SIN Land Reclamation/2023

28 Mar 2023: Share A Pot Of Curry

Sat: Cook and Share a Pot of Curry – to celebrate curries as part of SIN way of life and to share this celebration with those who are old&new to SIN! This FB event is created by 8ppl to bring awareness –

This annual curry event is about tolerance, understanding and fighting against xenophobia. Have never done this in SIN until today for CC, but cooked in my own kitchen!!

USA Oct2019 – tkx  to Haley&Brain for opening their house again for this.


Could not cook this in Norway after I sold my house there, and it would be rude of me to to cook this in anybody’s kitchen if not given an OK to do so!

Sun: a good visit with nephew Clement to bro Steven@UMC/nursing-home on Queensway. When asked of him if he knew who we were, he could say our names and that has been a long time ago when he remembered me, maybe Clement’s presence help!  Not sure if the energy or time will be there for another visit until I return in Oct. Tkx to Clement&Daisy for dinner&dessert@HollandV.

Mon: OMG – just discovered that MoFo one of my AT-fellow-thru-hikers is living my dream. He is converting a van to a camper/live-in-van, something that has been in my mind for the past 5yrs! Designing&reconstructing, but of course not a 15ppl van like his, but the smallest possible, one of the few links&sites that have been viewed –

Tue: will be busy continuing with downloading before and after pix of SIN, amazing with the land reclamation that has been going on and still ongoing. The Padang before land reclamation, the SIN I knew. And now with Esplanade,Gardens by the Bay,MBS and the financial district, the SIN I know.

Do wonder how much more can this tiny RedDot and take digging underground for new MRT-lines on top of a concrete jungle? And now soon with the MRT-lines under reclaimed land of MarineParadeRd! Personal preferences are still the bus and walking on solid grounds where the sky can be in sight despite that my 4walls is located on top of the MP-Rd reclaimed land area.

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect – Aldo Leopold

Ramadan or Venus Moon

24 Mar 2023 – In Memory of LokLok

Tue: Happy 53rdAnniversary to Les&Ivy

Our health system is really efficient when I can get all these meds delivered FOC. How they managed to pack 6months of asthma inhalers+meds into this plastic-bag is quite a technique which I was not able to repack back in after opening!

So glad to have finally found thisS$11.30 at the Korean groceries, ShineKorea@BrasBasahComplex/NorthBridgeRd. Just a teaspoon in my water or natural yogurt enhances the taste to another level.

Originals in perfect condition of paternal grandparents LAM SongKee+CHAN SweeNgor(spelt differently in the doc!) Certificate of Admission to Singapore dated 3Dec1947+other docs from 10Auntie LAM PohChee donated to the National Library Board/NLB here today. Tkx to cousins Yeng&Ching for passing them on to me.

At CC for Kiera’s climbing shoes – dinner with staff while boss is in Taiwan. Appreciations to Iyas for spaghetti, mood was for ChickenBiryani from Tekka. Whoever bought these cakes from LeMatinPatisserie/ION thank you, but not to my taste, still prefer cakes not made from sourdough base, but do like some sourdough breads.

Wed: @CC to check out the new shipment and to drop by with MT-market-HorFun dinner for the hard-working staff.

Happy Bday to Wendy and today Iyas can relax from his halah-cooking, picked up MeeGoreng+kuehs@MT-stalls for him.

Thu: to Iyas,Yani and all others who are starting the Ramadan month today, Salam Ramadhan dan Selamat Berpuasa and fast with care. No plans with going to the night bazaar(been there done that many times before such crowds!), pix downloaded – just looking at pix like these is enough to start an asthma attack in me!!

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one  ― Charles MacKay

Fri: Looking forward to more sunrises around the world, especially amongst trees in their natural surroundings.

TGIF and a good weekend to all, with special thoughts to Johnny&LokLok – pix of Johnny, an excellent cook and the owner of LokLok, the best-behaved dog who could sit and dine with humans, will always remember that meal with fond memory from 10yrs ago. Many ppl think that I do not like dogs and that is sooo not true – just do not like to be in the company of any animals or humans who are ill-mannered! explains why I like being alone, hahaha!!

