St Patrick’s Day 2021

18 Mar 2021: Happy 47Bday To My First-Born

Tue: Chaco@CC sales S$75, time to get a new pair for nephew Clem as he has worn out the last sale’s pair! Also to check out these lovely photo books by SengHock

Some of these lovely tree pix from his collection – now updated&inserted in my AmazingTrees posting.

Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts, they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life ― Herman Hesse

Tkx for Calvin for dinner from Jaggi’s Punjabi/NorthernIndian cuisine in good company of Helen, SengHock & Iyas.

Wed: La Feile Padraig Happy St Patrick’s Day to all celebrating. Will always try to attend the parade whenever possible. 1st parade attended (pix downloaded) in Dublin/Ireland 1966 and the last one (so far), in HI/US 2019. Legends associated with St Patrick – he miraculously drove all the snakes of Ireland into the sea, thus one of my favourite saints, hahaha! He is said to have used the three leaflets of the shamrock to explain the concept of the HolyTrinity.

Many of my favourite writers are Irish and it will be a never-ending to list them with their quotes, thus an Irish blessing to all.

Thu: 47yrs ago, there were concerns, hoping that my contractions did not start on St Patrick’s Day. Rotunda Hospital was at the other end of O’ConnellSt where the parade was held. Two above pix downloaded with a route-map for the present day parade.

Mon18Mar1974-0430hrs a bundle of joy, Linn, my 1st born was welcomed in Dublin/Ireland when I was 24. Anyone who has been thru’ a natural childbirth for their 1st born will always remember that feeling of becoming a mother – lost my voice for a few days after she was born! For real, looking at the old pix now and remembering why there was a scarf around the neck. Pix of her from Dublin/Ireland 1974+pix from SIN 2020.

Today she is still a bundle of joy with 5children and makes me a proud mother&grandmother.  Having children has changed me in the best possible way. Was an OK person before having children but I know that I am a different person now, and hopefully better because of L&M. Many moons ago, when asked what was my most difficult challenge in life? My reply was&still is: 1-raising children, 2-completing the AT Thru’Hike, and will never want to trade them for anything else.

Appreciations to sis Jo for dinner, she makes a delicious MeeSiam. Belated 50thBday (9Mar) celebration&cake for Sue

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