Spring Is In The Air

29 Mar 2021 – A Busy Weekend

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Was cleaning out some of my knickknacks to be rid of. This must be the smallest gold coin, so small that it has to be embedded into this card so as not to get lost! some of the other tiny stuffs are – angel, plate-display and μάτι (mati), eye (the evil eye) in my collection! Am keeping these as they hardly take up any space!

Nature gives to every time and every season beauties of their own – Spring is when life’s alive everywhere. Go and enjoy your walks in nature or in the parks. Appreciations to NParks for taking care of our island’s GardenCity with some of these pretty blooms along the streets&highways and not forgetting those in our parks as well.

CatClawIvy (Dolichandra unguis-cati) along PasirRisIndustrialDrive1 – pix credits Lee JiaHwa. Mexican Petunia (Ruellia simplex) lovely blue flowers@SingPohGarden from my walk in the park.

TrumpetTree (Tabebuia rosea) along UluPandan PCN – pix credits DennisQuek. YellowSaraca (Saraca thaipingensis) along SerangoonParkConnector – pix credits: KA Latiff.

Bus196 on NicoleHighway heading into the CBD with threatening skies

Brunch@BkMerahView where the sky finally opened up with a short heavy downpour – pleasant breeze to accompany this yummy plate of CharKwayTeow, been a long while since I had this dish and one of my favourite stalls for this is@ZionRd which is closed for renovations. Went to Clement’s place (just around the corner) to watch Ode to Joy, a no brainer romantic comedy.

Burger dinner@Carney/AmoySt, and there will probably not be another round here again for me!

Desserts at rooftop@PS.Cafe/AnnSiangAnn for KeyLimePie is another story where they will be more rounds here for me as this only place in SIN which makes a good tart one for my taste.

The others had Profitero&StickyFigPudding which were also yummy. Appreciations for a belated Bday dinner.

Sun: admiring beautiful daffodils and guiding on foot a young couple, Hannah&Heiko starting with a brunch 1100hrs@TiongBahruMarket with few yummy fresh dates to taste (8 tiny dates S$3!).

Heritage Tree along to YongSiakSt to learn that BooksActually is no more physically, now only online. Walking around to point out some of YYC’s early wall murals here.

AirRaidShelter around MohGuanTerrace

Faun&flora with this vibrant red Peregrina (Jatropha integerrima) along SengPoh Garden&Road. Heading towards on SengPohRd to the former BirdCorner along TiongBahruRd-TiongPohRd-EngHoonSt to pick up 2almond croissants@TiongBahruBakery (my favourite croissant place) to nibble on the way towards Chinatown via OutramRd. Appreciations to PaulineTay (Nparks) for providing the names of these lovely flora.

Up to Pearl’sHillCityPark from OutramRd to sadly discover this lovely big tree is no longer and again upset to see another gone on the way down towards Chinatown. Wished that these were heritage trees too! Fond memories from here when&where the former condo block was and when I used to walk up&down here picking the red SagaSeeds on my way.


Detour up 195PearlHillTerrace and down to People’sParkComplex&MeiHeongYuen(TempleSt),  too crowded to stop there, but did point out as we passed by some of YYC’s wall murals. Finally a break@MaxwellMarket where there were no crowds or lines for a refreshing cold fresh sugarcane juice.


Today the cakes@FullertonHotel did not tempt me even after ~10kwalk! Bus196 directly back to my 4-walls for a welcoming shower and an early night. H&H also found a direct bus back to where they need to go. Appreciations to these young ppl who are such a spot to walk with me.

Mon: after a good 8+hrs sleep and with a good rest today to update blog&pix, will be ready seize more moments ahead!

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time – Mark Twain


25 Mar 2021 – Bougainvillea Garden@ECPk

Mon: The Owkang Chicken Sellers@Kovan – appreciations&credits to JeromeLim, my favourite SIN blogger The Long and Winding Road for his posting:


Found the newer edition, 2019 BusGuide@Popular – the old one I have from 2015 is missing some of the new routes and have been wanting to get the newer edition for some time! This guard for the gas stove will come in handy when I have the front door+kitchen window open at the same time when cooking!

Stars of Kovan – newly designed condos without any sharp corners! (not good for fengshui according to some ppl), but with various eateries&services on the ground-level.

Must try this WaWa Seafood someday, ie if they are still here on my next visit!

