A Funeral

28 Oct 2023 – Mount Elisabeth Hospital/Novena

Wed: total fan of GoogleMaps – welcome HelenO’Toole to SIN and nice to meet her who is giving some symposiums@LaSalle for BroJoe’s centennial events. Do not have any recollections to meeting her at any of the other McNally events here or in Ireland and delighted to get acquainted. Looking forward to getting to know her better and hope that we will be able to do a driving trip in Ireland for 2024.

First time here@MtE/Novena to visit with Ivy who is recovering from her back surgery. Convenient&easy public transportation with the MRT on the NSL/RedLine bringing me to Novena and following well-marked signs underground.  No joke to be having such a major surgery at this stage of life – speedy recovery to her. Good that her appetite requested for popiah – took the opportunity to get delivered for her dinner.

On the way back, stopped@DhobyGhaut/PlazaSIN to do some shopping since I had to change to bus16 to get back to my 4walls. Multi-tasking is too tiring nowadays – was in bed before 21hrs!

Thu: tkx Seb for catching up and setting me with his NetflixAC. Now can watch more movies – like I am not already spending time on the screen than needed,hahaha! HorFun-dinner using CDCvouchers@MT-hawkers.

Pray that AndyBrown&family are safe in the midst of another mass shooting in ME/USA.

‘Person of interest’ is being sought in two Maine shootings | CNN

Fri: in memory of my children’s paternal grandmother,Ellen(1924-2020)who would have been 99today. Schedules this week are overwhelmed with overseas visitors, hospitals visits, and paying respect to 17auntie – condolences to cousins&their families for their loss.

Going to be another long day – had to reschedule meds-delivery,etc. Long bus-ride to JalanRumahTinggi for the wake and funeral to MandaiCrematorium. Only get to catch up with some of these cousins at funerals!! and, here with cousinsRoy&CalvinLAM,nephew GeorgeLAM+cousinsSaraLAM&JasonTAN. Tkx to cousinJohnWONG for the ride from the crematorium to the MRT-Yishun, he is still a good driver at 82.

Tkx to Calvin for ThaiFood-dinner, another of Bill & Harry’s short layover on their way back to Switzerland – interesting sweet Sake.

Sat: taking a quiet rest day…

United Nations Day 2023

24 Oct 2023: Condolences to Cousins

Sat: staying less active after the effects to both the flu&PPSV23 shots. Certainly feel that age takes its toll, the mind says that I can, but the body shows&tells otherwise – time to really listen attentively to the body now. Do enjoy catching up with audio books and especially after the PEI-Hike, Anne Of Green Gables – by LucyMaudMontgomery, can relate more now after having been there.

Mon21Aug2023: GreenGablesHeritage – a 19th century farm and literary landmark in Cavendish and served as the setting for the Anne of GreenGables novels by LucyMaudMontgomery who put PEI on the map. She found great comfort, peace, and inspiration in PEI’s natural beauty. Her journals and novels are filled with detailed, loving descriptions of the Island’s forests and shores. When world events or personal challenges troubled her, a walk in the woods and fields around Cavendish restored her spirits. Her sense of belonging to the land of her Island home endured after she moved to Ontario. She visited PEI as often as she could, reveling in the Island’s uplifting beauty.

This evening I went for a walk -all alone but not a lonely one. I am sometimes lonely in the house or when walking with uncongenial company but I have never known a moment’s loneliness in the woods and fields. I have rich, rare, good company there.


Sun: welcome Annie&Andrew back here and tkx to nieces,nephew&grandnephews for dinner@18Seafood食霸海鲜UniqueZiCharDishes/SerangoonCoffeeshop,2LorongLewLian,#01-56. Unfortunately, not a good experience to be there in the weekend as the service was so appalling giving a bias mood for the food.

RoastedChicken with GlutinousRice糯米雞is the only dish I might consider returning for,but never on the weekends. OK HarCheongGai


18 Seafood | Facebook

Mon: at the airport for a cuppa to catch up with Kat who is here for a couple of days for her mom’s surgery and now off again. For me it is a shorter distance to get to the airport than to the central of town – bus36 takes~20mins practically from door-door. Taking the same bus opp direction to head towards town to Rochalie takes~nearly an hour+10mins walk to the house.

