Hoping For The Best

30 Apr 2021 – But Be Prepared For the Worst

Tue-Thu: 1st 2021SuperMoon seen from the concrete-jungle of a public-housing estate. Tkx for all the shares of this beautiful moon around the world from everyone. Plx do remember to be humble as we are all under the same sky, looking at the same moon. Time for healing, resting, reflecting with high hopes for the best.

Hoping for the best, but be prepared for the worst has been ingrained in me by my father ever since I can remember, and with this in me, have managed to survive OK so far, tkx dad.

Saddened with the news from India, but what I really am not able to understand is why in these pandemic circumstances are ppl permitted to gather in 100s&1,000s for whatever elections, events, functions, etc???


Bloomberg puts SIN, NZ and Australia as the safest places to be in the world. SIN has been ranked as the best place to be during the pandemic. With 61,000 cases, 30 deaths & 20% of the population vaccinated, it has topped Covid-19 resilience ranking.



Not gloating or boasting, not advisable to judge any country with that of another, but sadly the whole world is effected and suffers when a pandemic becomes a pawn to those manipulating for material, political&power gains. The below link, tkx to Jules – a long, but educational&interesting read:


Fri: TGIF on the last day of this Apr2021 – a good weekend to all. PP mentioned she don’t think like an elderly person, but body obviously looks it and that our parents acted old in their 50s – how true when the body&mind are not quite in sync! Our parents lived in a different era and I am not sure how or what an elderly person thinks?? All I can do is to be myself as best as I know how to be myself – Cogito, ergo sum

Have submitted 5 of my favourite AT pix for ATC Natural Beauty: 14 States, Unlimited Inspiration (dateline 30Apr). MaxPatch/NC taken on a revisit as the 1st time there in 2005, arrived near mid-night in pitch darkness. CraigCreek/VA

PineKnobLoop/CT, Presidential-Range Franconia-Notch/NH, Mt Washington/NH revisit as1st time round in 2005, could hardly see my hands when they were outstretched!

30Apr2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 30
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 9,495
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 754


35 including 16new community COVID-19 cases here, highest in more than 9months. Plx do take care and not let down your precautions yet. Have no intentions of being any where in my present state, unless for grocery, ie fresh produce, freezer still has enough food for me to last for another week.


From Garry24Apr: Easy to see who gets right of way on the roads up here! Here size matters! I did pass one (not overtake) that was towing FOUR tanker trailers!

Wow! am glad that I am not the driver or on this road here!! If I have to drive on a road trip, the vehicle will not be larger than the white SUV here and NO trailer.

Post Surgery

26 Apr 2021 – Resting And Healing

Fri: continued throwing up in the early morning – the side-effect of the GA to last for ~24hrs! Breakfast – a cup of tea+a few spoons of oatmeal and finally managed to keep that down.

Dr Gerald Tay, an excellent Dr, a Dr with the insight of the patient’s well-being seen from both sides, ie the Dr’s&the patient’s side. Was told that I was well enough to be discharged, but if needed to, just stay on – decided to wait&see how I will feel later.

2cm of this nuisance gland has been removed which has been over producing calcium and now the calcium level is back to normal. Its amazing that a tiny little gland like this can do such damage to the whole system!


By lunch, managed to keep all my food down (fish, veggie, rice&apple – ate nearly every bite) and also with dinner (beef, veggie, rice&orange – eat every bite). Knowing that I would get a more peaceful&quiet rest in my own 4walls and felt good enough to care for myself, chose to be discharged not wanting to deal with the hospital environment for another night.

Those who were concern about me not staying another night have not experienced a public hospital with 7ppl(C-ward) in a room and there are ~10rooms with only half wall-divisions! Pix downloaded. Was expecting it to be busy&noisy (I think all the rooms were full), had both ear-plugs&eye-blinder packed with my toiletries which came into very good use.

Appreciations to all the Drs, nurses&staff of SGH. Nice colourful paintings looking hopeful on the hospital wall, ie if you can imagine what hope looks like! Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness – Desmond Tutu. Cab-ride/S$17, good taxi-driver, knew exactly how&where to drive, did not try to make conversation and deserved S$3tip. Home by 2000hrs (an extra day charge if discharged after 2000hrs), washed and crashed by 2100hrs.

