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21 June 2013 – Running away from civilisation for a few days

Wed: to Mette, a safe and wonderful trip to Spain and until next summer. Tkx for coming by for lunch. Great to catch up with you this summer.


Thu: surprised Eivind who is now one of the primary care physicians in the St Hans Haugen and centre. Hope to catch up with him before leaving Norway. The last time our paths crossed was nearly 40yrs ago!

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Thank you Kari for wonderful company on this beautiful afternoon at Onda Sea Resturant – Aker Brygge*** Managed to capture an interesting shot of the Opera House looking like winter but actually a glorious summer day!

The haze in SIN made it on the news here in Norway. Feeling for my fellow SIN with the haze and at its worst since 1997. How does one breath with  PSI of 300+, not just for one day but a few days? What about all the construction outdoor workers??

Larry recommends on the article.
Perhaps the Indonesian Minister for People’s WELFARE should change his job title instead of acting like a “child” himself. After all, it is only your lungs and brain that are permanently impacted.
“…..In separate remarks to reporters, Indonesian Minister for People’s Welfare Agung Laksono criticized Singapore’s reaction to the haze, accusing the city-state of acting like a ‘child.’

Am feeling for my fellow SIN and real concerns for family & friends, especially the younger ones. To the Indonesians, please stop this. Running away where news or internet is not accessible!

PSI reading is 401 as of 12pm. Marking another high point of the haze level if just by one point. The air quality is of Hazardous Level currently.

Fri: need to runaway for a few days. Thank you to Kirsten & Geir for the invitation to their mountain cabin in the Beitostølen and Jotunheimen area. App 4hrs drive north of OSL. Looking forward to this and will blog about it when back to civilisation!

The most difficult thing about this trip is that Olai’s sweet good morning and good night smiling hugs will be greatly missed. Better get used to it as my flight is now booked and confirmed to leave Norway mid July 🙁

…A hug is an amazing thing

It’s just the perfect way
To show the love we’re feeling
But can’t find the words to say….
~Johnny Ray Ryder, Jr., “A Simple Hug”