No More the Ugly American/1958

30 Jun 2013 – Now the Ugly Chinese/2013


Tkx Richard for the link. My comments – the culture & lifestyle here in Norway are very different to anywhere else in this world. Just as well, as it suits me fine to be far far away from the maddening crowd. People and tourists should read or do some research about the places they plan to travel before going there and to those who are unhappy about the difference should stay home. Norway with nice people, clean air, sparsely populated etc is one of my favourite countries to visit. The pop here is 5,063,709 with an area of 385,186sq km/148,720sq mi. SIN pop is 5,312,400 with an area of 7,315 sq km/18,943 sq mi according to!


Appreciations to Lisa&Adriane for sharing their wonderful culinary pix for his 30th Bday and description from Vintage Cave/HI USA. The presentation looks exquisite and would certainly like to try this place when in HI. 1.Kombu yuzu flavoured gelatin. 2.Kona abalone sweet corn relish nori, with abalone from a farm in the Kona area on HI (big island). The dark circle is the nori sauce, a seaweed and the crispy green ogo, a type of HI seaweed. 3. Foie gras mousse, white pineapple, ‘aired’ honeycomb, coconut macadamia drizzle and golden honey.

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Sat: rainy day, a good indoors day. Took Olai to Leo’s Lekeland/playland where he seems to enjoy the facilities. Great for kids and many parents had the same idea on this rainy day but kids do not mind crowds! First time to see so many slushy machines and in so many colours and flavours!! Cost for kids under 2yrs NOK75 S$16, 2-16yrs NOK155 S$32 and accompanying parents or grown-ups do not have to pay.

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home – James Michener

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  1. Very true. We should embrace where we are, whether we are traveling or convalescing. We need to make good memories from creating our own adventures. Hugs. Hi Hills

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  2. Thanks for your comment Hi Hills. You know me well, I live for the moment with good memories to remember and KIV. As for the not good ones, to learn from and then delete… LOL

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