Tue: Good Tue morning on this United Nations Day and may we all stay united for PEACE. Tkx to my Fabulous5(pix from Oct2011&May2023)for keeping me to hope and to look forward – feeling soo totally blessed.
Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever – RT Bennett
14.53hrs: condolences with prayers&thoughts to cousins&nephews ChengEn/Roy,AmyK(ChengChwan’s widow)+George,ChengLong/Calvin&Eva+Jayden for the passing of their mother,mil,grandmother TAN KimLan(1952-2023),17auntie to my generation – may she RIP.
You can shed tears that she is gone
Or you can smile because she has lived
You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back
Or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see her
Or you can be full of the love that you shared – David Harkins


20 Oct 2023 – Friday, Just Another Day!

Mon: Halloween gift baskets orders out to USA.

Tue: Thai food on the menu for tonight’s dinner. Authentic decent food@RosLamul/379GuillemardRd tkx to grandnephew for recommendations. Was eyeing their raw seafood/Crab salad ยำาปูม้า'(with fond memories of cousin David) from the next table but would be tempting fate to try-hahaha.

Ros-Lamul-Menu-2021.pdf (roslamul.com)

Evening walk towards PayaLebarMRT&bus stop passing by some nice lights imitating fireflies, such a good idea but difficult to take clear pix with the constant-moving-lights.

Wed: tkx to 1st-born for this serene quote, she knows me well, hahaha! Do miss them all+the fall colours. Finally, the long-awaited rains fell helping to lessen the haze&heat for the afternoon, no matter how brief!

Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others ― Charlotte Eriksson

Thu: started with a visit to 17auntie in the ICU@SGH-Block5 who had a second brain hemorrhage within 24 hours – praying for a miracle. Caught up with cousins AmyK/widow of ChengChawn, ChengLoon/Calvin and nephew, his son Jayden who arr a few days ago from Brisbane/Australia. Continued with my appt at the LungCentre-Block3 – new inhaler for asthma and took both flu&PPSV23 vaccines in addition to new appt to the GastroDep for Jan2024, efficient hospital afternoon.

Met with Clement to shop@CC for his new Chacos. OK Chicken-Biryani-dinner at the newly revamped TekkaMarket – trying out a new stall.

Little India’s lights are ready for Deepavali/Diwali(12Nov)but will not be going near there anytime from now of the near future, especially in the weekends! Above pix will not be shared on FB until 12Nov.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. WOW&THANKS to RichardY who has documented all my Fridays since Jan2023, with an error which has now been corrected. 29Jul2023 was indeed a Sat, an oversight with time-zones jet-lags then! Only one very observant person noticed it.

Early grocery shopping@GiantS$36 including promoS$15.60&SenSavS$1.11+fresh produce@MT-WetMarketS$8. Another relaxing afternoon with brief rains.

Food Food Food

15 Oct 2023: And More Food

Thu: first bus36 0600hrs to airport to meet Bill&Harry who are on a layover on their to Indonesia. SQ from ZRH arr ahead of schedule and managed to get to T3 after they got out of immigration and their luggage stored. An active day started with a short walk on EC-Pk,MeePok-breakfast@MT-Hawkers,CC,lunch@Chinatown.

Besides the heat&haze, hope that the durians in Chinatown are not the cause of their short layover here! If not for them would not have discovered that the Skytrain T3⇄T2(newly renovated) runs thru’ Jewel with a nice view of the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, the RainVortex. Safe onwards journey to them.

Since already here, took the opportunity to explore

what is around the newly revamped T2 and took the free shuttle to T4 for a bowl of an OK bowl of SarawakKoloMee, 

Fri: a day to meditate&relax

Sat: visiting bro Steven@UMC/Queensway and to spend the day with his branch of the family.

An afternoon&evening of catching up&eating(SIN past-time!)around the Suntec area. FishMaw PigStomach ChickenSoup/FoodRepublicS$8.80 – this broth is milky&yummy and has a full-bodied flavour, the result of hours of simmering pork and chicken bones.

Café Downstairs 楼下 is literally located downstairs now, at the basement of SuntecCity/FountainCourt – OK food. Downstairs, Suntec City: A void deck to lepak, feast, and reminisce your yesteryears (sethlui.com)

HarrisAnn – memories from their flagship outlet in the 1950s, now still located at the TiongBahruFoodCentre, also friends of 10auntie then and they have certainly expanded island-wild now. Nieces&nephew remember eating their GlutinousRice bought by their mother when they were younger.

