22 Apr 2021 –  Metabolic Imbalance

Tue: picking up heavier stuff like laundry detergent and toilet tissue for next week as I do not know how my condition will be after surgery!

Wed: for those who might not remember about GeorgeFloyd, here is the link:

Justice has now done its job – DerekChauvin guilty in death of GeorgeFloyd:

It took the BostonMarathon and the year of Linn’s 40thBday to get all of us from SIN, Norway&USA together and 7yrs ago today since my whole flock & I were gathered together in one country, this is still only pix of us all:

Perhaps we can start planning ahead for Linn’s 50th – I will need that to look forward to, especially in today’s circumstances.

Preparing for tomorrow’s surgery and will need to fast tonight, ie no food from midnight until after op. Appreciate gratefully all concerns from family&friends with thanks and will ask for help when&if needed. At such a time, for me personally, would prefer to be alone with a clear mind to deal with my own issues&thoughts without having to take considerations to others feelings, questions&thoughts – have promised to update with text from the hospital whenever I am able to do so.

Reflecting on Jun2020 emergency hospital admittance by ambulance, I do sincerely apologise for causing concerns&worries as the mobile died on me and was out of action&reach!

Unlike then, this surgery is a minor invasive op by choice&recommendation, and knowing in advance, might help with preparing as how to deal emotionally incase of complications, etc…

Thu: a bouquet of good vibes before I go under the knife this afternoon, and for those who have not gone for their vaccinations, here is a good one that might make y’all reconsider – hahaha.

Checked into SGH ~1130hrs, (the waiting area before op) scheduled surgery ~1430hrs, delayed till 1530hrs. Still alive, but not quite kicking~1800hrs in a daze in between snooze, throwing up everything all evening from the side-effect of the GA.

From Garry18Apr: The trip around the block. In Alice Springs for the last few nights of Parrrtjima – A Festival In Light.

Staged in the wonderful Desert Park 5-6 km out of town, it has echos of Sydney’s Vivid, but is very distinctively local. Instead of lighting up an Opera House or a Customs building, they lit up the Macdonnell Ranges!! Not that my pics captured that bit at all well.

Some of his pix captured bits&pieces of the mt range in the background with a clear night sky where you can see the stars – absolutely mesmerizing.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present!

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