Appreciations to DaisyC for yummy BakChorMee/MeePok 肉脞麵 a staple food commonly found in SIN-HawkerCentres. Tasting my way around the island! figuring which will be amongst my favourites!! Tkx for guiding me thru’ her hood, another unfamiliar area for me to wander about!

Tue23Mar: A Tribute And In Memory of Singapore’s First Prime Minister Mr. LEE Kuan Yew (1923-2015) – the only politician who has gained my total admiration&respect. 6yrs ago – Singapore Matters remembers our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Time… does not lessen our gratitude.


Today’s grocery at Giant@MarineT-SenSavS$1.10. Dinner@Jo’s who will be 84 end of this month and just got her 1st vaccine yesterday without any side-effects so far. 

Wed: delighted to discover MrCoconut@PP, a new drink&dessert joint in my hood. https://mrcoconut.sg/full-website/ Have been told that this fresh refreshing CoconutWater (not to be confused with CoconutMilk) is cooling!! (a Chinese myth??), but then at S$4.60per cup, can only afford to drink one of my favourites once in a while. The SnowBallCoconut is another one that I like, also at the same price and would would get it for an occasion treat when grocery shopping@Tampines’Giant. CoconutWater and not juice! but then coconut is a nut, not a fruit.

Thu: ~5k walk on the ECPk to check out the blooms@Bougainvillea Gardens – strange that the taller ones are in full bloom but not the shorter ones?? Was hoping to see them all in blooms, so will probably have to return to see the others in bloom.

Looking left towards the airport, across to the Indonesian islands and right towards the CBD on this serene overcast morning. Strange, but quiet&peaceful to hardly hear&see any flights landing&taking off!

Standing tall amongst magnificent trees, taking time to enjoy the moment from their tops to their roots.

Area-F is the only section I know of where bus36, the only bus that stops so close by the ECP-PCN. Decided to take the bus back to not miss the blooms on the highway this year. When travel was more at ease, this will be around the time I fly off and would usually admire these blooms on the way to the airport!

A flower blossoms for its own joy (and so should we… hahaha) – Oscar Wilde 

City Square Mall

21 Mar 2021 – Yip Yew Chong’s Works

Fri: TGIF on this WorldSleepDay! and a wonderful weekend to all. 

Good soup&salad, Malay-style, SotoAyam, chicken-soup (without noddles), Achar, pickled veg+1Begedil, potato patty lunch ($5.80)@HJH-MaimunahMini, CitySqMall/FoodRepublic, one of the food courts which is tastefully painted with the old heritage shophouses

Other reasons for me to be there: DonDonDonki&Daiso – the DDDDs, like IKEA, have seldom got out of these stores empty-handed!

These caught my eyes while excising by walking around all the 5levels+2basements, and no, would not want any of them.

AIRZONE-Indoor-Atrium-Net-Playground suspended over 3-storeys has been here for some years. Have always wanted to try it out whenever I here, but forgot about it last year when Linn+#2&May+#6 were visiting – hopefully their next visit.

Thank you Helen for introducing me to this hair-dresser, TheRoots@EliasMall (PasirRis), 1st time wondering in this hood – buses 31&68 and 1+hr to get up there, but am satisfied with the cut. Most hair dressers would not even attempt to give me this short style cut on the back, even when I request for it!

Delightful alfresco dinning on yummy Malay food, drinks and 

in good cheerful company+dark&rich chocolate ice-cream for dessert, all costing less than S$20pp. Lucky me – Malay food twice in a week! 

Sat: In0850hrs-Out0930hrs@MPCC less than 5mins from where I live crossing the overhead-bridge on StillRd, 2nd shot against COVID19, Pfizer vaccine done – one of the best vaccinations experienced so far, did not even feel the slightest sting when the needle went in! Will let y’all know if I am still alive in a fortnight’s time!! Talking it easy for the day, ie snoozing&watching movies!!!

Happy Spring Equinox – goodbye Winter, hello Spring! Beautiful memories of the daffodils from Ireland and blåveis from Norway – what are the chances that I will ever see such lovely spring, the real thing again?? Thank goodness for memories&imagination – pix downloaded.

Sun: was thrilled to receive this, #3 has not been back to SIN since he was born here, must have drawn this from his mother’s&sis’s pix during their 2020 visit or maybe being born here, he has some idea! Painted a small section of the small narrow gutter outside in the common area as it was flaking&peeling, quite an eyesore for my sight! Not the exact same colour, but still better (I think) than what it was, forgot to take a before shot.