PatisserieG/MilleniaWalk – good cakes, could only taste one bite after a whole afternoon of eating! Patisserie G (Millenia Walk) – 47 Reviews, Photos, Location (foodadvisor.com.sg)

Sun: if AGE has to do with thoughts on WAR, then the idealism from the younger Flower-Power-days of PEACE are still strongly within by hopes.prayers&thoughts. Thank goodness for Family&Friends who are here to pull&see me thru’…

IMAGINE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (with the Flux Fiddlers) HD – YouTube

We’ve all heard those aging misconceptions about how growing old means growing sick and forgetful. But like most stereotypes, myths about aging are also wrong. As we get older, it’s important to understand the reality of aging, including the positive aspects that come with it. You’ll see that growing older isn’t necessarily accompanied by life-limiting declines in health, and that, actually, you can be very happy at this stage of your life.

While it’s true that memory does decline with age and some do experience extreme forms of cognitive impairment, it’s incorrect to say that all seniors become forgetful. And some seniors do struggle with bone density issues or chronic diseases, it’s possible to stay healthy and fit with good eating habits, regular weight-bearing exercise, and a generally healthy lifestyle.

Some genetic factors may influence the likelihood of some diseases, the majority of aging comes down to how an individual lives their life. People with unhealthy lifestyles are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases than their healthy counterparts, and things like exposure to toxins, diet, and exercise all play a role. It’s true that your metabolism gets slower, weight gain in seniors is not a given. The key is to adjust habits by eating smarter and exercising.

Can those face creams and topical treatments really reverse the effects of aging? Well, it depends. There are some products with an acid component, as well as treatments offered by dermatologists, that exfoliate the top layers of skin, making it look smoother. But this is only temporary. You can, however, protect your skin by not smoking, drinking water, and wearing sunscreen.

Many people believe that seniors are unable to drive a car. The truth is, however, that many seniors continue to drive well into their golden years, and only one in seven seniors report not being able to drive.

There’s a common misconception that seniors are always unhappy. In fact, multiple studies have shown that happiness generally begins to increase after age 50. Many seniors are incredibly invested in learning new hobbies, meeting new people, and taking up new pastimes.

After the kids are all grown up, many actually feel higher levels of happiness than many people expect. Plus, many have grandchildren and extended families to enjoy time within their golden years.

The biggest myths you may believe about aging (msn.com)

Cheerful memories from Mar2011HKG trip@Johnny’s – pix credits to Harry. What a Wonderful Life! – Here-There-Everywhere – This-That-Everything (amylamsg.com)
I ordered a glass of wine and the server asked for my ID. I replied: ‘Do I look that young’ and she said: ‘No, just wanted to see if you qualified for the Senior-Citizen-Discount’


11 Oct 2023 – Will History Repeat Itself?

Pictures beyond words… – Here-There-Everywhere – This-That-Everything (amylamsg.com)

Sun: woke up to very distressing&sad news about Hamas attacks on Israel. At the moment the word Armageddon is on the mind, NOT from religious views or end of the world,

but from historical records – 1918-Battle of Megiddon where powers are said to have soldiers from many parts of the world in this battle. Nowadays the word Armageddon seems to have been misinterpreted to the end of the world! Prayers&thoughts for PEACE and that history does NOT repeat itself as life goes on…

The Battle of Meggido (WW1) – History (historyonthenet.com)

Edited: Sat14Oct – thanks to FranklinWong for sharing his eloquent unbiased words&thoughts.

This current tragic conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis is probably overdue…with yet another disastrous outcome in the making. Emotive words such as retribution..extermination…obliteration…human animals and genocide…. have been flung around. This tragedy has been repetitive and cyclical and this one looks to be the Mother of all Fuck-Ups for both sides. Yet no one on my timeline has chosen nor dared to comment on it. It is a very sensitive subject, no doubt, esp in this part of the world where what is historically an intractable conflict over homeland is often reduced to a simplistic but more visceral agenda of a religious struggle between Islam and Judaism – and all the rest! Some years ago my comments on another Palestinian intifada had inadvertently raised the hackles of some religious extremists with unpleasant consequences. Regrettably it is the inability to talk across this divide – to seek common ground rather than exploit differences and grievances – that makes this conflict so irresolvable!

