CB Phase 2

24 Jun 2020 – Post-Surgery Follow-Up

Snail-mail from the US post-marked 29May2020 finally arrived sometime last week while being hospitalized – 2+weeks which is more or less getting back to normal.

Sat: these chickens were excited for the opening of CB Phase2, they were seen in the OutramMRTstation – such an uplifting story to put a smile on the face over the weekend.


Even chickens are smart enough to social distance, and here are some ppl who should learn from chickens! British Indian Curry Hut was ordered to close today – URA, the restaurant will only be allowed to do takeaways next week and open for dining in from 29Jun, provided it has shown that it is able to implement safe management measures for its customers. Quite rightly so!


Proud of my first-born and her running dedication. Being a good mother, she has encouraged her flock to follow her footsteps. A healthy&constructive way to keep the young ppl busy&fit and out of mischief. Congratulations for her Masters Women on the Columbia Running Club members on this latest SC Road Race Rankings.

Discovered the joy of audio books again, used to do that during some my drives on the turnpike from Orlando-Miami (FL/USA) when I was working there in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Oh! how delightful to hear those eloquent words, especially now that the eyes are not as they used to be, thus less reading the past decade. Its a refreshing change to let the mind wander with the words again – Austin, Dickens, Dahl, Hemingway, Wilde, etc…

Sun: Happy Father’s Day to all fathers with loving memories for my own father BG1LAM TinYue(1911-1996) who would have been 109yrs a week ago. Most appreciative for the home-made delicious lasagna, Ciabatta&cookies Father’s Day dinner, thank you Pat&David.

Mon: pouring down cats&dogs as I headed out to RafflesHospital/RH for a follow-up. Todays RH is quite a different one from the time when we (H&H) designed their logo and first set of pamphlets in 2002. Before that was BiancoCt where party-goods, wrappings, etc. could be purchased there.

First visit@RafflesSpecialisCentre/2019 added on with a nice food-court in the basement.

Here is the first bite of food sitting down outside the 4-walls since CB started – decent congee (ChinesePorridge)&good HaliaTea (ginger-milk) in a nice uncrowded hospital food-court.

Everything is healing fine so far and bandages came off today, yeah no stitches or staples were used – no more need for any follow-ups unless necessary. Was told that I got to the hospital in time when I did as it was really bad. Thank goodness the hospital bill (nearly S$40K) is absorbed by government’s subsidies+MediSave&MediShield. Paid for today’s consultation (S$50+) which is also subsidized, otherwise S$233.

Convenient location where bus-stop&MRTstation are within 1min walk (no chickens in BugisMRTstation!) – the Green/East-WestLine took me to RafflesCity (1stop) where I could pick up some stuff in a practically empty mall. Best time to shop, no lines when nearly everything is on promotion, but by 1300hrs, it was time to head back to the 4walls for the tired body to rest.

Tue&Wed: more cats&dogs this morning – usually am away from SIN at this time of the year, thus taking time now to enjoy these heavy tropical rains bringing on cleaner&fresh cooler airs. Rain or shine, pressure-cleaning still happened this morning – the sound of heavy rains hitting on the ACmetal&the window-panes are relaxing sounds for me, providing the calm&serenity needed for a full recovery soon. The Secret Garden audio-book (8+hrs) FrancesHodgsonBurnett/1910 narrated by StevenGarnett (real Yorkshire English) with musical interludes of Tchailovsky’s/1892 Waltz of the Flowers hit the spot. The innocence of childhood brings back cheerful memories.

Wed: God SanktHans, Norway Mid-Summer.

Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts – Sigmund Freud

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