Do enjoy many of YipYewChong’s works and the below documentary features SIN-Chinese from various dialect groups and their cultures. Here you can catch a glimpse of him bringing TV host DannyYeo to his studio to view the paintings 年晚,行清,烧衣, 中秋夜, 冬至 and 戏院横街湿巴刹 Also a walking tour of his ChinatownMurals, as well talked about his 2012 trip to his ancestral village in China’s Guandong province. E.

Well done YYC, hope that he will someday publish his works, if not already done? Pix downloaded.


The arm is no longer sore and hope that it will be the only side-effect from this 2nd vaccine! Appreciations for dinner to Les&Ivy to mark their 51stAnniversary – my contribution, a presentation of local dessert tray of kuehs. The most common flavouring ingredients for MalayKuehs are grated coconut (plain or flavoured), coconut cream (thick or thin), Pandan (screwpine) leaf and GulaMelaka (palm sugar, fresh or aged).

OndeOndePandan infused dough balls covered with grated coconut, commonly green color with GulaMelaka filling; LapisSagu-multi coloured layers; OngoiUbi-Tapioca with grated coconut; KuehTalam-Pandan&CoconutCream – these are a few of my favourites from BengawanSolo.

St Patrick’s Day 2021

18 Mar 2021: Happy 47Bday To My First-Born

Tue: Chaco@CC sales S$75, time to get a new pair for nephew Clem as he has worn out the last sale’s pair! Also to check out these lovely photo books by SengHock

Some of these lovely tree pix from his collection – now updated&inserted in my AmazingTrees posting.

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life ― Herman Hesse

Tkx for Calvin for dinner from Jaggi’s Punjabi/NorthernIndian cuisine in good company of Helen, SengHock & Iyas.

Wed: La Feile Padraig Happy St Patrick’s Day to all celebrating. Will always try to attend the parade whenever possible. 1st parade attended (pix downloaded) in Dublin/Ireland 1966 and the last one (so far), in HI/US 2019. Legends associated with St Patrick – he miraculously drove all the snakes of Ireland into the sea, thus one of my favourite saints, hahaha! He is said to have used the three leaflets of the shamrock to explain the concept of the HolyTrinity.

Many of my favourite writers are Irish and it will be a never-ending to list them with their quotes, thus an Irish blessing to all.

Thu: 47yrs ago, there were concerns, hoping that my contractions did not start on St Patrick’s Day. Rotunda Hospital was at the other end of O’ConnellSt where the parade was held. Two above pix downloaded with a route-map for the present day parade.

Mon18Mar1974-0430hrs a bundle of joy, Linn, my 1st born was welcomed in Dublin/Ireland when I was 24. Anyone who has been thru’ a natural childbirth for their 1st born will always remember that feeling of becoming a mother – lost my voice for a few days after she was born! For real, looking at the old pix now and remembering why there was a scarf around the neck. Pix of her from Dublin/Ireland 1974+pix from SIN 2020. 


Today she is still a bundle of joy with 5children and makes me a proud mother&grandmother.  Having children has changed me in the best possible way. Was an OK person before having children but I know that I am a different person now, and hopefully better because of L&M. Many moons ago, when asked what was my most difficult challenge in life? My reply was&still is: 1-raising children, 2-completing the AT Thru’Hike, and will never want to trade them for anything else.

Appreciations to sis Jo for dinner, she makes a delicious MeeSiam. Belated 50thBday (9Mar) celebration&cake for Sue

1983 Chateau Lafite Rothschild

15 Mar 2021 – A Dinner To Remember

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. To family&friends in Norway, keep warm&stay safe from this latest snowfall

