Pearl Bank Apts & Pearl Hill

31 Dec 2013 – on this last day in 2013


Mon: appreciations to Mica&Mun and David for a lovely evening at East Coast Lagoon Food Village. Enjoy this location in the pleasant evening breeze and only about 30mins walk from my place. Thank you Mica&Mun for The Peanuts who have been in my life since teenage times!


Have been dining with cousin David from HI who stays at the Pearl Bank Apts /珍珠苑, a high-rise private residential building on Pearl’s Hill in Outram near Chinatown. Both David and Wilki stay there when they are visiting SIN. 4th aunt LAM PohKow who will be 100yrs in 2014 lives there with her helpers. Pix with Jo, 4th aunt, David and Mica from Dec 2012, 2013 to be uploaded…


As the tallest (37 floors) and densest residential building in SIN when completed in 1976, Pearl Bank Apts was one of SIN pioneers of high-rise, high-density living, and influenced urban development in SIN and other cities in southeast Asia. The views from the top floor are stunning from this horse-shoe shaped apt building.


Aug 2007, Pearl Bank Apts which is located on a 8,000sq m/86,000sq ft, 99-year leasehold site was put up for an en bloc sale.The tender closed on Sep 2007, but fetched no bids. Another tender closed on Feb 2008, failing again, and the collective sale agreement lapsed on Aug 2008. The split-level apts are not too practical for those who are not stable on their feet!


Pearl’s Hill City Park is a city park built around a reservoir on top of Pearl’s Hill Terrace. It is located behind Pearl Bank Apts. Park-goers can experience peace and tranquillity in this 9 hectare corner of Chinatown, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They can also climb the hill, or simply sit back and relax by the tranquil waters in the pond.

Thus making the location of these apts very desirable with both MRT and buses just at the foothills.

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