8 Dec 2011 – Away from the Maddening crowd…

Sun: the immigration on the Malaysian side is brand new to me and the formality of filling up of paper forms is now redundant, just finger prints. Quite sensible and eco-friendly, ie no wasting of paper! Trips to KUA (in the state of Pahang/Malaysia) are usually about eating and this time round is no exception, except this is the first time taking the bus there (app 7hrs with stops). One way fare SIN-KUA S$29. KUA-SIN 29MYR/S$12. Total S$42.

Mon: appreciations to auntie Mo-Kit for dinner, accommodations for a night and driving me to return (borrowed on previous trip) the family records to father’s cousin (paternal grandfather LAM Song Kee’s half brother’s son) who lives in KUA. The energy does not stretch out to this branch, so hopefully someone in this branch will be interested to take the interest to fill in their data and we can joint the branches!


Tue: walked around near Mega Mall and the mall where there are Christmas decorations of balloons and Angry Birds cupcakes in the Deli!

Wed: sunrise walk by Hyatt Hotel, Grateful to LayWah for driving us around.

Wed: Tkx to Pat Chee for sharing her piece of paradise@KUA Tembeling resort, a peaceful rest by the sea.

Thu: back to the concrete jungle and the maddening crowd but do look forward to meeting Harry’s friends who will be visiting from HKG.

The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp – John Berr