weeks.

Looked like a long line for the pharmacy and it even flashed on the screen that the wait is ~30min-1hr wait after getting my queue# and since it was before noon had a cuppa and did some reading(always a book with me for any medical appts!) and time went quickly.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – appreciations Les to staff@TheCardicCentre for an ECG-report needed for the following week’s scope. Tkx to Les&Ivy for a lovely evening with drinks&yummy food@Bob’sBar Capella Sentosa.

Do like their minimalistic faun&flora arrangements – calming&relaxing effects for the eyes.

Good night moon and good night everyone on this beautiful full-super-moon night.

InscriptionOfTheIsland@ChangiBeach sunset pix credit to NGHockLee and the last SuperMoon@ECPk for 2022 pix credit to RiaTAN. The next SuperMoon will be 1Aug2023 and who knows where we will all be by then? Hopefully will be able to be on the go again to make more memories and take more pix!

The wisdom of the Moon is greater than the wisdom of the Earth, because the Moon sees the universe better than the Earth can see it. – Ildan

Being on Sentosa brings back cheerful innocent childhood memories where it was the former PulauBlakangMati – there was a Kelong&Pillbox(sadly both long gone) do remember so vividly playing around that part of the island. Pix downloaded.

Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower, we will grieve not; rather find strength in what remains behind. – Wordsworth
Sat: finally some rains to cool down the body, mind&soul. This overworked laptop deserves a new stand with ventilation – have been looking for something like this for a long time. Tkx for this new wheelie, have had a couple of them, but nothing as stable&solid as this one, will come in good use now that backpacking heavy grocery items is getting more a chore. Appreciations for these free self-test-kids delivered in the mailbox.

Sun: a decadent late afternoon tea with yummy Tine-Norwegian butter(tkx to Leng)home-made cucumber, egg, ham&cheese sandwiches Tkx to nephew Clement for ClipperTeaCoTeaPuffs, first time tasting these interesting TeaPuffs – no need for dinner today!

Happy 57th Birthday Singapore

9 Aug 2022 – Kelulut Honey

Fri: was too out of steam to help@CC today. Tkx to Wendy for introducing KelulutHoney bees that are stingless but will bite and their honey is 100% pure nutrient-laden is considered SuperFood that it is immune-boosting, highly anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant-rich. Added some to GingerT or LemonGrassT or PandanT and these teas now taste good&refreshing without any bite or sting in them! Jan tells me that Bees have helped Amanda with her Lyme disease using their stings, BeeTherapy – much of the natural remedy are still not known or proven, but as long as it helps is what counts.

Sat: Arc’teryx is a Canadian company based in N Vancouver and they certainly know the definition of comfort&quality. Have a few of their clothing&products – this will be my 2nd Arc’teryx dress and what a perfect outfit to have when packing light, even when backpacking (for real, I had it in my backpack during my hikes).

Calvin, Sam and Yoshie busy with their work.

Young Chris & I in action hanging himself with the rope – hahaha

Sun: a well-needed day to chill&rest and glad to be able to chat with 2nd-born in Norway. Its been a long time since we had the luxury&peace to have a long uninterrupted chat, Bjørn&Olai away in the cabin with B’s family.

Mon: why pay for 5*accommodations when you can be under the whole milky way with1,000million*FOC far away from the maddening crowds! Drop by to check our extensive camping gears including GSI, Marmot, Nanga, Nemo, SOTO, etc, including our CC-store-brand. Stars with Nemo tent pix credits to ShaneBlack bringing back some good memories from

Aug2014 where CC-Booth had their Store-Brand-Tent pitched up by the SuperTrees@SGF/GardenByTheBay.