For almost a century, there has been much wrong and misery done to each other in this conflict and more finger pointing will not help. The people of Gaza must know they are hopelessly held in captivity by the state of Israel – precisely because of the tit for tat actions that has been going on over the decades. Hamas must know what will befall Gaza if they embarked on the actions they did on October 10. Regardless of the rights and wrongs, the deadly outcome should never have been doubt….so why do we cry and wring our hands in anguish now? The fate of the Palestinians in Gaza now largely depends on the compassion of the world which sadly is already fatigued by the pointless war in the Ukraine and the hypocrisy of the western powers in their struggle to preserve their hegemony over others.

This is only the first week. We can only take so much newsreel showing massive destruction and human misery before our reactions are deadened and our attention diverted to more pleasant pursuits – like most folks on Facebook are doing anyway.

Edited: Wed18-Oct – tkx to PaulKrause for this constructive&interesting share – “Our Message Must Be Stronger Than Ever”: Opinion article by Daniel Barenboim – West-Eastern Divan Orchestra (west-eastern-divan.org)

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent – Victor Hugo

Mon: tkx to Ade@Lensman/ParkwayP for this yummy curry.

Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat – Guy Fieri

Tue: dark morning stroll on the ECPk, thought it was too early for Xmas decorations that turned out to be some tanker’s lights in a shape of a Xmas-tree – age plays tricks on eyesight in the dark-hahaha!

Glad to see the local MT-hawker+wet-market reopened, looks like my favourite CheeCheongFun猪肠粉stall has been replaced by a new one, will give it a try another day, appetite&mood not there today. The drinks’stall is still there and my regular 5am morning ice-coffee used to be .90c when I first patronized this stall(20+yrs), today its S$1.60. Got back to the 4-walls before sunrise and was drenched with sweat, imagine what it would be like in the sun.

Today is WorldMentalHealthDay(10 October), an international day for global mental health. Need to really limit myself with the news station on radio&TV, but more time on my piano+Symphony92FM to keep the sanity and a balance-mental-health. SGH-HeartCentre 6months-check and the lungs look OK, hopefully remain clear again at the next CTscan scheduled for Dec2024.

World Mental Health Day 2023 (who.int)

Wed: another new discovery, tkx to ClementMamaDiam@38PrinsepSt nostalgia retro modern bar hidden behind a MamaShop – not open for brunch. LóuShang 楼上 which literally means upstairs where you would least expect to find a trendy eatery here, designed like on a HDB-common-corridor serving fusion-food –

interesting concept, OK food.

Lou Shang: Hidden Cafe That Looks Like A HDB Estate | Eatbook.sg

As for the origin of the word 楼lóu, it is a Chinese character that has been in use for over 3000 years. It is composed of two parts: 木mù= wood and 娄lóu which is a phonetic component. The character originally referred to a wooden structure built on top of a house to provide additional space. Over time, the meaning of the character evolved to refer to multi-story buildings, which are now commonly referred to as 楼lóu in modern Chinese.

The Chinese word 楼lóu=floor fascinates&intrigues me. For me it looks like it is made up of 3characters =wood木, mi=rice米, =woman女. Considering how ancient the Chinese language is and that my knowledge is practically non-existence now makes me want to know more especially with words like this.

Triggering The Memory

7 Oct 2023 – Happenings,Places&Visuals

Wed: thanks for visit from Gel catching up with news&updates. Made a simple soup,pasta,salad+fresh fruits for dinner, the mood for dining out was not there and just as well. Hearing&listening to her brought back some traumatic repressed memories long buried, but with thoughts&hopes that whatever has&is happening will make us compassionate,stronger&wiser ppl.

Thu: morning CTscan@SGHS$743.10 subsidy520.17 paid167.26. Tkx to Clement for lunch@GreatNayang/Chinatown – decent foods with a nostalgic touch seemingly popular for many nowadays.

Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe Review: New Kopitiam-Cafe By Yang Ming Seafood Founder | Eatbook.sg

Exploring about to check out what is new around Craig,Duxton,Neil,YanKitRds –  memory is triggered whenever passing by there the formal YanKitPool, now YanKitPlayfield. Yan Kit Swimming Complex | Remember Singapore

MondrianHotel with good view of Chinatown from their rooftop’s infinity pool(Level13) and nice suites(Level3) by the lush reflecting water.

