25 Mar 2021 – Bougainvillea Garden@ECPk

Mon: The Owkang Chicken Sellers@Kovan – appreciations&credits to JeromeLim, my favourite SIN blogger The Long and Winding Road for his posting:


Found the newer edition, 2019 BusGuide@Popular – the old one I have from 2015 is missing some of the new routes and have been wanting to get the newer edition for some time! This guard for the gas stove will come in handy when I have the front door+kitchen window open at the same time when cooking!

Stars of Kovan – newly designed condos without any sharp corners! (not good for fengshui according to some ppl), but with various eateries&services on the ground-level.

Must try this WaWa Seafood someday, ie if they are still here on my next visit!

Appreciations to DaisyC for yummy BakChorMee/MeePok 肉脞麵 a staple food commonly found in SIN-HawkerCentres. Tasting my way around the island! figuring which will be amongst my favourites!! Tkx for guiding me thru’ her hood, another unfamiliar area for me to wander about!

Tue23Mar: A Tribute And In Memory of Singapore’s First Prime Minister Mr. LEE Kuan Yew (1923-2015) – the only politician who has gained my total admiration&respect. 6yrs ago – Singapore Matters remembers our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Time… does not lessen our gratitude.


Today’s grocery at Giant@MarineT-SenSavS$1.10. Dinner@Jo’s who will be 84 end of this month and just got her 1st vaccine yesterday without any side-effects so far. 

Wed: delighted to discover MrCoconut@PP, a new drink&dessert joint in my hood. https://mrcoconut.sg/full-website/ Have been told that this fresh refreshing CoconutWater (not to be confused with CoconutMilk) is cooling!! (a Chinese myth??), but then at S$4.60per cup, can only afford to drink one of my favourites once in a while. The SnowBallCoconut is another one that I like, also at the same price and would would get it for an occasion treat when grocery shopping@Tampines’Giant. CoconutWater and not juice! but then coconut is a nut, not a fruit.

Thu: ~5k walk on the ECPk to check out the blooms@Bougainvillea Gardens – strange that the taller ones are in full bloom but not the shorter ones?? Was hoping to see them all in blooms, so will probably have to return to see the others in bloom.

Looking left towards the airport, across to the Indonesian islands and right towards the CBD on this serene overcast morning. Strange, but quiet&peaceful to hardly hear&see any flights landing&taking off!

Standing tall amongst magnificent trees, taking time to enjoy the moment from their tops to their roots.

Area-F is the only section I know of where bus36, the only bus that stops so close by the ECP-PCN. Decided to take the bus back to not miss the blooms on the highway this year. When travel was more at ease, this will be around the time I fly off and would usually admire these blooms on the way to the airport!

A flower blossoms for its own joy (and so should we… hahaha) – Oscar Wilde 

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  1. Hi Tiger! The photos of food and and blooms are breath taking. I am impressed with your accolades to the 1st Prime Minister of Singapore. Thank you for sharing! We miss you so very much dear friend. XOXOXO. Glenda

    • Hello HiHills, so good to hear from you. Thanks for checking into my blog, one of the few ways for me to keep in contact and update family&friends around the world. Hopefully we will be able to catch up in person soon. Hugs from the Tiger

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