September Dates

Captured this sunset picture from May‘s 4th floor apartment here in Oslo. She is away to have a quiet weekend in this beautiful weather. Thanks to May &  Bjørn for letting me use their place for some download time before heading to London next week…

Sep Special Dates:

4 Sep – Happy Bdays May HALD & Vincent LAM

6 Sep – Happy Labor Day/USA

10 Sep – Hari Raya Pussa/SIN

11 Sep – Happy Bdays Steven LAM & May YUNG-LAM

16 Sep – HappyBdays Ivy YAP-LAM & Edith LAM

20 Sep – Happy Bday Amy RASHAP

21 Sep – Happy Bday Greg TRIBBE

23 Sep – Happy Bday Klaus LAM

24 Sep – Happy Bday Joyce AMEEN-LAM & LAM Kah Yun

25 Sep – HappyBday Kat LAM-TRIBBE

30 Sep Happy Bday Mabel ONG-LAM & Daisy LAM

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remember her age – Robert Frost

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