Fri: chatting online with friends to catch up: Aisha tells me that her son, Daniel is 24today and in Berlin/Germany – does not seem that long ago when she was pregnant with him! Wiggs is now in E-Aus enjoying her first trip there, reminded her to take care of her feet if she walks barefoot on the beach. Somehow if not for this pix of sun-burnt feet! memories might not have surfaced – marveling at the idea of these StickyFeet that got me thru’ a trip back then sometime in the late 1980s…

Sat: Happy BDay dear bro Les – really 81yrs today! seems like yesterday when we were kids running around the grounds@5TemenggongRd&MtFaber-hahaha

Appreciations&tkx to Les&Ivy for early Bday dinner last night – most scrumptious Surf&Turf done to perfection and well paired with an excellent bottle of 2001 Château Rayas Châteauneuf-du-Pape Reserve. Hardly drink nowadays, but this one is irresistible!

Blessings, a gift from above,
A reminder, of our connection and love,
A link, to something greater than ourselves,
A bond, that strengthens and compels.

For blessings, connect us to the world,
To our loved ones, to the stories unfurled,
To the beauty, that surrounds us each day,
To the hope, that never fades away.

They remind us, that we are not alone,
That we are part of something greater, yet unknown,
That our actions, can have a positive impact,
And that love, is the ultimate contract.

For blessings, bring us closer together,
Through the joys, and through the weather,
Through the ups, and through the downs,
They keep us grounded, and unbound.

They connect us, to the beauty of nature,
To the rhythm of life, that’s so pure,
To the miracles, that happen every day,
To the wonder, that never fades away.

Let us honor, the blessings so true,
And the connection, that they imbue,
For they remind us, of the power of love,
And the beauty, that’s always above.

Climate Change

3 Oct 2023 – From Floods To Fires

Sat: what in the world is happening??? Just read about the floods in NYC/USA and dropped off a message to niece Kat to make sure that she&her family are safe – pix uploaded. Heavy Rains Bring Flash Floods as New York City Declares State of Emergency – WSJ

Messaged to wish niece Daisy a HappyBday to realize that she is vacationing in Athens/Greece and to also have read about wide fires on the island of Evia near Athens, fortunately she is not affected – pix uploaded. Greece battles deadly wildfires near Athens and on Evia island – BBC News

The haze here lately has been not good(as observed on Thu-night from NBL-Level16), and I am hearing more news about the fires in Indonesia. It’s no wonder that my asthma has been acting up – pix uploaded. Coughing babies, DIY-firefighting farmers: Anger rising among locals in South Sumatra as province battles forest fires – CNA (channelnewsasia.com) 

In sober language, the IPCC set out the devastation that has already been inflicted on swathes of the world. Extreme weather caused by climate breakdown has led to increased deaths from intensifying heatwaves in all regions, millions of lives and homes destroyed in droughts and floods, millions of people facing hunger, and “increasingly irreversible losses” in vital ecosystems – pix uploaded.

Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Climate change affects everyone’s health, but arguably, respiratory patients are among the most vulnerable. These are people who already experience breathing difficulties and they are far more sensitive to our changing climate – Zorana Jovanovic Andersen, professor of environmental epidemiology at the University of CPH/Denmark. 

Sun: tkx for visit Hannah, exciting to hear about their adventures in East Timor also known as Timor-Leste (formally a Portuguese colony) officially the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. Interesting as it sounds, will not be in my list – pix uploaded. East Timor country profile – BBC News

Mon: hair-cut@Roots/EliasMallS$20,groceryS$66@Giant/Tampines and dinner+dessert with Helen@IKEAS$33.

Tue: fortunate&grateful to be picked as a volunteer for the DementiaResearch for an early appt having to catch the bus during the school-rush-hour, but in time to get this nice shot thru’ the clinic’s window-shades.

First time in the area and this new interesting  building@ClinicalScienceBuilding/LKC-Medicine on MandalayRd by TanTockSengHospital.

Appointment went on schedule&smooothly lasting from 09.30-12noon with blood test+NeuropsychologicalAssessments. Next appointment in a year’s time and in the meanwhile, let’s hope that there will not be any more incidental findings this time round.

Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history – Carl Sagan

Oct Bdays
3  – Happy Bday CHONGSiongYin
6  – Happy Bday DavidWONG
7  – Happy Bday 81stLeslieLAM
8 – Happy Bdays Larry LAM, AudreyWONG and KONGHengSun
12 – Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM
13 – Happy Bdays DavidYUNG
16 – Happy PatriciaLAM
21 – Happy Bday SteveLAM & DeeHALL
27 – In memory of EllenHALD Sr
29 – Happy Bdays KwokLockLAM & KieraCHUA
31 – Happy Bday AdelineLEE, MarkBOROWSKY, and Happy Halloween


29 Sep 2023 – Another Busy Week

Tue: Chinatown before dark to run some errands+my favourite DurianShaveIce@MeiHeongYuen,ChinatownPoint and to check out what is new for Mid-Autumn.

