28 Jun 2013 – Happy Bday Jeff




A wonderful week in the mountains thanks to Kirsten & Geir. Fresh clean air and simple basic living is all one need to realize that too much of the material values create complications and problems! App 4hrs drive NW of OSL is Melbyfjell/Melby Mountain (1,127m 3,700ft) and the cabins Melbystølen are located on the slopes of this mountain. Delicious trouts are there in the lakes, but of course you need to fish. Common nettles grow wild and freely and a pair of gloves is a must while picking them. This weed is really yummy and simple to prepare.



The wild flowers, including orchids, Flekkmarihånd/Heath Spotted Orchid are so delicate and a pleasure to see how these plants adapt to the nature and harsh surroundings to survive. The fun part is to be able to identify the flowers and being with Kirsten and Inger was walking with a flower book. After the orchid Forglemmegei/Forget-me-not, Tettegress/Common Butterwort (insect trapper), Mogop/Spring Pasque Flower (the only one found in bloom as it is late for them), Smørblomst/Buttercups, Fjellsmelle/Moss Campion. The only one they had to look up is the Musøre/Dwarf Willow, the last flower pix and they are so tiny that one has to be careful not to step on them.


A walk up these slopes and one gets to the top of Melbyfjell where a good view of Bitihorn (1,607m 5,272ft)) southernmost of Jotunheimen, Peer Gynt’s country! Even found a patch of snow to sit by for lunch and time for a snow-ball fight. Norwegians are a strange bunch, after complaining about their cold long winter, they will go in search of more snow to get the last moments of skiing before summer!! Appreciations to Kirsten for the 3 above pix.



Collected enough bushes, twigs, dead branches, tress etc to have a bonfire for midsummer’s night with Kirsten’s family. Thank you for good company and for crossing this path at life’s journey, Inger, Kjell, Thomas, Sara, Ingeborg and Erik. Kirsten & I sent our RIP message to those departed, especially to our ancestors who have provided us with this blessed life. Sunset pix credit to Kirsten.



K&G drove to Beitostølen where we did some shopping and had lunch. The bus back to civilisation NOK340 S$71, a pleasant 4+hrs ride was slightly delayed arriving into OSL due to loading a bunch to kids getting on after Fagernes either from or to some music summer camp. A full bus from there all the way back to OSL. This is the route where the road bypass Utøya, the island of tragedy with the 2011 massacre of the young people.

What joy to see Olai’s smiling face of recognition. Life is good…

Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity… – John Muir

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