Coastal PlayGrove

16 Apr 2021 – 10 of the World’s Weirdest Flowers

Tue: Ramadan starts today lasting until Wed12May. To those marking this time – Salam Ramadhan&Selamat Berpuasa and fast healthy&safely. Should fast too, good to clean&clear  and to rid some of the toxicity in the system! Tkx to TuahBugis/Sarafian for his share of the SultanMosque pix. Blessed&fortunate to be living where the various culture, religion, race, etc are practised and there is much to learn from each other. Looking forward to taking a walk down Geylang Serai to taste the foods when fasting is over!

When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained – Sahih Bukhari (1899)
At first sight, thought it was a hoax or photoshop! This is for real, no photoshop and the names of this the above flowers are – HangingNakedMan/OrchisItalica, Hooker’sLips/Hot Lips/PsychotriaElata Check out the link below for more unusual flowers
Wed: JiaHe@One Farrer Hotel Connexion, Chinese Restaurant’s name is based on the Chinese idiom 家和万事兴which translates to if the family lives in harmony all affairs will prosper.
Appreciations to the 2 Ivys for this lunch. Homemade BambooCharcoalBeancurd with LocalSpinach was a good new taste for my pallet. Crispy PinkSwan YamPuff (WuKok 芋角) where beetroot juice is supposedly used to dye these dumplings is a nice novelty&presentation and the rest of the usual DimSum was OK.
Comment from cousin Yun in Toronto/Canada: we have a fancy restaurant here too that shape dim sum into shapes of animals. They use peasant meat and sharks fin and charge you accordingly. Give me the old lady with the cart any time. I am a sucker for the old tradition. For me: as long as they taste good, it is sometimes a nice change to have a pretty presentation for special occasions.
Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour – WilliamCowper
Thu: walked to AmberRd in the rains and took the underpass to ECPk – these clean&spotless, ie without graffiti&grabage underpass never fail to amaze me. The new shelter walkway here is also another pleasing sight.
The new CoastalPlayGroveAreaB, former BigSplash. Am rather upset, unable to find an old pix of L&M from 1979 when this location was BigSplash. Oh well, will keep looking and hope to find it.
The new revamp area is nicely done with a NaturePlayGarden 
Wading pool&streams with water jets surround the area.
PlayTower – 4-storey vertical net play area called the VerticalChallenge, and slides on the 3rd&4th level.
Views from the top of the tower – towards the airport, spotted an airplane; towards CBD happy to see the sky clearing there.
Views around the grounds from above.
Like the idea of this OutdoorClassroom and glad to see the contribution from SparkleTots@46MarineCres.
These are the eateries including a BK. Tkx to Clement for dinner@OldTownWhiteCoffee. 
Serene&cool stroll towards EC LagoonFood passing by a touching scene of a daughter surprising her father for his 50thBday. Got off at the underpass at AreaE heading for an ice-cream& a drink@BlackPearl ECRd. You are never too old for playgrounds and ice-cream, also never too old to walk 15k.
Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all and good luck to Clem for his 1stShot this morning. Apr haircut with HelenS at TheRoots@EliasMall (PasirRis), found another way there with shorter rides on public transport. Tkx to Helen who recommended Peggy here.
CC to catch up with Calvin&Sam to learn about these expensive brandname bike+accessories from the younger generation!
Appreciations for scrumptious dinner@WhampoaHawkerCentre where one of my favourite seafood cooks, JYong is – highly recommended. When you are in good company with food like these, that is what life is about.
From Garry 13Apr: After two nights in Arkaroola its off to Maree. Was concerned about all these kids appearing of the scrub so headed off on the Oodnadatta track  .
Maree. The railway town without a railway. Long story but in the 1800’s the Great Northern Railway was built from Port Augusta to Oonadatta. Massive infrastructure project with different passenger and freight gauges. Later a decision was made to remove the railway westward to what became the Darwin to Adelaide track.. Thus a string of abandoned railway villages and bridges along the track. If i had an ancient relative who sweated his guts out building this railway for 2 shillings and two pence a day, I’d be pissed off on his behalf!
And then, in the middle of nowhere, literally, there appears a ‘sculpture park’ although if its ‘sculpture’.
The railway line to nowhere. Lake Eyre South. The white expanse is salt. 15m below sea level. The water from the recent rains in Qld have only reached the North Lake so far.
Lake Eyre South. The white expanse is salt. 120m below sea level, salt below my feet and flies on my back.