There are no bad dogs or bad humans, just inappropriate behavior ― Shannon Riley

OMG feeling so blessed to capture and see this – was at the kitchen window to close the curtains and noticed an extraordinary bright star by the moon. Shot a few not so good shots from the phone, thank goodness I was home to grab the camera and balance my hand on the window to get better shots. Was later informed by FB-friends that it is Venus. Somehow thought of the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus came to mind and looks like Venus certainly only shows herself when cherished…

Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished ― John Gray

Patrick’s Day Parade 2023

20 Mar 2023 – Happy Bdays Linn,Pat-Lynn,Beth,YiShang

Fri: Lá Fhéile Pádraig Happy St Patrick’s Day from SIN to all celebrating. Have been in SIN to celebrate this day over the past decade except for 2019 when I was in HI/USA. Tonight’s home-dinner was at sis Jo while Pat&Beth were busy with their Bday-celebrations with friends. Happy Bdays to niece&grandniece.

From 2013 blog posting 10yrs ago for this day…


Sun: Happy St Patrick’s Day. Lunched with Carmel and appreciations for her company, flowers and for driving to and from the parade. Thank goodness no rain but was hot and crowded and disappointed with the poor organizing by IGAS committee…

Sat: Happy 49Bday to my beautiful 1st born, born amongst Leprechaun/Ireland moved on with the Viking to Norway and now in the BraveNewWorld/USA will be into her last year in her 40s – seems like yesterday we celebrated her 40th when she ran the Boston Marathon. Somehow it is difficult to imagine that I will soon have a child who will be 50…

Sun: and so concludes 2023 St Patrick’s Day week events with the parade by SIN River. Appreciations&tkx to all who participated in making this week a wonderful green week!

Not sure if the energy, enthusiasm or mood(seems to be dwindling as time goes by!) will be there to take part in these events the next Patrick’s Day, but for now, its time put these gadgets into storage until…

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you

Welcome Vincent back to SIN, tkx for family dinner@BritishHainan/PurvisSt and fluffy JapaneseSouffléPancakes dessert, my favourite pancake@Flipper’s/Bugis. It is quite amazing to have nephews&nieces now in their 60s! Vividly remembered when Vincent was born and this year he will be 61 and the eldest from the OrangeG, Lam JenMun will be 64…

Mon: For those in the Northern Hemisphere, first day of spring is Monday, March 20, 2023, at 5:24 p.m. EDT. But with climate changes&crisis, some places might still have to wait for Spring!

Next couple of weeks to sort out what is needed from 1May-15Sep when away from SIN. Tkx to Clement for getting these online for me, looks like they fit with both my Chaco&shoes. Seems to be OK if needed for the PEI-walk, but hope that I do not have to use them, as the Norwegian saying goes – Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær=There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!
Not that I know or have any investments but this is not the news any Credit Suisse’s investors want to wake up to – $17 Billion of Risky Bonds Are Now Worthless

Revamped Peranakan Museum

16 Mar 2023 – Oscars 2023

Mon: appreciations&tkx for delicious 4-course-lunch and according to the host, he is thanking us for helping him to eat up his food before he takes off for a holiday!

1st time seeing a wooden 3 Tier Swirl Stand – such a good idea with it swirling and not having to move the stand about, especially when it is heavy like this one.

Oscar 2023: Everything Everywhere All at Once wins best picture+6other awards with MichelleYeo as the best actress. A movie with too much action for me to understand but happy for our neighbour-country to have someone to be proud about – have enjoyed her acting in many other movie roles. Giving voice to characters that have no other voice—that’s the great worth of what we do — Meryl Streep

Tue: Happy 18Bday to #2 who has turned into this amazing young lady graduating Salutatorian from high school in May2023. Looking much forward to being there for her graduation after missing #1 graduation. Bday dinner pix credits to 1st-born.

Also means that it was 18yrs ago that the AT-thru-hike(3,500+k) became real and hopefully the PEI-thru-hike(700+k) will not be just a dream in Aug.

Visiting with Winnie the newly revamped PeranakanMuseum/former ToaNanSchool@ArmenianSt,  remembering the opening of ACM then in 1997 at this location. Closed in 2006 to reopen in 2008 as PeranakanMuseum; 2019 closed again for another revamp until last month. For my overseas family&friends – Peranakan refers to a culture of mixed Chinese&Malay heritage

The main bulk of the exhibits are still there but differently presented, and 2 of my favourite pieces of jewellery are still there. Do miss the embossing stamps for the kids when they do the quiz at the different gallery. Somehow do have a soft spot for these embossing gadgets and would still play with the one at the FullertonHeritageGallery whenever there!

These lantern-lights from the lobby-ceiling are new! Appreciations&tkx to Winnie for popiah@QiJi,FunanMall and safe journeys to her as she will be returning to her home in the USA on Thu.