A mystery package with 2toothbrushes arrived from the Netherlands a few days ago! Has this happened to anyone? What should I do with them as I did not buy or ordered this and friends I know there or any others connected with dental care have not sent it??
Tkx to Kristy for this link and to let me know that it wouldn’t impact me negatively, but could explain the package, thus will donate them charity.
Made Tex-Mex, FajitaChicken lunch for AudreyM – pix from when I made the same for AudreyW last year, forgot to take pix this time round!
Many thanks to Theresa&ChengJun for this most delicious steak dinner and the perfect magnum bottle of 1983 ChateauLafiteRothschild. How is it possible to drink any other wines after this???
Sun: Happy Sweet 16 to #2 of the grandchildren flock.
This is so cool – instead of removing a dying 110yrs-old tree from her property, a librarian in Idaho/USA transformed the stump into a LittleFreeLibrary. Being a fan of trees, especially old trees, started the below posting in 2012 Dedicated to Trees Around The World  and have been updating it regularly.
Started on this Netflix series New Amsterdam, inspired by BellevueHospital in NYC, which is the oldest public hospital in the US. Being an idealistic, especially where education&social health issues are concerned, am so far enjoying this series. 
Mon: it has been exactly 10yrs ago when I was travelling on the Sarawak&Rajang Rivers and  Pan-Borneo Highway trying to retrace the KLB branches – another memorable trip!
Wonder when&where the next adventure will be???? At present, will just let the books,  memories, imagination&the screen to run their course and see where they will take me! 
We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep ― Shakespeare 
I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world ― Einstein
Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world ― Oscar Wilde

Staycation For The Camera

11 Mar 2021 – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Mon: Happy International Women’s Day and a good week to all. I am a daughter, grand-daughter, sister, mother, grandmother – I am human and a woman ♀

New discovery, Cô Chung – good Vietnamese food@PlazaSIN. The ambiance with a small aquarium+fresh beautiful flowers give a nice touch here. 

PhoBeefSoup/Phở Bò and FreshSpringRolls/Gỏi Cuốn were tasty. WaterFernCake/Bánh Bèo, first time tasting these steamed rice cakes with crushed shrimp, scallion oil, sweet fish sauce and they were excellent. Lemongrass drink was how I would make it for myself, not too sweet – a very satisfactory meal + efficient service, highly recommended and will return.

Decided for an evening stroll to see where the mood will lead – from OrchardRd heading towards BrasBasahRd to find that the RendezvousHotel is newly painted to blue with a painted white top added which I do not recall seeing when the building was in white.

Lovely contrast of the NationalMuseum from SMU (former sports ground for SJI&CHIJ). It has been a long while with this barricades in front of the former SJI, now SAM, but what are they doing now?? 

Walking thru’ SMU beautiful campus makes me feel like going back to school – like the idea for this section of the building with books, this is new and befitting.

Have been wanting to take a shot like this for many years. Every time I pass by LeeKongChian School of Business/SMU on the bus I keep telling myself that I want a shot of this when the lights are on! Finally, tkx to Clement it is done – such a good nephew who has the patience to accompany me on these night walks to make sure that I do not fall over!

Have not been to this section, The School of Law since it was completed. Did not even know that ArmenianSt has turned into a pedestrian street and the FirstBotanicGarden here.

After 30+yrs, The Substation will vacate ArmenianStreet premises in end-Jul…

Anyone in my era who had private piano lessons with MrsWong will remember this older white building (now beautifully renovated) on YokeYewSt and across from it was


Edited with these 2 downloaded pix Mon5Apr2021: the AmericanEmbassy then from 1960s; and now this new building SembcorpDevelopment&Indrustries has replaced it. Such a pity, personally my preference is for the older building.

Once the SIN PhilatelicMuseum, soon to be a ChildrenMuseum. Good to know&see that MasonsTable is still around on ColemanSt, do not even remember when I was last there!

Continued on ColemanSt, passing by some of these cameras in the shops! If I had to carry those, I think I will be put off with taking pix!! Last pix for the night of SwissotelThe Stamford&StAndrew’sCathedra before turning onto StAndrew’sRd heading to FullertonHotel for a break before getting on the bus. 

Must have lost my camera somewhere along the way to Fullerton, or in Fullerton or the bus. Called the hotel and wrote to SBS lost&found with hopes of good news from them. If not, doubt that I will never see it again. Oh well, nothing much can be done now except for a good night sleep.