Nature has been for me, for as long as I remember, a source of solace, inspiration, adventure, and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion – Anderson
Jimmy & Wendy dropped by to say hi and the bar-area is now more organized for me to bartend! Today’s drink was WhiskySour with KelulutHoney&Lemon, an excellent drink for my cough which is getting much better. Tkx to Calvin&Sam for dinner@TheHainanStoryChapterOne (HotelBoss)
Tue: a public holiday but we are open@CC. Those attending NPD enjoy and be safe. This year could also be the last time that the NDP is held at the floating platform.
Tkx for yummy breakfast at this newly discovered joint@KatongVbasement(formally ParamountHotel) with no GST or service charge added to the menu prices with decent food&good coffee. For those who are driving, it is easy to park just outside the open-air carpark by MarineParadeRd
Appreciations to Calvin for scrumptious NationalDayDinner of mushrooms, avocado&celery-salad with beef&mutton consumed with good appetite by CC-staff&friends.

Wishing all those who are marking today a HappySingaporeNationalDay and celebrating the independence of our nation with the highest of the spirits!
🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬Majulah Singapura🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬
As I soaked in the joy and celebratory spirit of National Day, my eyes and mind wandered to the Marina Bay city scape. Before 1965, Asia Insurance Building, now renamed Ascott Raffles Place, was the tallest building then. Singapore indeed had climbed mountains. We can stand tall. Over now to the present and future generations to keep on building Singapore, not just physically and economically but also its ‘heartware’. — gct/Goh Chok Tong SPMJ is a Singaporean retired politician who served as the second prime minister of Singapore between 1990 and 2004

Post General@Camper’s Corner

4 Aug 2022 – UKc2c 9Years Ago

Mon: wow! really 9yrs ago I hiked the UKc2c thru’hike 313km/195m!! Tkx to cousin YatSoon&Helen for taking care of me then. And now 9yrs later, delighted to meet up with them again here SIN. Enjoy your visit in this part of the world dear cousin&family. And also tkx KV&Christine for all their kind hospitality+driving me to MiltonK Station to catch my train to St Bees.

Back to my blog postings to reminisce about it and glad that I did it when I did. Do not think I will have that kind of energy now! If any interested, these blog postings will give an idea about this hike. You can then slowly take your time to find out which section interest you most or do the thru’hike.

Appt@SGH. dropped by to CC, thought that Wendy was joking about moving again – had to check it out and it is for real – nice apt and just down the road from CC, upstairs Owl’s Brew. Found out that CC is short of staff as Shufei will be on leave – offered to help out for the week.

Tue: helping out at CC for the week from 12n-20.00hrs. A new brand in retro-colonial-style Post General – imagine a brass mosquito coil holderS$48 to my decadent taste, if I have a helper to polish it! but it is beautiful. Tkx Leonard for dropping by to help me find the cursor which disappeared from my laptop this morning and with my high-tech knowledge how was I to know that I have pressed a function accidently that turned the cursor off, duh!!

Wed: Chaco the only sandals I have been wearing for the past 30yrs and the only sandals I can walk a whole day on without any issues with my feet. Their straps are created with a durable fabric that runs through the sole of the sandal, allowing you to easily adjust your straps to fit your feet perfectly and they may help to improve body alignment and prevent heel pain, ankle pain, and discomfort from plantar fasciitis. Testing out my newest pair with boarder straps, (7th-pair over 30yrs!) liking them a lot, tkx to Sam. I saw the photo of your sandals and couldn’t help being struck by the fact that our feet look kinda similar, haha…!

Comment for cousin IreneL in CA USA – with the second longer than the first. I inherit mine from my father. Anyway, don’t you think this bears out our Lam family relation?! Decided to find out more and this is what I readA Morton’s toe is characterized by a longer second toe. Unlike many other foot problems, this is not caused by ill-fitting footwear, injuries or overuse. It’s an inherited trait that you’re born with and affects ~15% of the population. Will try and remember to check out the family’s toes in future, easier here in the tropics as many of us wear open-toes footwear.

