8 Jun 2020 – Difference Is The Essence Of Humanity

Received a free Digital Air Purifier (worth $699) delivered to me, the catch – S$168 for the filter. After receiving the machine, within 3 days to activate the one year warranty on the machine, a pix with the machine and copy paste the script below to be posted on my FB-wall sharing with friends. and to paste on FB this message from the sponsor, Eight Stars Pte Ltd

Refresh Your Home with Cleaner Air. I just received a FREE Digital Air Purifier (worth $699) delivered to my home. It is suitable for any family with ASTHMA, SINUS and ALLERGIES issues. This only available for LIMITED participants to tryout in the market… etc

Tkx to S for last night’s dinner from DinTaiFung delivered by Grab to celebrate the graduation. Appreciations for tonight’s dinner home-made BakKutTet by Pat who personally delivered it. Yummy yum yum – enough food for the weekend. Will challenge Lucas&Beth when they have learnt to play 5-stones – hahaha.

Sun: wine delivery from Les to last me until end of the year, thank you thank you, am so absolutely blessed with my family here too. Also mail with postmark dated 23Mar from Norway #6 arr on Fri – better late than never, felt like Christmas this weekend with long due mail received and yummy foods&wines delivered to the door. How lucky and totally blessed I am.

Mon: above 2 pix downloaded which are much more than a thousand words. My titles for these pix – ALL LIVES MATTER. The flower pix is a Japanese Egret Orchid, but I would like to call it DELICATE PEACE, bringing back memories of the FlowerPower&HippyDays from the 1960s.

Pix downloaded – how wonderful It would be if our differences can be respected and bringing us together. We have much to learn from each others differences which can help us all. Seeing what is happening in the world now is rather upsetting, but will keep dreaming, hoping, praying and thinking constructively&positively. My thoughts are exactly with John Hume’s quote.

Anti-Cruelty, Anti-Racism, Anti-Wars, Anti-Violence are important for me, but somehow with a slogan like Black Lives Matter to me  seems to separate than bringing us together. Perhaps its just me, but hoping these world-wide protests will stay peaceful, otherwise they will be in vain. The last Anti-Racism protest in person was 7yrs ago and still will be protesting for this cause as long as there is life in me, but with pix&words due to health issues.

I plan to stand by nonviolence, because I have found it to be a philosophy of life that regulates not only my dealings in the struggle for racial justice, but also my dealings with people, and with my own self – Martin Luther King Jr.

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