Wed: CAE/USA-OSL/Norway-IAD/USAS$1,612(meeting up with Nancy in DC for our drive to PEI/Canada). Long distance air tickets with UA,AA,SK now finally booked for SIN-CAE-OSL-IAD-CAE-SIN from 1May-15Sep for a total of S$3,340.

Appreciations&tkx to Carmel and Pam for arranging a last moment ticket for this interesting screening of BroJoe’s doc-film bringing back fond memories of this amazing  person who has done so much for the SIN arts scene.

Trust me to be at the wrong Projector cinema! and had to take a cabS$10 from BeachRd to OrchardRd – oh well,  better late than never.

Thu: appreciations to the Irish Embassy for the invite to St Patrick’sDayReception@ConradCentennial.

Nice to be introduced with the first female, 7th Irish Ambassador to SIN, SarahMcGrath – now there are pix taken with all of them since BrendanLyons, 1st Irish Ambassador to SIN in 2000.

Glad to see a familiar face, tkx Elizabeth for the selfie. And delighted to meet with a local celebrity HossanLeong, have been a fan of his since I first saw him 20yrs ago in Honk.

Not a fan of Guinness, but this whisky was quite good. The ShepherdPie and desserts were OK – do miss IrishStew and the BreadPudding with the brandy sauce…

Orchard MRT Station/2023

12 Mar 2023 – Then And Now

Thu: downloaded this amazing aerial pix(can even see Blk46MC when zoomed in) trying to remember&imagine what it was like then with just EC-Rd before land reclamation & now with MP-Rd,ECP,EC-Pk.

Former SupremeCourt with a beautiful green-domed roof before land reclamation, and the new SupremeCourt, the spaceship roof with MBS in the foreground

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. A long productive day starting the morning with delivering sputum specimen to SGH – fascinating concept for dripping umbrellas, but not needed today, so could not test it. In less than 45mins on 3different buses – bus196 to SGH, 75 connecting to 16 to PlazaSIN.

PlazaSIN, a good location to run all kinds of errands. Spotlight has expanded and now a wider choice for craft&party-stuff sections.

Used the Kopitiam card for the last time and got the balanceS$14.98 refunded. This card will no longer be valid after Jun2023 and too much an effort to make it a point to be at these locations to use it from now until then.

Its been awhile ago since in OrchardMRT-station. Rather confused to discover many new changes – now 11eixts! When there is a will, there is always a way…

Despite the well-marked signs with directions, got to the exit I thought was ShawTower to discover that it brought me to the OrchardBlvd side of Wheelock. Oh well! now I know and I also know why I prefer the bus where there are familiar landmarks to help with directions. Looking forward to the completion on the MP-side of the TEL-Line/brown. Will be able to visit Les&Ivy directly from MT-OrchardBlvd stations on that line.

Liked this from last year when #6 was visting – Acar,BitterGourd,AssamFish-dinner@WarungPadang,FoodRepublic,ShawTowerS$8, but somehow the taste is not what it was…  it is what it is, it’s not what it should have been, not what it could have been, it is what it is.

Sat: appreciations&tkx to Clement for Sue’s belated Bday(Thu9Mar) delicious steamboat dinner&dessert from Châteraisé – am totally blessed with niece&nephew.

Sun: to spring forward with your clocks at 02:00hrs for those living in Daylight-Saving-Zones. School holidays are on for the week ahead, so will avoid the shopping malls.

Basement of TanglinMall is newly revamped with trendy Korean eatery. Have not had the chance to try as when in this area am usually heading to have home-cooked dinner at Les&Ivy – appreciations to them for tonight’s dinner with their young friends.

A Candlelight Concert

8 Mar 2023 – Happy Women’s International Day

Sun: another rainy day here and so starts another track season in SC,USA yesterday and here is #4(now taller than both her older sisters), running like her mother,sisters,brother. The very best to her for this season and looking much forward to seeing my USA-flock in May – pix credits to first-born. It does not matter how slowly you do as long as you do not stop – Confucious

Mon: here comes the sun this morning – make hay while the sin shines! Tkx to BranchingOutArt/USA(pix credits to Brenda) and to The Academy of Art, Creativity&Consciousness for their shares to these beautiful artworks – one of my favourite subjects, trees.
The trees will tell their secrets to those that tune in – Steven Magee
Have been fasting all of Sunday and today until dinner, and feeling better after some stomach discomfort over the weekend – best to stay indoors away from all food temptations! The body seems to need a break from food.
Tue: a long day started with follow-ups appt@SGH.
Bus196 getting off@MountbattenRd for a short stroll by GeylangRiver to check out this main branch Decathlon. Stopped by the McD for an ice-cream, disappointing service, they forgot my order and had to remind them. Used to frequent this location in my working days@NetBall.

