The Big Picture

19 Apr 2021 – BBQ In Comfort & Style

Sat: not only regarding Science vs Social Media, but just about everything in life The Big Picture vs Tunnel Vision is one of the best visual examples, tkx to JJessup for this share. Does not only apply to vision, but also to reading & listening, not unusual that we all sometimes hear, read & see selectively & subjectively.
We often engage the defense mechanism of tunnel vision, just to keep ourselves focused on our daily lives. This makes us terribly jaded in our perception of what is really around us – Nazarian
Appreciations to Les&Ivy for a yummy BBQdinner. Pleasant cool evening after a whole day of rains causing flash-foods in some parts, fortunately the rains stop by dinner.  The new gazebo with a BBQbuilt-in is a such a good idea.
With them, there is always abundance of good food&wine. Patricia/May made a delicious potato salad (must remember to ask her for the recipe), and I, with my fruit-tower.
Sun: body needs to rest from food – just had liquids for the day. Trying to search for my father’s IC# and death certificate, but unable to find them – what a day, no food on top of that!!
Mon: lunch with Boon&HS and to also introduce them to my favourite CheeCheongFun @MTfoodMarket. Dinner with Calvin&Sam+Helen in my hood@PP/basementFoodRepublic and grocery browsing@3rdLevelNTUC-FairPriceEtra with a colourful 4wall mural to the ceiling+a bar within, and you can also sit down and have a meal, probably the only one of such! Last visit here was in Jan when the mural motive seemed to have been a different one!
From Garry16Apr: Trip around the block continued to Alice Springs. Almost 1000kms of dirt road covered, much of it corrugated and despite recent rains and some water still lying around, it was very dusty. I was in CooberPedy many moons ago and stayed in one of their cave hotels. It was nice&cool inside even with the hot temperatures outside.
Magnificent steel bridge that is part of the abandoned railway.
Main street of Oodnadatta- the hottest and the driest town in Austria. Abandoned railway station now a local museum.
Sunset at the Henbury Meteorite Crators -between Marla and Alice – camp-site for the night. Memorial to the bent stick! Because trees are all but non existent in much of the area, stunted twisted trees were all that were available for telegraph poles and their supports that carried the overland telegraph line from Darwin to the south. So they earned this memorial!
Crator – Red River Gum
Alice is approached from the south through a gap in the Macdonald Ranges known as The Gap! Through the gap flow one river bed, a pedestrian walkway, a two lane road and a railway. No space to spare! Up to 160 Aircraft stored at Alice during covid. So that is where our SIA,Scoot&SilkAir are hiding.