Old School@Mt Sophia

18 Dec 2011 – And Public Transport Chaos…

Liking to walk is a plus with all the recent MRT breakdowns, bus driver getting lost and the hike of taxi fares. SMRT’s third disruption in four days on Saturday affected more trains and lasted longer than Thursday’s shutdown on the North-South Line, crimping the start of many people’s weekend…



Sat: great to catch up with AudreyW for breakfast@the local wet market. There was a Malaya wedding on the void deck and the drums are my favourtie part to these weddings!


From Handy Rd there are 136 steps up to The Old School@Mt Sophia. The first time in this area was in the 1950s to visit with the Eu family@Eu Villa, today a Montessori Pre-school. The Old School, previously Methodist Girls School/MGS now a magnet for artsy types and a platform for SIN independent arts scene including Sinema (first time and last time today). This is on top of a hill in one of the most expensive location and the artsy concept unfortunately will have to move as the old building will be demolished Jun 2012 🙁


This place has been like a ghost town the few times visited, today included! Appreciations to AudreyM for getting the tickets and for her company to this interesting movie: Red Light Revolution***a Chinese comedy about a cab driver who loses his job and opens an adult shop.

The pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable – Lord Chesterfield