First Day of Advent

1 Dec 2011 – And a complain about a police…

Today is the first day of advent and the advent calender is out with the 24 different languages of thank you. Goraibh maith agat/Irish to the sound of cooling, gentle and peaceful rains…

Yesterday Wed, started a beautiful day catching up with Gel who is now a proud auntie to a 3 months baby girl. Had breakfast at our favourite Marine Terrace Congee and ChaiTowKway stalls. Gel grew up in this area and the women have known her since she was a child and still she has yet to receive a smile from these 2 stores which have been here for over 20yrs!

1030hrs, proceeded on to Katong Flower Shop to check for flower pots. Have been searching for tall long rectangular pots for the past 3yrs, but no luck. Saw some interesting concept of vertical gardens. The man from Bangladesh was graciously trying to service us plus another customer while the other 2 Chinese were busy messaging on the phone! Will certainly write to his management to show my appreciations to this foreign helper who made my day:

1430hrs, was at Kim Tian Rd trying to locate 127A. Due to the new constructions and lack of signs was lost. Walked by a police station and thought I was in luck… man think again! Went in and this is answer I received! I am not a street directory. Asked if he could check the directions and a shrug was the reaction…

Why is SIN wasting our taxed money with courtesy campaigns if this is the result? Sad that a police, our men in uniform has such an attitude in the Tiong Bahru Neighbourhood Police Post on Kim Tian Rd, hope that it is not like that elsewhere! Walking down the steps of the 40th storey-building as the power was out is nothing compared to rude people ūüôĀ

Grateful to be able to strengthen the calf muscles. Gel tkx for a lovely day ending@IKEA with delicious chicken wings!

Dec’s special Bdays:

14 Happy Bdays Ingrid HUSTAD & LAM Cheng Chwab

16 Happy Bday Andy LAM

23 Happy Bday Minos LAM

24 Happy Anniversary May & Albert CHUA

25 Merry Christmas

27 Happy Bday Lisa XIAO

Whoever one is, and wherever one is, one is always in the wrong if one is rude – Maurice Baring