Filtvet 2019

7 Aug 2019 – Idyllic Boat-Ride On OSL-Fjord

Mon: 0945hrs-Aker Brygge time to get inline to board the boat (NOK50 S$8 OW-senior) sailing for Filtvet. Am sure glad that this boat is a tiny one sailing only in the protected water of OSLfjord, unlike the humongous cruise-ship docked nearby which will head out to the sea!

1000hrs in grey skies heading away from the familiar landmarks – Rådhuset, Tjuvholmen, EquinorOSL.

1015-Nesoddtangen, 1018- Flaskebekk, 1020-Sjøstrand (no pax by-passing without stop), I would be very fit if I had to walk up&downs those white stairs to&from the brown house!

Cute little water-front cabins hugging the coastline. 1025-Ildjernet, not an attractive jetty of call, but a happy dog greeted whoever got off here where there are some lovely houses away from the jetty.

Towards&away from Steilene@1033, no pax. Had my home-made sandwich on this stretch.

1035 passing Ommen, no pax; 1038-Fjellstrand where a bunch of young ppl got off; 1048-Søndre Langåra and the rains started after, thus having to retreat inside down to the cabin. So far pix have been taken in the outdoors from the moving boat, thus not sharp, but better than none.

1055-Lågøya, 1058-Fagerstrand, 1103-Aspond.

1110-Håøya; 1120-Oscarsborg, where the fortress here is best known for sinking the German heavy cruiser Blücher on 9Apr1940 and in 2014, Oscarsborg Fortress was given protected status – will have to check this out another time in blue sky! Ariel pix downloaded.

1127-Drøbak, the Norse form of the name was Drjúgbakki. Drjúgr-hard/long, bakki=(up)hill. This is related to the very steep roads winding down into the center of Drøbak. One can easily tell the pop of the place by looking at the amounts of tires on the jetty! Will not be taking the boat back, perhaps will visit here&Oscarsborgh someday when time&weather permit.

1140-Filtvet where ho Kari waits! to take me to their lovely home by the fjord. She is my first Norwegian girlfriend and we go back to half a century ago when she married Bjørn and joined him in Dublin/Ireland where he was a med-student there then. My first-born Linn is born one day before her first-born, Thomas, both born in Dublin.

Nice to see her sis, Elin&friend who were in the neighbourhood. Good that they could join us to share our seafood platter of røkt&gravlaks+røkt makrell.

The afternoon went by quickly catching up with news about her 3children&7grandchildren. The clock here was hand-made by her father who I have met many moons ago. Both her parents have passed on. Delicious pork loin dinner with rice.

The last time here was 9yrs ago, oh where has the time gone??

Tue: 0530hrs woke to this breath-taking sunrise from the opening of OSL fjord where all boats must pass by to enter into OSL.

Giljotin=Figurehead of the house is a mermaid name Señoraapparently, fully clothed females were no good, but a topless woman would calm rough seas

So far have visited with all the places Kari has lived in, except their cabin in Ryperfjord in Northern Norway and their new flat in Jessheim. Will try and make a trip to Jessheim in Oct on my way back to SIN.

Heading back to OSL on the road (1+hr drive if without stops) with a slight sight-seeing detour.

Villa Malla – popular eatery with the lighthouse (1877) located next to it. Nice clean sandy beach, but looks like fall is heading this way together with the abundance of jellyfish.

Beautiful&idyllic as it is, with an ice-cream bar and the water-sports, can you imagine the crowds here during the summer holidays?

Not only that Time&Tide wait for no man, Kari realized that she parked in front of someone’s driveway and time to hit the road back to the maddening crowds&traffic.

Sushi lunch (NOK300 S$47) across from UllevaalStadion and sharing a yummy piece or raspberry cake@BakerHanson/UllevaalS – not quite a selfie, but a reflection on the mirror reflecting the blessed&grateful warm feelings to have friends like Kari. Safe journeys to us and so long until we meet again. Takk for meg denne gang.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart – Elizabeth Foley

The Birds & The Bees

4 Aug 2019 – In A Secret Garden

Thu: 15mins stroll to UllevaalStadion passing by Sogn hagekoloni (one of the idyllic places in the neighbourhood), to discover that there is some construction going on the pedestrian path.

To my disappointment the post-office there is no longer and on top of that they did not have my favourite shrimp salad@BakerHansen. Oh well, changes are inevitable and such is life. Appreciations to Ingrid for her time to meet up. Sad morning but hopefully the bees are happy. Life goes on no matter of conditions!

Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other.

Enjoying a lazy afternoon with the birds chirping, listening&watching the innocence of kids playing – looks like the neighbour has set up a tent in the garden so that the kid can escape from the parents, lol. Anybody who has survived childhood has enough information about life to last the rest of their days – hahaha!

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all, tkx to Johnny who reminded me that yesterday was not Fri (jet-lag do strange things to the mind). Accompanied May to her dr’s appointment to see if I want to use the same dr as Eivind, my regular dr has now retired. The design of the new police station looks interesting but really dislike graffiti, glad that SIN is strick about it. This postcard mailed from Penang a month ago sure took it’s time finding its way here.

Sat: an edible garden is a practical one, do need patience to grow, maintain etc it, but looks like things here are well taken care of. Cherries are more or less done and most of them have been juiced; apples, blueberries, Brussels-sprouts, tomatoes are not quite ready, but the rest are ongoing and just to pick as needed. Made myself useful by shortened the curtains and began to search for tickets, OSL-Vinstra-OSL (NOK606-S$94), OSL-TOS-OSL (NOK1,328-S$205), OSL-DUB (NOK588-S$92/OW), have not even started with the US part of the journey yet!

Sun: thought I was dreaming when I heard the loud thunder around 0200hrs, but not a dream or nightmare, it was for real and felt like the lightning was just outside the window – am sure glad I was not sleeping in a tent! Rather terrifying considering that someone I knew was struck dead by lightning a week ago. The storm came and left quickly wakening to clearer&cooler airs.

Kolibri Kolonial, one of the few places open on a Sun in this country, but be prepared to pay the price! NOK750-S$115 for 11items which tasted good, especially the coffee ice-cream and none were delicatessen or luxury foods – more expensive than my OW air-ticket from here to Dublin!!

Goodbye July 2019

1 Aug 2019 – Hello August

Mon: appreciations to family&friends for this time round in SIN. Enjoy, take care and be safe for the 54th NDP & the rest of the Bicentennial Celebrations (1800s B/Wpix of SIN River downloaded). See y’all end of the year.

Am lost for words where&when closing up and packing are concerned. That usually means long flying hours and away from the comforts of my space for an extended period! Now-Sep: Norway&Ireland, Sep-Oct: USA, Nov/Dec: SIN. Plx do let me know if we will be crossing paths anywhere and would love to catch up. Once you are over the hill, you pick up speed. Had a VW-bug in the US from 1985-1999 (a gold one in CA and a red one in FL). Linn took over the red one when I left.

Was early at the airport to have a walk around Jewel. Did not get a chance to take a pix of Pink during the opening due to crowds. Yes, there is this Norwegian fast-food (the only one I know of in SIN), did not get to taste, it was past 23hrs and most places were closed. The best airport in the world and the only place in the world I have seen a sign like this in this clean toilet! It is not a selfie, so not out of line!!

Tue: 7+hrs from SIN-DXB, slight delayed waiting for connecting passengers but caught up with schedule in mid-air. Emirates: SIN-DXB-OSL-DXB-SIN S$806

2+hrs layover@DXB with outside temps of 38°C/100.4°F. 6+hrs from DXB-OSL; both full&uneventful arriving on-time flights. 1+hr in-line@OSL immigration again – when you are spoilt with the world’s best airport, it is wise not to compare!

When I can remember, will share the cost of living when in Norway as I have been often asked about how much things cost here. Thus it is not a complain or comparison, but to answer&share about the cost of living here.

RT Xtrain to&from OsloS NOK196 S$30. Refreshing to arr into 12°C when it has been so hot hot hot in SIN. Feeling like a zombie but worth the while – now safe&sound in 7Heaven with #6 and his artistic talent with Jenga&Lego. But these are words from the MOST subjective grandma who kisses the grounds where #1-6 walk on and finding them the most adorable, clever, talented, etc ppl on earth, hahaha.

Wed: a lovely stroll to try out his new remote-controlled boat@the fountain.

Beautiful&serene surroundings with full blooms of all kinds of berries, flowers&fruits. Hope that it is because of the fauna&flora that are causing my runny-nose and not otherwise. The whole fam here are not feeling too well.

Goodbye July2019.