Sat: after 10+hrs sleep&rest, feeling refreshed with no discomfort or pain on this lovely wet morning, a perfect day with a cuppa&a book to heal&rest. Walk in the Woods/BillBryson is a better read 2nd time round, read it before the hike, but enjoying it better now after the hike!

The scar as it is today will be needing scafs&chokers when out, so as not to scare anyone as it is not Halloween yet!

Sun: condolences to son-in-law for the passing of his step-grandmother Smith (97). Prayers&thoughts are out to Jeff’s stepmother, Dee&family.

Thank you to Carmel, niece&nepehw for visits with all the yummy foods. Am now well-stock with all kinds of food for the week. Tkx for this share from Glenn in the Philippines, reminding him that I am the 1st and only female from SIN who has completed the AT Thru’Hike from 30Apr-3Sep2005, age 55 then!

Mon: a good Monday and week ahead – enjoy this last week for Apr2021. Condolences with prayers&thoughts to all effected in the Indonesian submarine, KRI Nanggala402 now confirmed drowned with all its 53ppl on board.


From Garry20Apr: Trip around the block #8. The West Macdonnell Ranges- West of Alice Springs. Like so much of the NT, the landscape is the real attraction. The area overflows with deep gorges, folded mountains, sharp chasms, waterholes, changing rock colors, vegetation (or lack of), and every feature from a high school ‘mountainous landscapes’ study imaginable!

Ellery Creek Big Hole. Cold n deep! Stanley Chasm.

The waterhole at the bottom of Serpentine Gorge is not so great. Believed to be home of a bad snake. No swimming allowed but not inviting anyway. Bushfire sculpture.

From Garry24Apr: Trip around the block #9. West of the settlement of Hermannsburg, best know as the home of Aboriginal watercolour landscape artist Albert Namitjira, and also the large Lutheran mission, is the amazing Palm Valley! Here, on the edge of the Tanami Desert, is a valley dominated by towering Red Cabbage Palms. The steep walls of the gorge are also home to age old cyclads.

Waterhole camp-site. Morning view south


22 Apr 2021 –  Metabolic Imbalance

Tue: picking up heavier stuff like laundry detergent and toilet tissue for next week as I do not know how my condition will be after surgery!

Wed: for those who might not remember about GeorgeFloyd, here is the link: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52861726

Justice has now done its job – DerekChauvin guilty in death of GeorgeFloyd: https://edition.cnn.com/us/live-news/derek-chauvin-trial-04-20-21/index.html

It took the BostonMarathon and the year of Linn’s 40thBday to get all of us from SIN, Norway&USA together and 7yrs ago today since my whole flock & I were gathered together in one country, this is still only pix of us all: https://amylamsg.com/2014/04/24/road-trip3/

Perhaps we can start planning ahead for Linn’s 50th – I will need that to look forward to, especially in today’s circumstances.

Preparing for tomorrow’s surgery and will need to fast tonight, ie no food from midnight until after op. Appreciate gratefully all concerns from family&friends with thanks and will ask for help when&if needed. At such a time, for me personally, would prefer to be alone with a clear mind to deal with my own issues&thoughts without having to take considerations to others feelings, questions&thoughts – have promised to update with text from the hospital whenever I am able to do so.

Reflecting on Jun2020 emergency hospital admittance by ambulance, I do sincerely apologise for causing concerns&worries as the mobile died on me and was out of action&reach!


Unlike then, this surgery is a minor invasive op by choice&recommendation, and knowing in advance, might help with preparing as how to deal emotionally incase of complications, etc…

Thu: a bouquet of good vibes before I go under the knife this afternoon, and for those who have not gone for their vaccinations, here is a good one that might make y’all reconsider – hahaha.

Checked into SGH ~1130hrs, (the waiting area before op) scheduled surgery ~1430hrs, delayed till 1530hrs. Still alive, but not quite kicking~1800hrs in a daze in between snooze, throwing up everything all evening from the side-effect of the GA.

