The Day Flashed by…

23 Dec 2011 – from Punggol to Esplanade & Fullerton Bay Hotel!

Thu: started the day at 0800hrs, breakfast with AudreyW. Having a car does get one into unchartered territory and today was one of those days! Punggol Park Connector on the NE tip of SIN connected by bus #84 is still under construction but do look forward to when all the park connectors will be linked. Will then organize a Park Connectors Thru-Walk! The police post faces the water with Malaysia in good view!

Perfect weather for strolling and exploring after the morning drizzle. The worms are enjoying their peace before they early birds and before this little piece of paradise gets bombarded with crowds! A snapping turtle finds a resting place to stretch…

Not far from a temple and the new HDB development, is Hai Bin where one can catch fresh crabs, fish and prawns. A rustic concept with self-grilling facilities, bars and eateries. Appreciations to Aud for a lovely morning and for driving and introducing me to new areas.

Entertaining Crazy Christmas***performance with the local DimSum Dollies, Kumar, Broadway Beng and Vocaluptuous, A Cappella group. Got slightly lost in translation when the pink Santa was speaking only in the Hokkien dialect, otherwise a good laugh to start  the seasonal greetings. Thank you to nephew Clem for this Christmas present.

Ending the evening with a drink and snack on the roof top of The Fullerton Bay Hotel. The straps of the sandals broke (probably made in China :-)) and thank goodness for the shoe laces given@Esplanade for the AIDS Awareness by SIN Health Promotion Board just before the Crazy Christmas performance. Finally colours fit for the Christmas season 🙂 🙂

Don’t speak ill of your predecessors or successors. You didn’t walk in their shoes – Donald Rumsfeld