Thu: SingingRock provides more comfort when hanging in the harness. Not a climber myself, but as most of our climbers are happy climbers who keep returning to us means that our staff will be able to deal with your needs&questions in that area. Bought LeSportiva climbing shoes here recently for grandniece&grandnephew who informed me that they are pleased with them.

Tkx to Phelia&David for tonight’s Pig’sTrotterVinegar 猪脚醋 one of bro Lawrence’s favourite dishes, bringing back fond memories of him who left us a year ago. And also tkx to Estella for PekingDuck, one of my favourites and #3 discovered that it was his favourite during his recent visit from USA.

1Aug – Happy Bday  TOH ChengHong
2Aug– Happy Bday LAM ChengEn
9Aug – 56th SIN National Day
10Aug – Happy Bday LAM JenWee&Alvin NG
21Aug – Happy Bday LIM SiewChin
26Aug – Happy Bday Cindy LAM
29Aug – Happy Bday Sean KENNEDY
30Aug – Happy Bday Michelle ANG

Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL-Brown) MRT

31 Jul 2022 – Midnight In The Garden Of Good&Evil

Thu: for the past 20yrs the front view has not changed much, but the back view from the kitchen has. ~20yrs ago the carpark-rooftop garden was just completed. Now all the trees are gown and even some as tall as up to 7storey and today some of these trees are beautiful with blooms.

Trying to remember what it was like when I first moved here – vaguely recall that there was an open carpark lot in front, not this nice common area with a roof, so maybe it has changed, only that the road MarineTerrace is the same. The back too was an open carpark lot, now a 3storey carpark with a rooftop garden – did not take any pix then, so unable to exactly remember the details.

Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL- Brown) MRT MarineTerraceStationTE27 still under construction, tentative completion in 2024 with one of the exits is just around the corner from blocks43&46. Not sure how it will be as to if I will then take the MRT more frequently when it is ready? Usually do prefer the bus, still like to be above ground to be able to see the sky, but who knows by then??

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – HungryGhostFestival starts here today(29Jul-26Aug). Appreciative&grateful to be here in SIN, but do sometimes miss the change of seasons&scenery. Tkx to all who are sharing their happenings, traveling pix, etc, thru’FB –  enjoying their moments with them. Am in one of those moods when I feel like everything is cluttering my space and want to just throw everything away+too many boring ongoing ailments and the best distraction is to watch movies.

Sat: LeahRagasa(one of the students for HI/USA who I took care of many moons ago) just shared her trip to Charleston SC&Savannah GA/USA bringing back much good memories of that area. When I was in Savannah(1996) with AnnGerkin, the BirdGirl was still at the BonaventureCemetery. Was there again a few more times after 1996 to cheer Linn on her marathon-races, but did not revisit the BirdGirl which was moved to TelfairAcademyMuseum.

Sun: checking my blog postings to see when I was last in Savannah and it turned out to be nearly a decade ago Nov2012 – caught the 0600hrs shuttle on Tybee Island/GA heading down town Savannah. Cheering Linn on her run in the Rock’n’RollMarathon with a beautiful sunrise. 3+hrs to explore Savannah in blue sky again was such fun. Random pix while strolling this charming city of parks and the ForsythFountain.

In this adaptation of JohnBerendt’s book for the movie – a journalist, JohnKelso (JohnCusack), travels to Savannah, GA to cover a Christmas celebration. He becomes engrossed by a murder trial where a wealthy society figure JimWilliams (KevinSpacey) is accused of shooting his male lover BillyHanson(JudeLaw) and the question is whether it was in self-defense as he claims.

Those who are watching the movie for the 1st time of re-watching this movie, do not continue to read this paragraph for my spoiler alert&thoughts until after you have watched it. When Jim was explaining to John how Billy was shot got me thinking if this was self-defense or murder? Jim commented that its better to be convicted a liar than a murderer. If someone aims a gun&pulls the trigger (even when unknowing that the safety-catch on, have threatened previously and no matter how good looking!), my natural reflex is to shoot back! That’s self-defense.