From Garry18Apr: The trip around the block. In Alice Springs for the last few nights of Parrrtjima – A Festival In Light.

Staged in the wonderful Desert Park 5-6 km out of town, it has echos of Sydney’s Vivid, but is very distinctively local. Instead of lighting up an Opera House or a Customs building, they lit up the Macdonnell Ranges!! Not that my pics captured that bit at all well.

Some of his pix captured bits&pieces of the mt range in the background with a clear night sky where you can see the stars – absolutely mesmerizing.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present!

The Big Picture

19 Apr 2021 – BBQ In Comfort & Style

Sat: not only regarding Science vs Social Media, but just about everything in life The Big Picture vs Tunnel Vision is one of the best visual examples, tkx to JJessup for this share. Does not only apply to vision, but also to reading & listening, not unusual that we all sometimes hear, read & see selectively & subjectively.
We often engage the defense mechanism of tunnel vision, just to keep ourselves focused on our daily lives. This makes us terribly jaded in our perception of what is really around us – Nazarian
Appreciations to Les&Ivy for a yummy BBQdinner. Pleasant cool evening after a whole day of rains causing flash-foods in some parts, fortunately the rains stop by dinner.  The new gazebo with a BBQbuilt-in is a such a good idea.
With them, there is always abundance of good food&wine. Patricia/May made a delicious potato salad (must remember to ask her for the recipe), and I, with my fruit-tower.
Sun: body needs to rest from food – just had liquids for the day. Trying to search for my father’s IC# and death certificate, but unable to find them – what a day, no food on top of that!!
Mon: lunch with Boon&HS and to also introduce them to my favourite CheeCheongFun @MTfoodMarket. Dinner with Calvin&Sam+Helen in my hood@PP/basementFoodRepublic and grocery browsing@3rdLevelNTUC-FairPriceEtra with a colourful 4wall mural to the ceiling+a bar within, and you can also sit down and have a meal, probably the only one of such! Last visit here was in Jan when the mural motive seemed to have been a different one!
From Garry16Apr: Trip around the block continued to Alice Springs. Almost 1000kms of dirt road covered, much of it corrugated and despite recent rains and some water still lying around, it was very dusty. I was in CooberPedy many moons ago and stayed in one of their cave hotels. It was nice&cool inside even with the hot temperatures outside.
Magnificent steel bridge that is part of the abandoned railway.
Main street of Oodnadatta- the hottest and the driest town in Austria. Abandoned railway station now a local museum.
Sunset at the Henbury Meteorite Crators -between Marla and Alice – camp-site for the night. Memorial to the bent stick! Because trees are all but non existent in much of the area, stunted twisted trees were all that were available for telegraph poles and their supports that carried the overland telegraph line from Darwin to the south. So they earned this memorial!
Crator – Red River Gum
Alice is approached from the south through a gap in the Macdonald Ranges known as The Gap! Through the gap flow one river bed, a pedestrian walkway, a two lane road and a railway. No space to spare! Up to 160 Aircraft stored at Alice during covid. So that is where our SIA,Scoot&SilkAir are hiding.

Coastal PlayGrove

16 Apr 2021 – 10 of the World’s Weirdest Flowers

Tue: Ramadan starts today lasting until Wed12May. To those marking this time – Salam Ramadhan&Selamat Berpuasa and fast healthy&safely. Should fast too, good to clean&clear  and to rid some of the toxicity in the system! Tkx to TuahBugis/Sarafian for his share of the SultanMosque pix. Blessed&fortunate to be living where the various culture, religion, race, etc are practised and there is much to learn from each other. Looking forward to taking a walk down Geylang Serai to taste the foods when fasting is over!

