The Enchanted Forest

9 Nov 2014 – SIN Ireland Fund Emerald Ball

IMG_6207IMG_6208Fri: finally done with the outfit after nearly a week of mess in my living space! This has cost me less than S$30 for all the materials. But if one includes time, then that is priceless.

The only snag is that the eyes are not good enough with threading a needle without the help of this wonderful little gadget and another bigger eye ūüôā


Thank you Carmel & Soon for an enchanted evening at the St Regis. Appreciations to HongSze for driving us there.


A fun evening with Irish dancing and other dancing…


Good and food and wines…


Good company.

IMG_6203Auctions raised  S$250,000 for the Autism Resource Centre and the government matching every S$ raised making it half a mil raised.

The Blue Head by Thierry Noir fetched a good price and appropriate for today’s date being¬†25yrs ago¬†when the Berlin Wall was taken down! This painting is the¬†1st artist to illegally paint on the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall go down, that was the most wonderful thing that could happen, absolutely. I celebrated with everybody in Berlin that day when the Wall was down – Nana Mouskouri

IMG_6202IMG_6204Les&Ivy’s¬†Private Dinner of Gourmet Food and Stunning Vintage Wines fetched S$18,000, 4K more than last year. Les also bid for this lovely painting of his old school, the former SJI, now SAM!

Good to catch up with Josie & Brendan Lyons, SIN’s first Irish Ambassador and welcome Jane & Geoffery Keating, the new and¬†number 5¬†Irish Ambassador here.


The Wall was brought down, not by Washington or Moscow, but by courageous people from the east РGerhard Schröder, Chancellor of Germany from 1998 to 2005