Grandchildren bring you into a sweeter, slower present. They show you the future at a time when a lot of your friends are thinking about the past. And they take you back to childhood–theirs, the Parent’s, your own: a three-time admittance to wonderland – Adair Lara

2 Aug – Happy Bday Claire
4 Aug– Happy Bday Candice
9 Aug – Happy Bday ChengEn
9 Aug – Happy 54th SIN National Day
10 Aug – Happy Bday JenWee&Alvin


28 Jul 2019 – Golden Mile Complex & The Projector

Wed: tkx to Tina for her book Once Upon A Singapore…Traders and appreciations to her interest for father’s old documents&pix. Hopefully there might some interest to have them preserved so that whoever is interested will have a chance to view them. Time will tell when I get back end of the year. Glad that I can introduce her Glory, one of my favourite locations here in my hood for Popiah&NasiPadang, selfie pix-credits to Tina.

Bringing Tina’s book+these others with me to Norway&USA to share with the grandchildren, hoping that these might spark an interest from them about other cultures. Also the pack of origami paper with various flags to fold orizuru, the only problem is that the Norwegian flag is missing, must ask Aileen if she can help with printing some of that.

Golden Mile Complex for my Thai food when in this area – feels like a little Thailand there and as for durians, my preference are still for the Malaysian ones.

This is one of the few places that I can get Thai PeaEggPlant/TPEP for Thai GreenCurry which is how I like it. Will get the ready-made curry to-go, and when I get home, the TPEG get thoroughly washed and blanched before adding to the ready-made curry to let them soak overnight.

Tolkien@Projectorthis movie explores the formative years of the orphaned author as he finds friendship, love and artistic inspiration among a group of fellow outcasts at school. This takes him into the outbreak of World War I, which threatens to tear the “fellowship” apart. All of these experiences would inspire Tolkien to write his famous Middle-Earth novels Fox Searchlight Pictures. Enjoyed Tolkien’s Hobbit during my teenage years, must re-read it again. Nice surprised to bump into KarenH&friends. Been some years (2013?) ago since I first met her@cousin Karen’s.

Thu: this poster says it all for today’s mood! So will counter-act with this other one!! If unable to blame on anyone will then blame it to the thoughts of packing and the closing of my 4-walls for this time round!!! Those who know me also know how I dread packing…

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – HKG family&friends, be safe. Was a year ago@Kabuke, wanted to see what a year can do – still satisfied with the beef-bowl, but was out of what KK wanted as we had a late lunch. Dessert&coffee@PS Cafe just up the hill where my favourite of the PS Cafe is located – last time here was 4yrs ago with AudreyM, the buah cherry/Aratiles/Sarisa&Rambutan trees are no longer. 3above pix downloaded.

Dropped by to CC to say so long for this time round, but left with a splitting headache. The heat takes much out of me nowadays – a nap helped.

Sat: again a diversion with the buses making N Bridge Rd a bus-chain. Like the tunnel@the underpass along the river towards another trip to ACM (Seniors/FOC) for a closer look to details after only a run-thru’ trip to take pix over a week ago,

but more to catch up with niece Daisy, tkx for lunch and an early Christmas gift.

What a coincidence – small world, bumped into Henrietta&Francis who are escaping the protests in HKG. Had a great evening in company of Tina, Victor&Ernest trying to start a LAM TinYue, thus hoping to save father’s old docs&pix, appreciations for their interest. Looking forward to meeting up again in Nov.

Strangely enough, this was what I wrote in my journal when I first returned here to work 20yrs ago – the happy ending is how most ppl would like the story to end, but it is only the beginning of the end! Returning back to my roots after living away for nearly half a century to break the spell – the spell with the illusions of love.

Once you have learned to love, you will have learned to live…


Sun: forgot about the Merdeka Generation Roadshow@Marine Terrace today, but enjoyed a good lunch there@block59 for less than S$10 with Clement. It’ll be awhile before a meal like this again! S$100-PAssion Silver Card top-up was done a few days ago, and that should last me for the rest of the year when I get back.

Appreciations to AudreyW for passing on a tiny bottle of OliveOil made with olives from Sicily to Jamie&Giovanni@The Terminal Cafe Lounge. Tasted this in Mar when in HI and liked it. Since Giovanni is from Sicily, wanted his verdict of it.


Another yummy seafood Sun-dinner@Les&Ivy, tkx to Albert for getting all these fresh local shellfish from his sources – big clams&cockles/seehum, flower-crabs, Barracuda-fishhead.

Received very sad news from Norway tonight and will be heading there tomorrow as planned…

The Cripple Of Inishmaan

24 July 2019 – Sunday Family Dinner

Sat: forgot about the NDP rehearsals around the Padang area and bus196 to Clement@Bukit Merah which would normally take about 45mins took 1+hr! Had a headache after the ride thru’ Geylang, Kallang, N Bridge Rd, etc before rejoining the normal route. Maps downloaded.