When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained – Sahih Bukhari (1899)
At first sight, thought it was a hoax or photoshop! This is for real, no photoshop and the names of this the above flowers are – HangingNakedMan/OrchisItalica, Hooker’sLips/Hot Lips/PsychotriaElata Check out the link below for more unusual flowers
Wed: JiaHe@One Farrer Hotel Connexion, Chinese Restaurant’s name is based on the Chinese idiom 家和万事兴which translates to if the family lives in harmony all affairs will prosper.
Appreciations to the 2 Ivys for this lunch. Homemade BambooCharcoalBeancurd with LocalSpinach was a good new taste for my pallet. Crispy PinkSwan YamPuff (WuKok 芋角) where beetroot juice is supposedly used to dye these dumplings is a nice novelty&presentation and the rest of the usual DimSum was OK.
Comment from cousin Yun in Toronto/Canada: we have a fancy restaurant here too that shape dim sum into shapes of animals. They use peasant meat and sharks fin and charge you accordingly. Give me the old lady with the cart any time. I am a sucker for the old tradition. For me: as long as they taste good, it is sometimes a nice change to have a pretty presentation for special occasions.
Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour – WilliamCowper
Thu: walked to AmberRd in the rains and took the underpass to ECPk – these clean&spotless, ie without graffiti&grabage underpass never fail to amaze me. The new shelter walkway here is also another pleasing sight.
The new CoastalPlayGroveAreaB, former BigSplash. Am rather upset, unable to find an old pix of L&M from 1979 when this location was BigSplash. Oh well, will keep looking and hope to find it.
The new revamp area is nicely done with a NaturePlayGarden 
Wading pool&streams with water jets surround the area.
PlayTower – 4-storey vertical net play area called the VerticalChallenge, and slides on the 3rd&4th level.
Views from the top of the tower – towards the airport, spotted an airplane; towards CBD happy to see the sky clearing there.
Views around the grounds from above.
Like the idea of this OutdoorClassroom and glad to see the contribution from SparkleTots@46MarineCres.
These are the eateries including a BK. Tkx to Clement for dinner@OldTownWhiteCoffee. 
Serene&cool stroll towards EC LagoonFood passing by a touching scene of a daughter surprising her father for his 50thBday. Got off at the underpass at AreaE heading for an ice-cream& a drink@BlackPearl ECRd. You are never too old for playgrounds and ice-cream, also never too old to walk 15k.
Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all and good luck to Clem for his 1stShot this morning. Apr haircut with HelenS at TheRoots@EliasMall (PasirRis), found another way there with shorter rides on public transport. Tkx to Helen who recommended Peggy here.
CC to catch up with Calvin&Sam to learn about these expensive brandname bike+accessories from the younger generation!
Appreciations for scrumptious dinner@WhampoaHawkerCentre where one of my favourite seafood cooks, JYong is – highly recommended. When you are in good company with food like these, that is what life is about.
From Garry 13Apr: After two nights in Arkaroola its off to Maree. Was concerned about all these kids appearing of the scrub so headed off on the Oodnadatta track  .
Maree. The railway town without a railway. Long story but in the 1800’s the Great Northern Railway was built from Port Augusta to Oonadatta. Massive infrastructure project with different passenger and freight gauges. Later a decision was made to remove the railway westward to what became the Darwin to Adelaide track.. Thus a string of abandoned railway villages and bridges along the track. If i had an ancient relative who sweated his guts out building this railway for 2 shillings and two pence a day, I’d be pissed off on his behalf!
And then, in the middle of nowhere, literally, there appears a ‘sculpture park’ although if its ‘sculpture’.
The railway line to nowhere. Lake Eyre South. The white expanse is salt. 15m below sea level. The water from the recent rains in Qld have only reached the North Lake so far.
Lake Eyre South. The white expanse is salt. 120m below sea level, salt below my feet and flies on my back.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh

12 Apr 2021 – Prince Philip (1912-2021)

Fri: FarrerPkMedical to get BP meds&machine to control the BP before surgery. Appreciations&tkx to Ivy&Les for their help&lunch@Socieaty.

Since in the area, did some food shopping@DDD/CSMall to discover that it was raining cats&dogs when I got above ground to the bus-stop from LittleIndiaMRT – no worries as I will be walking in shaded walkways.

