When It Rains

19 June 2020 – It Pours

Tue: having some pains, but hopefully that will pass by tomorrow, and if not will head to the polyclinics.

Wed-Sun: had to call for an ambulance, could barely get to the phone with the worst&excruciating pains ever experienced. Was admitted into RafflesHospital for Laparoscopic keyhole surgery removing gallbladder&nasty infected stone which escaped to the bile-duct/Cholecystitis. One thing lead to another – the heart rate sky-rocketed setting off the pre-existing AF. After 4days in ICU on whatever multi anti-etc drips (lost count), one after another to counter-act each other.

Must have been in such a delirium – had no idea what was going on, but do remember seeing shadows of some clear figure (nothing spooky)+an on-going party in the background, so clear that I asked for a of change room in the ICU. This is what drugs can do to the mind, messes it up completely – the cheek of them to party on disturbing the peace without including or inviting me! This must be the first delirium ever experienced, do not recall or remember of any others.

On top of that my phone died on me, oh well, as long as all the drips, machines&monitors worked – better the phone than me! But did create much concerns for family&friends who were unable to know what was going on when I was MIA. Appreciations for all their caring thoughtfulness and feeling so totally blessed to have them. Thousands apologies and thousands more thank yous.
Salutes to all our health care workers who are doing such an excellent job and to the health system here where things are good, reliable and works smoothly. 
All above pix downloaded, was not in no condition to take any pix and only after some days of reflections to allow coherent thoughts&words slowly creeping back into the mind getting in sync with being. Searching for the most appropriate&descriptive images have been time-consuming, but a good challenge for the memory after being discharged while mending, resting&recovering.
Mon-Fri: with 5 different types of medication prescribed for the next 30days, feeling like a walking dispenser. Had the best delicious, juicy&sweet mangoes, cherries&pineapples – is this what it feels like in Paradise&Garden of Eden? beam me there as long as Adam&the snake are not around!  Yummy gourmet congee, soups, etc delivered by Les&Ivy, Sue and Clement – am so totally spoilt for good&tasty foods.
Naming this the COVID-Hospital Rat Year and it has been Oh Rats! so far, except for family’s visit in Feb which is and probably be the highest point of this year. Hopefully will not have to be admitted to hospital another time as I might not be that lucky to pull thru’ another trauma. As one ages, seems to take longer time to heal, but then. time is what I have now! May lose some parts here&there on the way, but utmost important to keep working on not to lose a sense of humour to prevent from being one of those grumpy senior citizens.
As things slowly open up today here in SIN, Fri 19Jun2020: CB Phase2, plx stay healthy&safe.

6 thoughts on “When It Rains

  1. I am GLAD you are getting healthier! I think of you fondly as my Singaporean-USA-Norwegian-Irish hiker buddy. Be glad you can hike NEXT year, after the AT opens again! Courage, strength and keep grinning…make them wonder what you have on your mind!

    • Hello James, delighted to hear from you. Was actually thinking about how rough you must have had when you were in the hospital for quite a bit some time ago. How are you now?

  2. I am GOOD. My hospital visits were a learning experience. I got through a few dark thoughts and the miasma of brain fog, plus hesitant speech. I learned that my driving job is actually great at dispersing the fog because of the additional brain work when driving, such as heavy visual processing, acceleration/deceleration, and analysis of the continually changing 360 degrees of the road environment.

    Plus, I discovered the national anthem of Wales as sung by the rugby team at the championships in 2013. My eyes well up and my throat tightens up whenever I hear it, and I have never been to Wales!

    Go for walks as much as you can, Amy.

    My amazing wife Luiza sends her warm hello!

    James and Luiza

    • Yes, concentrate&focus on happy thoughts. Still enjoy my walks whenever the energy permits.

      Thank you to yours&Luiza well wishes, and I do not think I congratulated you for your marriage.

      Well as the saying goes, ‘better late than never’, Congratulations and the very best to a wonderful life together.

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