Tue: grocery shopping with a heavy heart thinking that I have lost all of Mon pix, but that did not last too long. Fullerton called to inform me that they have located my humble little black camera. Thank you and appreciations to all for your encouraging kind thoughts&words, they must have been heard – I am sooo truly blessed. Welcome back my little black Canon, looks like it needed a break from me, hahaha! Hope that it enjoyed a nice staycation with Lizzy&Robby@FullertonHotel.
Wed: hello Macus, nice to meet a good sport who willingly wants to wander around with me for the day. CityCentreSofitel for the art exhibition of Yip Yew Chong’s Stories from Yesteryear.
The CNY reunion dinner where according to Yip, the son who did not return – to my idealistic imagination, I would like to think that the guy walking up the stairs is the son returning.
Do enjoying seeing the various SIN colourful festive scenes.
Continuing to the former YanKitSwimmingComplex (1952-2001) where the pools are long gone, and this is what it looks like now – panorama shot credits to Marcus.
Glad that the building is still there, renovated, but the circular swinging gate at the entrance is gone – now YanKitPlayfield with excise machines.
Edited with 3above pix Wed7Apr2021: found these older pix from when I returned ~1999-2000 and this old B/W taken from the National Library’s Jubilee Photo Studio in Jun2019.
TanjongPagarCC is lined with ppl waiting for their COVID-19vaccines. Tkx to Macus, will be trying out his EdenFertilizer on my 2plants and will update with the results.
Thu: good to catch up with Inessa@CC where there was a Chaco sales (got a pair for Clem), and then a bite of one of my favourite thin pizzas@OwlsBrew – tkx to Pat for letting me on the secret on how to get the thin crust.

A Tribute to Dr Seuss

7 Mar 2021 – Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991)

Wed&Thu: replying mail, messages, updating notes etc. Some music humour came to mind as I was sorting out music books, manuscripts, notes, scores + old LPs.

Fri-Sat-Sun: have been following the news with the controversial on six of Dr. Seuss (1904-1991) books. Being an admirer&fan of him, but have not read all his books (60+) nor any of these six that will no longer be in print, but able to see&understand from today’s circumstances & conditions as to why this is happening.

Glad to read that NY+some other public libraries will not be removing these books. Enjoyed going into Youtube online to listen to the readings and to see the illustrations (see below).



One of my favourites is Oh, the Places You’ll Go! His last book which I gifted away to some of the high-school grads when L&M graduated high school (1992&1997) – the words are so simple and yet meaningful&profound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abw43kcLrbg

  1. And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street (1937)*
  2. If I Ran the Zoo (1950) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl6wD6EGOVk
  3. McElligot’s Pool (1947) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlsA3hb6a5c
  4. On Beyond Zebra! (1955) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnsM5VxAR68
  5. Scrambled Eggs Super! (1953) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLKnal92y7w
  6. The Cat’s Quizzer (1976) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yeNj1akz30

*And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Streeta character described as Chinese has two lines for eyes, carries chopsticks and a bowl of rice, and wears traditional Japanese-style shoes..


Just cannot get enough of his wacky, whimsy&witty words combined with amazing illustrations from such an imagination written in 1937. As a Chinese of race, I do not feel or see any prejudiced against or antagonistic towards a person or people of a particular racial or ethnic group. To me it is just to show the colourful difference of life. Considering the era it was written in 1937, would like to believe&think that it was not done with any intentional hidden agender or motives, unlike today’s sensitive culture regarding race, religion, etc.

Of all his book, The Lorax in the movie is where I find a stereo-typing of an Asian race looking character, O’Hare who has big ideas for making money.


Edited: a valid comment from Nancy, one of my AT-hiking-buddies – and let’s remember it wasn’t the public who wanted these books taken away – it was the Seuss Foundation. And, I do agree that the African American depiction was awful, but the Chinese one could have been seen as colorful but I’m still not sure that it wouldn’t have been offensive to some Chinese in America where they were often taunted for their different looks and dress. I am surprised at how old these books are because I don’t think I had any as a child but I had lots for my own children. And I gave Daniel the “Oh the Places You’ll Go” after graduation. I actually discovered a copy in an AT shelter that gave me the idea.

My reply: I am sure some of his depictions were and still are distasteful to some ppl, but that is art! As mentioned, can also see&understand why those six books will no longer be in print, considering today’s sensitive circumstances & conditions…

A very dear elderly friend, AlonzoDawe (1927-2019) who was a wonderful artist with a great sense of humor and up to today, I still miss his humour teasing me about eating soup with sticks and walking to nowhere – hahaha! Another example of innocent humour from another gentleman from that era.

Feb2013: I would like to dedicate my NewsFeedOscar to AlonzoDawe, an amazing 85yrs gentleman, father of JanSosa, grandfather of Angie, Jackie, Amanda, and a great grandfather to 7kids. He is an inspiration who has recently joined FB to keep contact. Welcome Alonzo to the online world – glad that we can keep in touch across these oceans.
Gone is an era when&where the innocence of humour&wit with illustrations&words showing the beautiful&colourful differences of cultures, etc in this wonderful world! Sadly&unfortunately some of todays actions, words, illustrations, etc can be taken out of context, thus splitting hairs and leading to misunderstandings.