Sat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgIx3OrnixI Condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll & the UK Royal family for the passing of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip (1921-2021) – may he RIP. Pix downloaded. Respect to this handsome gentleman with a sense of humour (not to all, but I enjoyed it) who has loyally served his Queen&Country for 7decades! with confidence and wisdom. 3 other men who I also respect, my own father, xNorwegian father-in-law and LKY(SIN-1stPM).

PrincePhilip visited SIN at least 5times in his life, toured an HDBflat, met with LKY. 


All these controversies going on regarding MeghanMarkle&PrinceHarry is sad. Besides PiersMorgan and many other similar thoughts on her, here is another interesting conversation with RiverASMR I just discovered:


Being born in SIN 1950 when the island was still a crown colony, thus grew up being under the influence of the British. 1950s pix of my mother, cousins&I  in front of RafflesHotel then and RafflesHotel now.

1819-modern SIN was founded by SirStamfordRaffles as a trading post of the British Empire. Pix downloaded.

1867-the colonies in EastAsia were reorganised, SIN came under the direct control of Britain as part of the StraitsSettlements.

1942-2ndWW, SIN was occupied by Japan, but returned to British control as a separate crown colony following Japan’s surrender in 1945. Pix downloaded.

1959-SIN gained self-governance, also the same year when QE-ll&PrincePhilip visited SIN. Pix downloaded.

1963-became part of the new federation of Malaysia, alongside Malaya, North Borneo, and Sarawak. Ideological differences led to SIN being expelled from the federation. Pix downloaded.

9Aug1965-an independent country. Left for overseas study in Jul1965 and did not return to live&work until 1999, but did occasionally travelled for short visits to see the family. Pix downloaded.

Sun: not only totally&majorly demophobic also totally&majorly ophidiophobic, am put off with hiking for now upon seeing these signs&pix! Pix downloaded. FairfaxCountyPkL-LaurelHill/VA, BreaksInterstatePk/VA, FrickPk-Pittsburgh/PA. There has been some snake comments from my AT-Group and on top of those signs, my dear #6 sent me this link:


A snake can change its skin but not its disposition – Persian saying

Mon: appreciations to Gel for breakfast&lunch@our local MT Market with my usual favourite – delighted to discover more good things, fresh ginger drink made from scratch, another stall to frequent! Tkx to Jo for dinner.

From Garry10Apr: Trip around the block continued. Yunta to Arkaroola was 301km of corrugated dirt road. Camped part way along atop a hill at a long abandoned gold mine. Incredible 360• views as far as the eye could see and big big blue sky. Very calming.

From Garry11Apr: Around the block. Today was the day for a five hour walk through Bararranna Gorge in the Northern Flinders Ranges. Part of Arkaroola Sanctuary Reserve. The pics might seem repetitious but I was taken by the landscape, the colors, the rock formations. The lot actually! So easy to see why geologists and others come here to get their rocks off.

Pigs Fly To Blue Elephant

8 Apr 2021 – At The Lower East Side

Mon: tkx for FB reminder when QingMing 清明 (Tomb-Sweeping) is now ongoing in this part of the world. In memory of my parents&grandparents – will not be going to the crematorium, but thoughts are with them. Pleased to finally hear&read about the encouragement to do away with these burning of paper offerings, etc. Old traditions die hard, hopefully ppl will understand why the environment has to go green&move with times.  https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202103/1219072.shtml 

Appreciations to Ivy&Carmel for EasterMonday’s Thai lunch in my hood – the LowerEastSide where PigsFly to BlueElephant with choices of burgers, pizzas, Indian, Mexican & Thai cuisine! Tried the Mexican https://amylamsg.com/2021/01/27/light-to-night-festival-2021/

And if you are drinking to forget, you will certainly see pigs flying to blue elephant.

Back to PennyU for cakes, coffee&T. And yes, do like that dark&rich ChocolateTruffleCake today. Carmel had the Lemongrass CoconutCake, Ivy had Coconut IceCream. Yesterday’s HoneyAlmond was yummy&fresh, wanted to try something else today – if I keep returning daily, will end up like the guy in this pix! Pouring cats&dogs, but thank goodness Rahman had parked the car just around the corner.

