2013 Holiday Socials

28 Dec 2013 – Party and more parties…


Tue: thank you graceful Grace for including me to her interesting group of young friends. Surprised to hear a voice from the past Botanic Gardens days. Good to touch base with Bian and just checked into the date! It was in 2006, 7yrs ago when the 1st SIN Garden Festival had the office downstairs from yours at SBG!


Grace did the honour with the opening ceremony by breaking into a bottle of Korean plum brandy! Interesting gift from a Korean friend of hers. A white hardy bottle packed in porous clay wrapped in plastic netting and one is supposed to use a wooden mallet to crack the clay. Thank goodness she did not break the white bottle otherwise we would not have got to taste this wonderful Korean plum brandy 🙂




Thank you David for all the wonderful family pix. You are now elected to be the cameraman for the family functions. The new ‘popper’ was a success, and even Beth, the youngest of the purple generation is amazed 🙂


Wed: Merry Christmas and appreciations to Les&Ivy for hosting a lovely family (green, orange and purple generations) lunch at Fireplace/Tanglin Club. Was it really 5yrs ago that a Grinch wanted us to dampen our merry spirits? Well we had fun then and now! And this year a new ‘popper’ in the market created more colours…


Dinner: good to catch up with our annual meeting, cousin David from HI who will only be here for a week.


Thu: Boxing Day but not much boxes to rid of this year! Gel & Mil, thanks for bottles and bottles, now can make more cocktails and Chinese Drunken Chicken! Glad to see Gel in cheerful spirits and enjoying the home-made lunch of soup, salmon, salads and sausages. Even with her on-going chemo treatment, her hair has returned with a twist, so lucky to have natural waves.

IMG_07791506509_10152146742423081_1938534352_nThank you for the most useful Christmas gift from youngest grandson, Olai & his parents May&Bjørn. This handy size scale, 10cm/5″ can weigh up to 55kg/121lbs. Perfect for my travels.

L&M will be happy now that I will stop asking them to check the weight of my bags 🙂

Good parties create a temporary youthfulness – Mason Cooley