Thank you to Clement for this evening’s lovely experience@my old school, the CHIJ-chapel, now CHIJMES-Hall.

Candlelight: Best of Hans Zimmer at CHIJMES with thousands of candles and a delightful performance by VocaliseStringQuartet with these pieces:

Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Interstellar, Wonder Woman, Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Madagascar, Gladiator.

Amazing how my old school has turned to be such a hip trendy location for all kinds of pubs&eateries. The nuns must be kicking in their graves if they knew what has become of their beautiful historic buildings&grounds – hahaha!

Appreciations for dinner@ChinChin/PurvisSt and dessert@Venchi/RafflesCity – first time tasting their yummy Cappuccino ice-cream.

Wed: Happy International Women’s Day

2 more words using the Chinese character 女
女女 nuan = quarrel by adding 2 women together!
姦 jian = adultery by adding 3 women together!!
Welcome Winnie back to SIN, nice to be able to catch up with classmates Peggy&Rebecca from 1960sCHJ-schooldays – lunching@MT-market and strolling on EC-Pk to MCove for coffee. Too busy chatting that the camera was forgotten. Joy-ride on Bus48 with Winnie accompanying her to LeedonRd where I have not been since the 1960s! Of course the church was not there then, but this rooster is probably the descendent of some other fowl life from then – lol.
Since in the HollandV area, tkx to Leonard for yummy dinner@MianJiaNoobleBar – Stewed Iberico Pork with Homemade Wanton Dry Noodle, Crispy Fried Golden Shrimp, Chilled Baby Kai Lan in Roasted Sesame Sauce, Spicy Chili Oil Homemade Wanton – pix credits to him.

Hello Mar2023

4 Mar 2023 – 58Mar-Birthdays

Wed: hello Mar&HappyHumpday. There are 58pp I know of with MarBdays including family&FB-friends! Yesterday’s rains were relentless, so far less this morning. Appreciations to all who are sharing your lovely pix where ever you may be and delighted to see the younger generations living an active&constructive life. Hoping&looking forward to being on a go again from May onwards…

Happy MarBdays to family

2Mar – ArleenUAMLI
3Mar – LAM JungZni George
4Mar – Brenna LAM-KENNEDY
6Mar – LindaTAY
9 Mar – LEONG SueLyn
11Mar – KenTAN
13Mar – RobynKAWAMOTO
14Mar – EllieHALL
15Mar – DanielWONG
17Mar – LEONG Pat-Lynn,BethYEOH,Happy St Pats
18Mar – LinnHALL,LAM YiSheng
31Mar – JosephineLAM

Other MarBdays:

AlexChua,AnthonyChao,GelYeo,HannahLeong&NattyTay(SIN), JohnLim(Australia), AmeliaPower, PaulDrumm&StevenKao(Dublin/Eire), ThomasHeggelund(Norway), KVLee(UK), AlSosa,CeeWorel&JaniceTubbs(USA).

Amazing to know a total of 58ppl with MarBdays including family&friends. Was trying to figure out why so many MarBdays – counting back 9months, must be the summer…

Thu: here comes the sun this morning at the local market, hopefully the sunny spells will give some business to these vendors after Tue rains~225mm (the heaviest rain recorded was on 2Dec1978/ 512.4mm).

Tkx to RY for these well-done photoshopping with me in the MC-MT area. Would be very busy if could do such good jobs with photoshopping!!

Appreciations&tkx for crab dinner@CC
Fruits for fruit-cocktail-salad and to that, a dash of Cointreau gives this dessert a nice kick, top with vanilla ice-cream or fresh whipped cream if your taste craves that.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad – Miles Kington
Fri: celebrating an early Bday for Gel with dinner@The BurningOak,BedokMarketPlace. The taste was not as it used to be, but then perhaps my taste buds have changed with age&health conditions.
Did not know of both the EastVillageMall and PalelaiBuddishTemple existence in this location until yesterday! The cakes from CartisanCafe@the mall were OK. Despite cool weathers under shelter@EC-Pk, the rains stayed away and in good company with hot-ginger-drinks, brownies,cakes+cookies, a lovely evening passed by quickly. The rains started again when I was good&ready tucked into bed.
Sat: another rainy day to enjoy the time with movies&music – do not remember that there were so much rains at this time from the previous years, but then the memory is not as it used to be..
On this day in 1925, the ATC was founded! Happy birthday 98yrs to the AppalachianTrailConservancy, and it was 18yrs ago I thru’hike this trail – pix downloaded.