Tue: nice of SK to get some updates from her branch, especially happy to hear that nephew Mun has been cleared with his health checks. Met@ShipRestaurant ShawHouse, but was too crowded&noisy to even hear myself think!

FoodRepublic located in the basement was my preference, not crowded&noisy, more choices & reasonable price for foods. Isetan is a must when in that area, look at these choices of yummy foods. Do not set foot here when you are hungry or you will feel like buying everything – hahaha!

I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food from the internet – Carlos Banks

S$108strawberries S$68grapes are not within my budget, but a feast for the eyes to imagine how deliciously juicy&sweet they can be – no sour grapes in this case!

WildRocket, RedCabbageSprout, OsouzaiSet, a  piece of ChateraiseCrispyChocolateCake, total~S$25 is affordable, the veggies should last me for a few days – a costly TueGroceryDay without SenSav.

Appreciations&thanks to SK for informing me that there were 2otherKLBanks in JB/Malaysia (where she worked in the 1980s) and another one in KL/Malaysia which I have no idea that they existed? Also was not aware that there was a logo?? Will have to update and find out more about them – now edited and added into the posting below:


Thu: a busy day ahead starting at 0600hrs with breakfast@MT Market – where Yong Huat Delight@MT Market is also Kotuwa’s Chef Alan Chan  favourite breakfast spot, he must have good taste – hahaha.


MP Rd on bus36 on ECP, changing to bus75 with a driver who nearly by-past me (another story when I am up to it!) by the Esplanade heading for the shuttle on OutramRd to

SGH for pre-ops procedures in preparations for a parathyroidectomy on 22Apr. Looks like my BP is way too high and will have to bring it down by the day of the surgery. Thank goodness for a cardiologist big-bro!

Done by 12n – headed to TiongBahruMarket for lunch and to pick up some fresh dates for tonight’s dinner. Bev dropped by to pick up an air-purifier after her 2ndVaccine@MPCC. Looks like some CrazyRichAsians have thrown this perfect little play-car out with their garbage on RochalieDrive, would have picked it up if I was not on my way to dinner! Appreciations for yet another yummy dinner@Theresa&ChengJun with Les&Ivy. Long&tiring day with nearly 4hrs spent on bus-rides!

From Garry6Apr: Well its only day 1 and tonight’s camp is by the banks of the Murry outside Nyah- just past Swan Hill. The sky is clear and the feeling is good.

From Garry7Apr: Camped beside Lake Bonney, just past Renmark into South Australian where the majestic river redgums gave up the will to live and now provide safe habitat for fish that don’t wantvto be caught. Managed to pick up a second spare wheel and tyre for the Pajero (18inch rims with 6 studs are hard to find) and around lunchtime found my car key in the bottom of the esky! 

April Showers 2021

4 Apr 2021 – Demophobia

Fri: yeah, finally located my flock of peeps, one for each grandchild! with mother-hen overseeing them!! These will be out until Mon and then back to their coop until next Easter!!!  One of the very few Easter pix with #1&2 from 2005, just before the AT Thru’Hike.

Must be suffering from spring-fever – looking with longings to be where ever these downloaded pix are taken! TGIF on this first April Friday and a Good Friday to all marking this day. March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers

Sat: having done the complete 25k GreenCorridor in 2016 with Clement and Hannah, https://amylamsg.com/2016/01/16/the-green-corridor/ was curious with the newly revamp central section. Had plans to explore it, but what was I thinking – always knew that being slightly demophobic, should avoid crowds! Up dark&early taking the first bus16 connecting to the Circle&Downtown MRT-Lines to meet with Inessa as she wanted to walk this section and could only do so in the weekend.


Was really dreading the crowds, especially after reading about it from yesterday’s news, but had promised and wanted to encourage Inessa to explore these trails. Upon seeing the crowds at the  BukitTimahRailwayStation (buildings still behind barricades&fences) was enough to make me want to be anywhere else but here! Decided to brave the crowds and walked on. Below 2pix downloaded!!!