Can even understand about the other shots at the wall&desk upon realizing that you have shot someone and would have been accused of murder – again self-defense??

But more shots were fired at the victim who was already lying presumably dead. Would self-defense followed by anger or whatever ongoing emotions considered murder even when not premeditated or coup de grâce???

Murder by definition – the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.
Premeditated – (of an action, especially a crime) thought out or planned beforehand.

Truth, like art, is in the eye of the beholder. You believe what you choose and I’ll believe what I know

Had to re-watch the movie The Garden Of Good&Evil (1997) as I have forgotten what it was about – good movie, enjoyed it especially seeing those beautiful well-preserved architecture. Believed it or not, even ordered a burger-meal(seldom time) to be deliveredS$24 to watch the movie&listen to the audio book~15hrs and such a delightful way to pass the weekend. Tkx to Seb for the links so that I am able to do this in the comforts of my 4-walls

31Jul2022: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,494
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 18,192
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 3,623

Visitors From Norway & London/UK

27 Jul 2022 – Cousin YatSoon&Family

Mon: appreciations to Leng&family for a quick catch up to see how grown her children Marcus, Victor&Aurora are now. Tkx for getting my favourite butter, mackerel&Remulada. Continue to enjoy SIN for the rest of their stay, safe journeys back to Norway. Looking forward to tasting these yummy Norwegian food I have missed and to making some cucumber sandwiches with my favourite butter.

Leng thought that we last met in 2018, checked my blog and it was 2019 when we last met and tkx for having me then, also the 1st&only time I celebrated SIN National Day in Norway

#1-5 are doing a East-Coast US-road-trip checking out universities for #2. Delighted that #1 got to catch up with her childhood friend from since she was 2 and RachelJ then 4, who is now in DrexelU. PA/USA and #1 in UofSC/USA – pix credits to Linn&AmyJ

It is amazing to be able to stay in contact with old friends and my oldest friends are KK&PP who I have known since the early 1950s and we are still in contact and have tried to meet somewhere annually – due to Covid we have not been all together since 2018 in Italy. PP lives in Australia and KK in SIN who I do catch up with when he is not travelling.

Tue: 2months ago at CC to help out and to get grandniece Kiera her first pair of climbing shoes – LaSportivaTarantula. Good to see that they are put to use – like to see the younger generation staying active even though I personally prefer to walk on solid grounds.

The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations – each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy, bound together by cosmic harmony  – Ruth Bernhard

Welcome back to SIN cousin YatSoon&his lovely family Helen, Merle&Mei from London/UK Nice to meet Helen’s sister Laura&family, their 1st visit here. Introduced Hainanese food to them@The Hainan Story Chapter One (Hotel Boss). 

GG here showing the OG how to smoke cigars – cigars always bring back fond memory of my father and tonight in this case, also happy memory of 9auntie LAM PohKeo, YatSoon’s mother who was most gracious&kind to me during my life journey@TemenggongRd when I was the flower-girl for her wedding. Great to see the 2cousins enjoying their puffs and getting to know each other better. Impressive to hear YatSoon speaking Cantonese to Merle&Mei. Tkx to bro Les&Ivy for a nice family evening, the seldom time I would drink wine+whisky, but who can resist Chateau Margaux and 21BushmillSingleMalt??

Wed: unfortunately the stomach is acting up and had to back out from attending a performance by a child pianist prodigy MikkelMyerLee@VictoriaConcertHall tonight.


24 Jul 2022 – Happy Bdays to James & Lucas

Thu: still coughing and trying out these TMC and hopefully with some TLC, this cough will go away as it is giving me headaches from lack of sleep. The washing machine has been busy the past 2days+today&tomorrow with loads that were mainly bed-linen&towels! Small washing machine can only load a few of those large heavy items and limited drying space in my 4-walls – thank goodness that I do have a washing machine. This weekend will be a well deserved rest for machine & being!

