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14 Dec 2011 – ABFitch Encounters πŸ™‚

Tue: playing tourist guide for Tommy and the two places he requested to see were SBG and Raffles Hotel.

Started SBG@Cluny Rd entrance where two guys caught my attention. Asked if they were the models from ABFitch and looking at them, one could guess, especially with one of them wearing the red branded sweat pants who is also the same topless guy from Mon’s pix! Another coincident!!

Chat for a few minutes and was glad to hear that they are enjoying themselves. Good to see them jogging in the gardens and they sounded as nice as their looks! Jim (in shorts) is from Hollywood/USA and Harry from London/UK. How pleasant to have Harry crossing my path on Mon & Tue! Wishing them the best. Made my day! ABFitch has chosen well πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The new branch Food for Though is located@the Cluny Rd side and what a good idea with the cement tables with an opening for a potted plant or flowers. Good luck to David for this new location. Looking forward to try the food. The range of Heliconia is quite fantastic in the gardens.

The old bandstand has been there as far as back as memories can recall, must dig up pix from the 1950s at that location!Β The National Orchid Garden within SBG is well worth a visit, S$1 for SIN seniors and S$5 for tourists. Au Jardin the 5* restaurant, not my price range, just pix to show the lovely ambience!

Botanic Gardens new MRT is app 20mins walk from the Evans Rd gate. The rests of the pix are from the airport/T3. Safe journeys Tommy and thanks for lunch. Appreciations to Tommy, Harry and Jim for crossing my life’s journey πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Free self-portrait taken at the airport by the Angry Birds at a catapult stand and per request got it sent to my email… amazing!

Words to me were magic. You could say a word and it could conjure up all kinds of images or feelings or a chilly sensation or whatever. It was amazing to me that words had this power – Amy Tan

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  1. Amy, particularly enjoyed your commentary on the photos! Best wishes Rosemary

    • Hello Rosmary, thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment. Hope to meet up with you in SIN in the near future!

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