Last portion of gravlaks for this season before closing down the 4-walls with a very heavy heart. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for noddle-dinner.

Been a long while since last@Alliance Française de Singapour – an evening with a dark comic play by Martin McDonagh set on Inishmaan, one of the Aran Islands off the Galway coast – The Cripple of Inishmaan directed by Ciarán Mullally. Felt like I was back in Ireland trying to understand the strong country-accent, used to love the Aran-knits sweaters.

Brought back fond memories of the holiday country-driving in that area. Les was telling us how he and our cousin Lock nearly drowned swimming off one of the Islands there.

Great play from the same Irish guy that gave us the Oscar winner Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri. What a talent – loved both of them – Paul Connolly 

Sun: not a good night sleep last night, the mind is having difficulties focusing. Les&Ivy made my day with a bottle of Dom which complimented a scrumptious fresh shellfish family dinner of mussels (made with KerryGold butter+champagne) and GongGong/L canarium. Malay common names siput GongGong=snail, and GongGong is an onomatopoetic word for a dog’s bark or how, thus DogConch – both prepared to perfection by bro Les.

To top it all, durians for dessert!

Remember gentlemen, it’s not just France we are fighting for, it’s Champagne! – Winston Churchill


Mon: a day to chill out catching up with news and sad to see what is happening in HKG. To all my family&friends there, plx be safe.

Tue: Happy Birthdays #5 who turns 8 and is somewhere up in the mountains in Norway with his immediate&Norwegian family. Looks like he will soon get his permanent 2front teeth, so better share that big bar of Freia chocolate with his siblings. Pix credits to Linn. While Linn&fam are in Norway, May&fam are in France catching up with Dike&Mark who are celebrating their 20Anniversary there. Glad that they all managed to meet up even across the oceans.

And to grand-nephew Lucas who turns 12. Too tired to attend the family dinner after a morning movie and running around town for the afternoon.

The Professor and the Mad Man – is a true tale of madness, genius, and obsession about 2men who created history with the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary. The compilation of the Oxford English Dictionary began in 1857 and was one of the most ambitious, and revolutionary projects ever undertaken. Prof Murray took on the challenge of creating the most comprehensive dictionary ever compiled, but knew that it would take him and his team over a century to compile all known definitions.

However, by “crowd sourcing” the work, that is, by enlisting definitions from people all over the world, the dictionary could be compiled in mere decades. As definitions were collected, the overseeing committee, led by Prof Murray, discovered that one man, Dr Minor, had submitted more than 10,000words. When the committee insisted on honoring him, a shocking truth came to light: Dr. Minor, an American Civil War veteran, was a convicted murderer and being held at an asylum for the criminally insane.

No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness ― Aristotle

Reveiw&pix downloaded.

Appreciations & Gratitude To Family&Friends

20 Jul 2019 – For Crossing This Life’s Journey 

Wed: @ACM for Guo Pei 郭培 born 1967 Chinese fashion designer, best known for designing dresses for Chinese celebrities,

and in the US for Rihanna’s trailing yellow gown at the 2015Met Ball

Chinese Art and Couture historical and contemporary Chinese design, juxtaposing embroidered masterworks by China’s foremost couturière with Chinese artworks. 

Dramatic, sculptural gowns reflect influences from growing up in Beijing surrounded by Chinese imperial art and mythology.

Her creations express her personal take on contemporary fashion and aesthetics. 

Exploring her impact on everyday lives beyond the runway, the exhibition presents several of her intricate Chinese bridal gowns 

contemplation on how her references and re-imagines Chinese art and tradition for China and the world today.

Had  to see these 29 stunningly intricate embroidered masterworks before I take off as the exhibition will be over in Sep while I am still away. All pix taken@ACM by me with the 2 downloaded of Rihanna’s. Somehow all these remind me of Perankan designs, absolutely&amazingly beautiful and a feast to the eyes, but it does not mean that I want them.

Free full-house lunchtime concert with JoshuaTan conducting the SSO@VCH. It’s been while since I last heard the SSO performed and was surprisingly impressed as to how good they are and have come a long way to reach up to world standards.

A cheerful&lively programme, especially with Tea for Two (Tahiti Trot) by Vincent Youmane 1898-1946/arr. Shostakovich. Liked how the harp&triangle communicated with each other. The Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop by Hans C Lumbye (1810-1874) really made me feel like I was on the train. Tkx AudreyM for company and making my day.