They are now back in SC/USA safe&sound recovering from the long flight hours&jetlag before their road-trip. Favourite dish for #3John so far was the PekingDuck@MBS-ImperialTreasure (pix downloaded), one of my favourites from that location too.  Tkx to Clement for introducing that to them, but they have also enjoyed all the foods here.#4Sophie did not voice what her favourite dish was but she seemed to like the Youtiao/YuCharKway, a long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough made from wheat flour. Did not try durian after they had a tiny bite of my durian ice-cream – hahaha.

Fri: exactly 11yrs ago today I was staying in my house@Kolsås/Norway not too far from Utøya (~25k/30mins by car) where the shootings happened – if interested, watch Netflix 22July movie where it is based roughly on what happened then on 22Jul2011, a truly sad day – in memory of all those who lost their life.

Sat: Happy 11Bday #5James – have not seen him since 2019, hopefully can be at his 12Bday. Also Happy 13Bday to grandnephew Lucas and thank you for being such a good cousin to #3John & #4Sophie who really enjoyed meeting their SIN-cousins.

Sun: finally laundry done, now to store them until the next family visits from Norway&USA. In the meanwhile can look forward to catching up with Leng&family visiting from Oslo/Norway and cousin YatSoon&family from London/UK for early next week, ie if I managed to catch my breath by next week.

Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life ― Gregory Maguire

Family Visit From SC, USA/2

20 Jul 2022 – Busy Busy Busy

Sun: appreciations to family&friends for being at the picnic; to LionelC for yummy ‘DryMeeSiam, IncheKabinFriedChicken‘, old school sardine sandwiches and for driving us to EC-Pk; to Calvin&Sam+Chris from CC for the drinks& set-up and to family&friends for food&flowers.

Happy Birthday to CH and tkx for the beers – pix credits to all who took pix and appreciations to all who helped with blowing&tying of balloons.

To auntie Anna, 82 with the most seniority, related thru’ paternal grandmother CHAN branch of the family here today from KCH and cousin Karen, for making the effort to be here with champagne to celebrate. To cousin ChengEn/Roy for being there with cupcakes; to niece Sue for all her help+foods. Today we have 4generations represented, sitting Anna, Ivy, standing from L-R Karen, Sue, Sophie, me, John, Linn, Kiera Patricia, Leslie.

To Theresa&ChengJun tkx for beautiful orchid bouquet, AudreyW, Hannah&Heiko for his yummy home-bake chocolate-chip brownie-cookies who cycled part of the way here, Carmel for cupcakes,

Chris&family, Iyas who cycled here, Helen for many of the shots, Yoshie – looking forward to tasting the sake from Japan;

SengHock who also cycled to&fro here (~50k) with his camera taking good shots and tkx for sharing. TingTing who turned up towards the end – tkx for driving my family back. To each&everyone who took energy&time to be with us, we are most blessed&grateful for your gracious company.

Mon: ChocolateTissuePrata breakfast went down well for the teenagers while mother enjoyed her DumplingNoddleSoup and grandmother her cuppa@blk59MT-coffee-shop across the street nearest to my blk.

While they spent the afternoon@GardensByTheBay with John overlooking his birth-country – pix credits to Linn, I managed to sort out some pix and chill. As it is am so short of breath, another afternoon out&about will be tempting fate!

Met for satay@LauPaSat where Sophie had 20+sticks! Always fascinates me to watch how they close BoonTatSt at 1900hrs sharp and all the tables&chairs are set on the street in a blink of an eye!

Dessert&ice-creams@FoodFolks, the only place I know of that has 4different flavoured cones! John was so stuffed that Linn had to finish his DeepDarkChocolate ice-cream. Sophie managed to finish her LycheeRaspberry and I had the YuzuSorbet, too sweet for me – but nowadays many things are too sweet for my taste.