Did not venture into the crowded side-streets. Picked up tea&snacks @YueWah established in HKG 50+yrs ago. This leading Chinese department store chain is SIN only department store specialising in Chinese food,medicine,silk,antiques,etc. This flagship store is a city landmark, former formally NamTinHotel, the store combines both contemporary and original architecture, and features an entirely new extension, screen walls&stained-glass-skylights, all of which complement the building’s rich historical character.

Could not resist this container(with 2MooncakesS$46) and the hot-air-balloon-lantern(with light+stickS$8) to add to my collection of Mooncake boxes and lanterns, like I need any more stuff-hahaha! but since life is so full of hotair! this lantern is most appropriate for now…

When we take the time to break free from the tyranny of Time and learn to listen to the sound of unspoken words, we discern the hot air behind the frenzy of the wheeling and dealing around ― Erik Pevernagie

Nice to be able to see 2023’sMid-Autumn-Lights on this lovely nearly full-moon evening. Tkx for this round as I head to drop off some HerbalJelly to Clement who is home with a sore throat.

HerbalJelly, also known as GuiLingGao龜苓膏, is a traditional Chinese medicinal dessert made from more than 15 herbs. It is believed to have cooling properties and is often consumed to help reduce body heat, eliminate toxins, and promote healthier skin. The dessert is served chilled and has a slightly bitter taste – I like it, especially from KoongWohTong and will usually consume this as a dessert without the honey.

About Us – Koong Woh Tong (kwt.my)

Wed: dinner@sis Jo’s now 86, the eldest of my siblings who is still going strong. Glad to catch up and to see that she is still nimble with her hands&fingers to cut&glue these unused red-packets making them into hanging-decorations for charity.

Thu: tkx to MeiChen for the invite to Donor’sAppreciationNight @NationalLibrary. The view from ThePod/Level16 is always nice despite of the haze tonight.

Good to see many informative&interesting documents and pix from another era.

Looks like they have picked 10thAuntie LAM PohChee’s vac-paper from 5Sep1952 for displayed to show how important it is to be vaccinated then for small-pox and, more so now for COVID.

Tkx with appreciations for a yummy buffet-spread(StamfordCatering), flowers&these publications.

Fri: Happy Mid-Autumn中秋節 to those celebrating – tkx to Les&Ivy for scrumptious steamboat-dinner@Rochalie. Glorious full moon night having dessert outside in the gazebo

while waiting until midnight to watch this KengHwa昙花 EpiphyllumOxypetalum/Princess of the night/Queen of the night/Dutchman’sPipe is a species of cactus which blooms nocturnally, and its flowers wilt before dawn. The last time I stayed up to watch this flower bloom was in the 1950s@TemenggongRd!!! Have forgotten about this cactus until it was brought up in the movie CrazyRichAsians

Mid-Autumn Festival Singapore 2023 Guide: Dates, Traditions & Mooncakes (timeout.com)


25 Sep 2023 – Reflect Before React&Reset

Fri: have been cleaning,washing,drying&airing(make hay while the sun shines!) over this week before packing hiking gears away until the next round. Running errands@PkWay – tkx to Theresa&CJ for yummy steak dinner, she makes the best steak-sauce.

Sat: been back a week and have been busy with family&visitor and usually prefer not to be out&about in town in the weekends. Crowds and many ppl have never been my forte – not even in my younger days! At this stage, will just about to do anything to avoid crowds. Need this weekend to rest,relax&reflect before reacting to what is ahead!

Countless words
count less
than the silent balance
between yin and yang ― Lao Tzu

Sun: tkx to Seb for this share which certainly applies to me,hahaha! The other pix taken on PEI(sticker on a car) and like it. The morning rains are calming&nice, but getting used to the climate,culture,diet,etc again certainly takes its toll on an aging body&mind!! despite everything being familiar. Hopefully humour will keep me going. Seems like the body needs time to adjust to all the foods – no matter how scrumptious, will have to take it slow.

