Jessheim & Filtvet

3 Sep 2010 – Kari & Bjørn

Arrived at Gardermoen/Oslo’s airport  late Tue night. Kari HEGGELUND met me at the airport which is about 10mins drive from her house in Jessheim, a large village in the Ullensaker municipality in Akershus. Located 35km from Oslo and 8km from the airport with a pop of 20,000, Jessheim is the center for commerce and regional service functions around the airport and a shopping centre with rather unusual lamps…

Kari crossed my path in Dublin after she married Bjørn who was in medical school then. Our first child, Linn born 18 Mar and Thomas 19 Mar 1974 are both born in Dublin. Today Kari & Bjørn have 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 2 more on their way + 1 town-house in Jessheim, 1 beach-house at Filtvet, 1 mountain-house at Trysil and 1 Arctic-house in Rypefjørd… but there was only time to visit Jessheim & Filtvet/app 1hr 30mins drive south of Oslo!

Congratulations and appreciations for their warm hospitality. Hope that they will make the trip to SIN Nov 2011. Enjoyable company, delicious food and good wines, what more can anyone ask for 🙂

One’s friends are that part of the human race with which one can be human – George Santayana

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