Tue: an easy morning while ladies got their nails done – time to chill and pack before more long flights ahead. Time for them to check out Jewel while I keep guard of their luggage as KoreanAir does not have early check-in. Snacked on crabcakes@Privé while they were exploring and feeling so appreciative&happy that they even want to make this grueling journey –  do not think I will survive this kind of journeys nowadays.

They dined on Impossible Spaghetti, Fish&Chips & GreenThaiCurry – average food but fills the tummy and most important, quiet without crowds for me!

Wed: flight took off on time 0100hrs and so ends their SIN trip for now – even the sky is crying this early morning while they are changing planes in Seoul/SouthKorea, but will look forward till we can meet again. Safe journeys back to the USA to them and a quiet day for me with the washing machine going all day&the next few days if energy permits today.

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow ― Shakespeare

Family Visit From SC, USA

16 Jul 2022 – Linn, JohnW & Sophie

Wed: not sure if I am able to see straight tonight after getting 3beds ready! Light supper in TheCoffeeBean&TeaLeaf@Jewel (24hrs), conveniently facing T1-Arr-Belts. Yeah they’ve landed, both #3&4 taller than I am since last seeing them 3yrs ago when they were still shorter than me! #3 has not been here since 15yrs ago when he was born here and his comment, this is my longest plane journey (1+hr drive from CAE-CLT~2hrs flying from CLT-JFK ~16hrs-ICN ~6hrs-SIN).

Thu: ~0300hrs was the time we settled into a sleeping mode and being teenagers, who are able to sleep till noon with or without jetlag. Their 1st-SIN-meal with a short stroll introducing HDB-living –  Beef&Seafood hor-fun (Asian pasta!) went down well, but durians? just looking with their jet-lag eyes on their first day, perhaps a taste sometime before they fly off! How about a beauty treatment? No, not my shop and nothing to do with me – as it is they are naturally beautiful inside-out. Nice quiet day to chill, calm before the storm.

Bengawan Solo Kueh – OngolUbi, LapisSagu, KuehTalam&Eggtarts were well-received for late afternoon tea back in the 4-walls before their short walk on EC-Pk.

Fri: after 10hrs of  sleep last night, 0600hrs Linn&Sophie off for their runs while the SIN-born ppl slept in. CharSiew&prawns CheeChongFun, FishBallNoodleSoup, ChaiTowKway&YouTiao breakfast consumed with no complains.

The scent of wet-market, did not go too well with the ladies, but John, my SIN-born grandson had no problems with lingering on to capture pix – pix credits to him.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for a small family gathering (LAM TinYue+TSANG MayLan branch) last night for some of those who are unable to attend the picnic. GreenG (my generation) 7 Lawrence&Kiong have passed on now with 5 Jo, Steven, Joyce, Leslie & I left in SIN; OrangeG 18; PurpleG 24 excluding spouses. L-R/PurpleG: KieraLucas, John, Sophie, Isebella, Beth. L-R/OrangeG:Sue, DaisyPatPatricia, Back:LeeLinnClementDavid, Adeline.

4 yummy Steaks a la Rochalie by Les was wolf down in no time, John&Sophie was introduced to KueyPieTee made by Pat. Tkx to Sue for desserts, durian ice-cream was not their favourite but the cake was their preference.

GreenG feeling blessed that the OrangeG are now all sensible adults and that board games are still enjoyed by the PurpleG

Sat: from the bus-stop to HelixBridge with the NDP rehearsals

Entering MBS by the foodcourt where it was once a skating-rink is now replaced with an interactive light installation – the DigitalLightCanvas, features a 14-metre tall LED light sculpture suspended from the ceiling – aerial pix downloaded.

Tkx to Clement for introducing PekingDuck&Osmanthus@ImperialTreasure/MBS to the teenagers and they even liked them, some of my favourite dishes from this location.