ByeBye February2023

28 Feb 2023 – Searching For Air Fares

Sat: catching up with new movie – The Whale, a reclusive, morbidly obese English teacher attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter. Because of his character’s severe weight, BrendanFraser had on a heavy prosthetic suit for the role and he did a good job = pix downlowded.

Sun: proud of grandnephew Ike in Chicago,IL/USA who will be climbing the stairs of an iconic Chicago skyscraper today. Pix credits to niece Dika. Please see his message below –
Hey, everyone! I’m Isaac Borowsky.
On February 26, as part of the Hustle Chicago stair climb for charity, I’ll be walking up 94 stories and 1,632 steps of the John Hancock Center. Now known as 875 North Michigan, the 1,128-foot-tall Hancock was the second tallest skyscraper in the world when it was built in 1969. Hustle Chicago is organized by the Respiratory Health Association and is dedicated to fighting lung disease.
Lung illness has personally affected my family in a lot of ways. My paternal grandfather died of a lung condition, and my mother, great-aunt, maternal grandfather and I all have asthma. Fighting lung disease is a cause I’m very much connected to, and I’m proud to be doing something about it, even in just my own little way. So to honor that cause, I’ll be climbing

Way to go, Ike who climbed 94-floors in 24mins15secs(23rd in the 12-18age-group).

Fond memory of 1stBorn climbing the 35-floors SunTrustCenter,Orlando.FL in her High-School days – pix downloaded.

A nice quiet weekend to give the body a rest and let the mind reflect before the short month of Feb is over. Reflecting on actions,thoughts,words,etc hoping to gain more perspectives. While I have been busy catching up with new movies, the younger generations do us proud by living an active constructive life with niece back to doing her duties by saving life at the hospital in snowy BC,Canada. Pix credits to Jessica

Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards – Søren Kierkegaard

Mon: breakfast@MT-Hawkers for my congeeS$5 and coffeeS$1.50

Tue: air fares from CAE-OSL-CAE(S$1,724.33/RT) are more expensive than SIN-CAE-SIN! Need to figure out if&how I can find lower fares, since I have the time for the bus or train to NY depending on how much I might be able to save and if my energy level will be up to that kind of travel??

Has it really been a decade ago that the new playground was completed but traffic lights are being installed at the junction of MarineCres&Terr. Amazingly its still the same view 10yrs down the road, except that it is rainy today and the time for the traffic lights now take a longer time to change, probably due to the school hours traffic-jams.

28Feb2023: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 total deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,722
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 19,393
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 5,112
SIN&Norway’s figures are the same as last month.
Total deaths for the world today – 6,798,868
If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness…

From A Sea Burial

25 Feb 2023 – To A Birthday

We begin to die from the moment we are born, for birth is the cause of death. The nature of decay is inherent in youth, the nature of sickness is inherent in health, in the midst of life we are verily in death — Buddha

ie Birth and Death go hand in hand!

Wed&Thu: was not feeling too well and had to cancel my visit to bro Steven – did not want to spread whatever bug that was bugging me to a home full of seniors!

Fri: an early start bus196 changing@Bedok to bus2 heading towards ChangiVillage. Passing by the ChangiPrison always bring back memories of the days when father drove us to the beach house. Being a child who had motion sickness then, would be happy as I knew we were near the destination – B&Wpix  downloaded.

ChangiV-Hawkers is the few places that has my favourite Kedondong/SpondiasDulcis 沙梨juice

Some new interesting seafoods eating places to try in the future, but for now, a short walk is the better choice

13uncle PakHoy’s final wish for not being enclosed in an urn but be scattered about, thus a sea burial was fulfilled by his 2daughters Yeng&Ching & grand daughter Jessica today.
The ride out to the seas with a nice breeze was thank goodness not too choppy and may he now finally RIP.
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die – TCampbell
A quick trip to YanChuanRoasters/UbiAve2 to pick up roast foods for tonight and tkx for T@Les&Ivy. Yeng&family brought fancy yummy cakes from TigerLily and the passionfruit cake was good.