Beliefs Triumph Over Logic Again

7 Apr 2022 – Hospital Admissions (2000-now)

Tue: QingMing 清明 (Tomb-Sweeping) is now ongoing in this part of the world. In memory of my parents&grandparents – will not be going to the crematorium, but thoughts are with them.

Pix downloaded – bringing this QingMing to the next level with these paper offerings (today even a bank!  do wonder what OCBC thinks of it?), will continue as the never-ending of beliefs, faith&hopes triumph over logic&reality again! This really makes me wonder if it is possible&how to make a whole paper universe with all the materialistic values in it, ie a package-deal? As DeniseS so eloquently said – Our humanness makes us vulnerable and we all seek solace in different ways. I suppose it depends on the devils that haunt one from life’s experiences that determine what manner of solace we choose.

Wed: appreciations to niece Daisy for lovely flowers delivery, made my day and so thoughtful of her for cheering me up when I really needed it today.

2yrs ago was the start of lock-downs&circuit-breakers. Was also admitted to SGH due to an asthma attack then (also around QingMing), swapped for Covid /negative, blood test+X-rays were done to discover too high calcium-levels – more scans were then arranged for the thyroids.

Jun2020: infected gallbladder when an ambulance took me to RafflesHospital for an unscheduled emergency surgery where the gallbadder was removed –

Apr 2021:scheduled thyroid surgery@SGH

Jul2021: scheduled R VATS KIVsurgical removal of a nodule in the upper R-Lung incidentlly discovered during thyroid scans@SGH

Apr2022: FarrerPkMedicalCentre for another asthma attack and this time round tkx to Leslie referring on to Dr AlvinNg’s care and thank goodness no need to be admitted to the hospital –

Thu: follow-up appt with Dr Ng, and since in the area, took the opportunity to do some shopping@City SqMall and pick up some fresh produce@Mustafa. Kiwiberry, yummy but expensive $5.50, mini pineapples/6-8perpack $3.50, fresh dates$8, mini capsicums$3.70, not getting any dill, no gravlaks on the menu for now.

Frist time trying WokHey – egg fried rice with prawns$7.30, ok for that price and considering it being fastfood – still prefer the one@鼎泰豐 DinTaiFung costing nearly twice!

Hopefully all those hospital admittences from Apr2000-Jul2021 will be it   –  keeping my fingers crossed that whatever more underlying health issues can be taken care of now so that I am able to travel again in 2023.

Namaste=the light within me bows to the light within you. Really! 5yrs ago in 2017 since we were in Nepal where one of the most dangerous airports/Lukla is located!

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