While Linn&Sophie were shopping, Patricia&Clement took John up to the SkyParkObservation – 56storeys high and it is the first time that he has been so high up out in the open. Was too tired, stayed down@Origin+Bloom for a cuppa, now only standing room and nowhere to sit. Had to take my leave while they continued to the Merlion with Clement and NightSafari with Lee. Most grateful to nieces&nephews for helping out now that the steam is running low – aerial pix downloaded.

Pix credits to Patricia from MBS-SkyParkObservation

Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever – Walt Disney

Hari Raya Hajii, Puasa & Maal Hijrah

12 Jul 2022 – RIP Former Japanese PM ShinzoAbe 

Sat: yesterday’s assassination of former Japanese PM ShinzoAbe has both saddened&shocked meお悔やみcondolences to his family with prayers&thoughts out to them and may he RIP.

Sun: Hari Raya Haji (Eid Al-Adha) falls on the 10th day of the month of Dzulhijjah, the last month of the Muslim calendar, and marks the conclusion of the annual Hajj. Pix downloaded of Al-Kaʿba al-Musharrafah Mecca/Saudi Arabia. Have been informed by YusoffAbdulLatiff that 30 Covid cases were reported among SIN-pilgrims and had to be ferried in ambulances to do their rituals.

Not confusing with Hari Raya Puasa (Hari Raya Aidilfitri) ending the fasting month (Ramadan).

Tkx to TuahBugis/Syaqil Sarafian for educating me as to when&what the Muslim new year – Awal Muharram is also known as Maal Hijrah, which marks the first day of the new year in the Islamic calendar and not the same time as the HariRayas, also not a public holiday here in SIN, but holidays in Saudi, Malaysia&Indonesia. In my younger/ignorance days! I used to think that HariRaya was the NewYear!!

Was planning for a quiet day today – Sim messaged to ask if he could play on my piano and it was a pleasure to have him for a private solo performance, have been avoiding going to concerts, etc in enclosed areas nowadays. Showed him the way from my 4-walls to the EastCoastPk/McD (~5mins walk via underpass) as he wanted to check out the sea for swimming – nearly fainted, had to turn back immediately despite expecting this kind of crowd!

The Mob has many heads but no Brains —  Dr. Thomas Fuller

Heard all the commotion with colourful brightly-lit trunks – good that my curiosity in is still within even at this stage in life’s journey to take another walk to satisfy this kaypoh=nosy in Singlish, hahaha.

Still not wiser after asking someone who tired to explain something about the gods of heaven&hell.

Tried to google but unable to find any info, need to ask ppl who are knowledgeable with deity worship and will edit&update here if I get the info. Instead of a quiet day, turned out to be a rather eventful&fun day. Tkx to Lynn Wong Yuqing (黄鈺清) for her input: I’m not exactly sure what is the occasion, but yes, the medium in pink would be a yang deity, while the one on the truck, I’m guessing is the Er Ye Bo (二爷伯) who is a yin deity.

Mon: a  public holiday for the HariRaya – bought popiah to eat&work@CC, dinner@LongPhung – VietnameseCuisine@JooChiat.

Dessert@MelbaCafe, formerly the chapel of the former TrinityTheologicalCollege within the compounds of SophiaHillsCondo.

The isolation&quiet location is an uphill walk for those without a car.

Tue: nice that #5 is enjoying his time with his paternal grandmother@SanDiegoZoo, CA/USA (pix credits to Cindy) while #1&2 have returned after their Norway trip and #3&4 are preparing for their SIN trip. It will be his turn to travel overseas when he is older and can appreciate&remember more. At present he probably prefers the zoo. Memories from 1987 with 1st&2nd-born visiting that zoo, but do wonder if&how much of that trip they can recall?? Must ask her when I see her.

@NHCS(pix downloaded) for a follow-up appt – brought book, jacket&socks in case I had to wait (usually cold in that section of the HeartCentre!). Was pleasantly surprised to be called in 5mins before my appointed time – kinda commented to the dr that today he obviously did not have surgery or any emergency! Even had some energy to have a bite and run some errands in Chinatown.