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21 Mar 2021 – Yip Yew Chong’s Works

Fri: TGIF on this WorldSleepDay! and a wonderful weekend to all. 

Good soup&salad, Malay-style, SotoAyam, chicken-soup (without noddles), Achar, pickled veg+1Begedil, potato patty lunch ($5.80)@HJH-MaimunahMini, CitySqMall/FoodRepublic, one of the food courts which is tastefully painted with the old heritage shophouses

Other reasons for me to be there: DonDonDonki&Daiso – the DDDDs, like IKEA, have seldom got out of these stores empty-handed!

These caught my eyes while excising by walking around all the 5levels+2basements, and no, would not want any of them.

AIRZONE-Indoor-Atrium-Net-Playground suspended over 3-storeys has been here for some years. Have always wanted to try it out whenever I here, but forgot about it last year when Linn+#2&May+#6 were visiting – hopefully their next visit.

Thank you Helen for introducing me to this hair-dresser, TheRoots@EliasMall (PasirRis), 1st time wondering in this hood – buses 31&68 and 1+hr to get up there, but am satisfied with the cut. Most hair dressers would not even attempt to give me this short style cut on the back, even when I request for it!

Delightful alfresco dinning on yummy Malay food, drinks and 

in good cheerful company+dark&rich chocolate ice-cream for dessert, all costing less than S$20pp. Lucky me – Malay food twice in a week! 

Sat: In0850hrs-Out0930hrs@MPCC less than 5mins from where I live crossing the overhead-bridge on StillRd, 2nd shot against COVID19, Pfizer vaccine done – one of the best vaccinations experienced so far, did not even feel the slightest sting when the needle went in! Will let y’all know if I am still alive in a fortnight’s time!! Talking it easy for the day, ie snoozing&watching movies!!!

Happy Spring Equinox – goodbye Winter, hello Spring! Beautiful memories of the daffodils from Ireland and blåveis from Norway – what are the chances that I will ever see such lovely spring, the real thing again?? Thank goodness for memories&imagination – pix downloaded.

Sun: was thrilled to receive this, #3 has not been back to SIN since he was born here, must have drawn this from his mother’s&sis’s pix during their 2020 visit or maybe being born here, he has some idea! Painted a small section of the small narrow gutter outside in the common area as it was flaking&peeling, quite an eyesore for my sight! Not the exact same colour, but still better (I think) than what it was, forgot to take a before shot.

Do enjoy many of YipYewChong’s works and the below documentary features SIN-Chinese from various dialect groups and their cultures. Here you can catch a glimpse of him bringing TV host DannyYeo to his studio to view the paintings 年晚,行清,烧衣, 中秋夜, 冬至 and 戏院横街湿巴刹 Also a walking tour of his ChinatownMurals, as well talked about his 2012 trip to his ancestral village in China’s Guandong province. E.

Well done YYC, hope that he will someday publish his works, if not already done? Pix downloaded.

The arm is no longer sore and hope that it will be the only side-effect from this 2nd vaccine! Appreciations for dinner to Les&Ivy to mark their 51stAnniversary – my contribution, a presentation of local dessert tray of kuehs. The most common flavouring ingredients for MalayKuehs are grated coconut (plain or flavoured), coconut cream (thick or thin), Pandan (screwpine) leaf and GulaMelaka (palm sugar, fresh or aged).

OndeOndePandan infused dough balls covered with grated coconut, commonly green color with GulaMelaka filling; LapisSagu-multi coloured layers; OngoiUbi-Tapioca with grated coconut; KuehTalam-Pandan&CoconutCream – these are a few of my favourites from BengawanSolo.

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