First COVID-19 Vaccine

2 Mar 2021- 8Treasures Tonic-Soup With Black Chicken

Sat: 1stCOVID-19shot with 9regristations, 12vaccines and 6discharge stations, was impressed at how everything was so efficiently executed. @MPCC 0850hrs, vaccinated@0900hrs, under observation  for 25-30mins

0925hrs was discharged to do grocery shopping – no sweat! Walked pass by this little red car bringing back cheerful childhood memories and making my day.

To pamper myself, made 8TreasuresTonicSoup八珍汤 – ready package consisting of

  1. CodonopsisRoot – DangShen 党参
  2. SweetPotato – BaiShu 白薯
  3. PoriaCocos – FuLing 茯苓
  4. LicoriceRoot – ShengGanCao 生甘草
  5. SzechuanLovageRoot- ChuanXiong 川芎
  6. PeonyRoot – BaiShao 白芍
  7. FoxgloveRoot – ShuDi 熟 地 黄
  8. AngelicaSinensis – DangGui 當歸          +BlackChickenbought@FairPrice$5.35.

Taking time to slowly take the CNYdecorations down with a slightly sore arm. 

Now with my 1stCOVID-19vaccine taken, will await to see the effects before the 2nd-shot on 20Mar. In the meanwhile, tkx to niece Kat in NY/USA for this great share – enjoyed this interconnectedness of nature and our relationship to it. Never to get lost is not to live and the best sort of walk is the one on which it doesn’t matter twopence whether you get anywhere at all https://www.brainpickings.org/2018/04/18/nan-shepherd-living-mountain-walking/

Favourite AT painting of TeamMofo/Guinness, Mofo, Pilgrim&Corky heading thru’ the WhiteMountains by Chuck Becky Aldridge. Looking forward with happy thoughts as to when I can see my family again and can hike, trekk or walk with my AThiking-buddies.

Sun: enjoyed the first moon on this 2021LunarCalender with no more sore in the arm or any other side-effects, hopefully none in the next few days to come. Boosting the immune system with tonic soup&rest – managed to gross-out some ppl with this pix before deboning the meat from the chicken to the final presentation to be served, lol.

Tkx to Gel for breakfast company and for being a GuineaPig for the soup which tasted much better than it looks, so do not judge the book by its cover hahaha.

28Feb 2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 29
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 8,498
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 622

Mon: goodbye Feb, hello Mar! Thank you for such wonderful memories with Francis&Henrietta, Richard, David, Johnny, Harry from exactly 10yrs ago (2011) in HKG. Looking forward to catching up with all again and do some hiking with Harry when it is easier to travel – will miss LokLok.10yrs, a whole decade seems another lifetime ago! – tkx to FB for these reminders!


Appointment@SGH arranging for surgery in Apr. Errands in Chinatown and dinner@IKEA with Clem & Leo. Had a craving for the simple peel to eat shrimps & Gravlaks from the northern seas! No ice-cream@QueenswayShoppingCentre’s McD, 1st time in this building! Tkx for dessert@Starbucks@AnchorpointShoppingCentre. Appreciations to these 2wonderful ppl for their patience with assisting, helping, teaching an old auntie to keep up in this high-tech world over the past 2+decades!

Tue: grocery day, senior savings S$1.18 – fresh produce washed and ready to be stored to last the week.

Mar family Bdays+special days:

2 Mar – ArleenUMALI
3 Mar – LAM JingZhi George
4 Mar – Brenna LAM-KENNEDY     
6 Mar – LindaTAY           
9 Mar – LEONG SueLyn               
11Mar – KenTAN                            
13Mar – RobynKAWAMOTO     
14Mar – EllieHALL           
15Mar – DanielWONG                                                                                                                          17Mar – LEONG Pat-Lynn, BethYEOH  & Happy St Patrick’s Day
18Mar – LinnHALL, LAM YiSheng
31Mar – JosephineLAM

Happy Mar Bdays to: AlexChua, AnthonyChao, GelYeo HannahLeong & NattyTay (SIN); JohnLim (Australia), AmeliaPower, PaulDrumm & StevenKao (Dublin/Eire); ThomasHeggelund (Norway); AlSosa, CeeWorel & JaniceTubbs (USA). Amazing to know 27ppl with bdays in Mar!