Back (was there just yesterday!) to Funan for lunch@AFURI 阿夫利 Both Audrey&I had their signature dish, except that hers was spicy – tasty soup without MSG.

Thu: had to take this day to sort out the words in the mind so as to be as clear as possible, and not to confuse, mislead or misunderstood. 5-emails – HDB, NEA, MPTC, MunShengAC, and my lawyer have been sent and hopefully the situation will finally resolved after 3yrs!

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all. Happy 22nd Anniversary to L&J who are now in Norway  visiting their Norwegian family – pix of all 6grandkids with their maternal great-grandma&grandpa credits to Linn.

Another location down the 1950s memory-lane where mother used to do her grocery here in this wet-market. Across the road from the yellow flowering tree, there used to a push-cart prawn noodles guy and we used to sit on the tiny wooden stools enjoying our noodles.

Today’s scene is nothing like what it was, but still do enjoy the varieties of both the market downstairs and the food upstairs – one of my favourites of this kind of market, except that the life-music could have lowered the volume!

Annual get together with Pat, Sim&Cheng. The TowKwarPop, started by 2 brothers in 1965 has been around for more than 50yrs since then – both the coffee and this TowKwarPop stall here are highly recommended.

Looking at the line@Hong-Heng Fried-Sotong-Prawn-Mee must be good too, that is usually how we judge the food of the stalls – next time round…

From the LAM TinYue branch, the eldest of the Orange-Generation LAM JenMun, nephew turned 60 last month and since I am into my last 6months in my 60s, time to catch up before heading off. Amazing that both Mun&wifeSK do not look like in their 60s!!! Can see both father&broKiong in him.

Appreciations to Mun&SK for dinner in Ichiban Boshi@United Square. Was so busy catching up as it has been many moons ago I last saw them. Forgot to take pix of food until we were finished, and judging that every morsel is gone (except scraps of chicken bones) must have been good!

Food pix taken from the display&menu later!

Long day but feeling totally blessed to have children, grandkids, nieces&nephews who make me feel proud to be their mom, mormor, auntie, grand-auntie and hopefully not to far in the distance, great-grand auntie. Appreciations&grateful for the Orange&Purple Generations. The new generation will be BrownGeneration and hopefully will still be to witness the arrival of the new generation.

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude ― AA Milne/Winnie-the-Pooh

AC Issues With HDB

18 July 2019 – 46 Marine Crescent 07-54

Tue 16Jul 2019 05.30hrs: normally I do not hear or notice anything as the AC+my radio are on, but this fated morning I thought it was raining, and as it turned out, somewhere from the upper levels their ACs were dripping on to my AC.

This is not a complain, just a statement of observation and it does not bother me, perhaps that is why I never noticed it. Did not have the AC or the radio on all night to keep the condenser cool so that workmen can install the tray this morning.

If this did not happened this morning, would have just let it be, but since it did, the ethical&decent thing to do is by writing to the necessary parties to inform them of the situation so that some one else in a similar situation will not have to go thru’ these harassment.

Even when my AC has condensation, which are normal for ACs, so the ACs above mine must also be having condensation. Somehow the neighbour ‘below me’ has chosen to misuse her position just because she works for HBD, and being just ‘above her’ she took it for granted that it is only my AC with the problem. If only she was one of the neighbours from the recent case to Neighbour From Hell –

Am in SIN usually during the winter months and the flat is closed&covered and not in used during my absence. When I am back, the AC maintenance ppl are always here to check&service and they have ensured me time and again that my ACs like all ACs have normal condensation.

Appreciations to the people from Mun Sheng Airconditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd especially Louis who are always so professional and prompt at fixing&servicing my AC when necessary.

A tray is now installed with connections diverting any water back to my bathroom. Will need to inconvenience someone to monitor that it does not get congested and overflow from the tray during my absence.

If names etc. are needed for future references, all the correspondences+pix from 2016 explaining the situation then, and again now in 2019 are available upon request. (see above blog links). I will be away end of July-Nov, but was told that if another letter of complain has to be mailed out, there will then be legal actions.

Thus the tray has been installed, but this is not the end as I will be back end of the year and it is a serious matter when threatened with legal actions, especially when research&work on your side have NOT been done properly&thoroughly.

Before you send another letter of complain again, check thoroughly that you can guarantee me that there are absolutely NO condensation and dripping ACs from the 8th-12th floors too.