Goodbye Norway

7 Sep 2010 – Farvel og takk for meg

Drawings by L&M’s great-grandfather, the famous architect Magnus POULSSON (1881-1958) who designed both the Oslo City Hall and Sandvika City Hall. These two drawings are of his own homes; one in Nesøya and the other in Hardangervidda@Møsvann. Thanks to Ellen HALD/L&M’s grandmother for allowing me to take the pictures.

Sun: catching up with Mette & Sturla OLSEN, my neighbours at Piggsoppgrenda@Kolsås. It is never easy returning to a place where there were sad memories but with delightful company and perfect weather, there were no difficulties!

Mon: packed and did some laundry but my mind was in a neutral mode after paying respect to L&M’s grandfather, John Kløve HALD (1924-2008). The last time I was at Vestre Gravlund (opened in 1902) was 1981 at Emma HALD (1898-1981), L&M’s great-grandmother’s funeral. With 243 acres, it is the largest cemetery in Norway.

Tue: after nearly a month with the trolls and vikings, it is time to take leave before they all turn into rocks 🙂 Waiting for my train in a less maddening crowd at Oslo S/Oslo central station, which will track me to Moss/45mins south of Oslo to catch my flight to the maddening crowds of London…

To May & my Norwegian friends, hjertelig tusen takk for meg.

The only real equality is in the cemetery – German Proverb

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