Tkx for dinner@Rochalie – yummy homemade dinner and walked ~5+k with Clement after dinner to get the bus from BkMerah. A nice cool evening after the heavy rains and snoozing on a uncrowded 196bus, unlike when on the way earlier, bus36 was packed like sardines&noisy that I had to close my eyes&meditate to get thru’ the ride.

Good to see the Fabulous5 together for the weekend and doing well in their activities – tkx to 1st-born&Cindy for this share.

Mon: getting rid of 5months-dust within 4-walls and this time round, seems to be worse due to the MRT-constructions outside. Grateful that I am still capable of doing it myself even if it will take a few weeks, using this as exercise for the rest of the month+next month. Most of the hiking gears are now ready to be stored&put away.

To be able to get lunch&dinner all ready-made with 4dishes, including clams,currychicken+2side-veggies&riceS$8 is such a treat. Today’s grocery@Giant was a pleasant surprise with a free offer of a Häagen-Dazs-icecream scoop+another tub when 2tubs were purchased on promotion. Imagine that all the icecream consumed within this 4-walls, this is the first icecream scoop in here!

To be worn out is to be renewed ― Lao Tzu

Mon25Sep2023: Happy National Daughters’ Day – having 2daughters is a total blessing.

Watching them grow to be beautiful&wonderful people who have also made me to be a proud grandmother to 6amazing grandchildren – thank you for being the most important part in and of my life

Visitor From KCH

21 Sep 2023 – Short&Sweet Visit From Chuan

Mon: bus36, bus-stop on MP-Rd again moved, but looks like the MT-TEL(brownLine)-MRTstation has come a long way in my absence.  Passing by the F1-Pit-building on the ECP and detouring after Suntec to NBridgeRd(thus traffic backup here) joining back the usual route on StamfordRd – but did not affect too much time despite of the diversion.

Mon-morning-movie, the best day for me, ie if not public holiday to catch new movies on a big screen, and one of my favourite cinemas is Lido/Shaw@Orchard with panorama view to Ion&Tangs and a nice comfortable sitting area by a McD.

HauntingInVeniceHerculePoirot is here again to solve an adaption of another of AgathaChristie’s novel crime. But he will also has to figure out if supernatural forces are interfering in the investigation? Spoiler alert, so do not read on for my thoughts here regarding where some mother’s love(do wonder about LOVE! especially MotherLove here??) can be difunctionally unhealthy.

AssamFish+Achar-lunch @WarungPadang/ FoodRepublic(ShawHouse,#B1-02) with endless decent food selections here.

Being back here has its advantages that places&things are familiar, but always something new to discover, this time round a SugarCaneFreshJuice machine/FortuneCentre. Not only can I now get fresh OJ, now also this without having to deal or talk to anyone. Tkx to a dear nephew Clement for taking time to be with his old-auntie to lunch, movies, T and for getting me to line up for the 10mil-lottery, hahaha! A quick hello@CC to arrange a date to present the PEI-Hike/Thanksgiving,Thu23Nov2023.

Tue: welcome Chuan, nice to catch up and looking forward to the next 2days in his company, tkx for one of the best(to my taste)PineappleTarts. Has been~5yrs ago since we last met. SIN-KCH-SIN 2018 – Here-There-Everywhere – This-That-Everything (amylamsg.com) Appreciations to Chuan&Leonard for coming over to the EastSide for dinner&dessert – has been hot day and 1+hr on the bus to their area would have given me a worse headache.

Wed: guiding Chuan from 10.30hrs FullertonHotel-TheMerlion-

NationalGallery-VictoriaHall-ArtsHouse-ACM-met Leonard to

lunch@GodmamaPeranaken/Funan, good OtakOtak&NgohHiang(pork& prawn rolls).

PeranakanMuseum sheltering from pouring rains@SMU. Underground all the way from BrasBasah/CCL(orangeLine)MRT-PlazaSIN for VietnameseDinner@CôChung. Showered&crashed before 22.00hrs, body&mind not at their best with muti-functions/tasks like today – hahaha.

Thu: picked up OtakOtak@OldAirportRd for Chuan(unable to get these in KCH). Exploring the Sarawak eateries@Jewel&T4, planning a trip to KCH to pay my respects to Lawrence in Nov, so no need to eat these foods now!

Has been ~5yrs since in T4 and these kinetic installations PetalClouds are fun&hypnotic to watch – cannot get enough of these and the KineticRains@T1. Safe trip to Chuan till we meet again soon.