Spring Is In The Air

29 Mar 2021 – A Busy Weekend

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Was cleaning out some of my knickknacks to be rid of. This must be the smallest gold coin, so small that it has to be embedded into this card so as not to get lost! some of the other tiny stuffs are – angel, plate-display and μάτι (mati), eye (the evil eye) in my collection! Am keeping these as they hardly take up any space!

Nature gives to every time and every season beauties of their own – Spring is when life’s alive everywhere. Go and enjoy your walks in nature or in the parks. Appreciations to NParks for taking care of our island’s GardenCity with some of these pretty blooms along the streets&highways and not forgetting those in our parks as well.

CatClawIvy (Dolichandra unguis-cati) along PasirRisIndustrialDrive1 – pix credits Lee JiaHwa. Mexican Petunia (Ruellia simplex) lovely blue flowers@SingPohGarden from my walk in the park.

TrumpetTree (Tabebuia rosea) along UluPandan PCN – pix credits DennisQuek. YellowSaraca (Saraca thaipingensis) along SerangoonParkConnector – pix credits: KA Latiff.

Bus196 on NicoleHighway heading into the CBD with threatening skies

Brunch@BkMerahView where the sky finally opened up with a short heavy downpour – pleasant breeze to accompany this yummy plate of CharKwayTeow, been a long while since I had this dish and one of my favourite stalls for this is@ZionRd which is closed for renovations. Went to Clement’s place (just around the corner) to watch Ode to Joy, a no brainer romantic comedy.

Burger dinner@Carney/AmoySt, and there will probably not be another round here again for me!

Desserts at rooftop@PS.Cafe/AnnSiangAnn for KeyLimePie is another story where they will be more rounds here for me as this only place in SIN which makes a good tart one for my taste.

The others had Profitero&StickyFigPudding which were also yummy. Appreciations for a belated Bday dinner.

Sun: admiring beautiful daffodils and guiding on foot a young couple, Hannah&Heiko starting with a brunch 1100hrs@TiongBahruMarket with few yummy fresh dates to taste (8 tiny dates S$3!).

Heritage Tree along to YongSiakSt to learn that BooksActually is no more physically, now only online. Walking around to point out some of YYC’s early wall murals here.

AirRaidShelter around MohGuanTerrace

Faun&flora with this vibrant red Peregrina (Jatropha integerrima) along SengPoh Garden&Road. Heading towards on SengPohRd to the former BirdCorner along TiongBahruRd-TiongPohRd-EngHoonSt to pick up 2almond croissants@TiongBahruBakery (my favourite croissant place) to nibble on the way towards Chinatown via OutramRd. Appreciations to PaulineTay (Nparks) for providing the names of these lovely flora.

Up to Pearl’sHillCityPark from OutramRd to sadly discover this lovely big tree is no longer and again upset to see another gone on the way down towards Chinatown. Wished that these were heritage trees too! Fond memories from here when&where the former condo block was and when I used to walk up&down here picking the red SagaSeeds on my way.


Detour up 195PearlHillTerrace and down to People’sParkComplex&MeiHeongYuen(TempleSt),  too crowded to stop there, but did point out as we passed by some of YYC’s wall murals. Finally a break@MaxwellMarket where there were no crowds or lines for a refreshing cold fresh sugarcane juice.


Today the cakes@FullertonHotel did not tempt me even after ~10kwalk! Bus196 directly back to my 4-walls for a welcoming shower and an early night. H&H also found a direct bus back to where they need to go. Appreciations to these young ppl who are such a spot to walk with me.

Mon: after a good 8+hrs sleep and with a good rest today to update blog&pix, will be ready seize more moments ahead!

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time – Mark Twain

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