Class Of 2020

5 Jun 2020 – Senior Proms 1993&2020

Tue:  Easter care-package mailed 27Apr to the US was received today and online purchases from the US ordered&paid around the same time were received today (2+months). Now this really puts the term snail-mail into another dimension. They can open things up on this CB Phase1 today, but I’m still staying put to see what happens to you all first, hahaha. For my overseas family&friends, those travel books’ places are from different areas in SIN. 

This batch of lychees from today’s grocery@Giant/MarineTerrace is sweet, juicy with small seeds. These are from China, S$7.90per kilo – bought 300gms S$1.83 after .50c discount, Senior% from the whole bill .90c savings today. Being alone, best to get just enough to last for day and then shop again to taste the fresh new batch another day, hopefully just as sweet! Its the season, also like them in my martini too – Cheers, YamSeng, Sláinte, Skål.

Wed: ppl who have the power&voices, learn from this sheriff and it is NOT about politics for me.  So very sad with the unrest around the world on top of COVID-19.

A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right. A man dies when he refuses to stand up for justice. A man dies when he refuses to take a stand for that which is true – Martin Luther King Jr

Late news from Norway: must be traumatic watching your house floating by, stirring back the feelings of despair and helplessness when L&J house burnt down – thankfully no injuries or fatalities reported here and when the house burnt down in Oct2013. As Kiat puts it never underestimate the folly of men building habitats in unstable locations and my reply – there are many of those unstable locations around the world and it is a matter of time where&when Mother nature decides to claim it back..

Thu: throwback from LHHS/SeniorProm in FL/USA1993 with Gabe(&Jen+6kids), Brandy (&Matt&4kids), Jeff&Linn (+5kids), Matt&Kristy (+2grown-kids) – 27yrs have gone by quickly!

To a different kind of SeniorProm in IHS/SC,USA today. Appreciations to 1st-born for pix of #1, stunning&beautiful inside out like her mom at her SeniorProm. Need these kind of pix more than ever nowadays to focus on happy thoughts – life goes on despite of everything.

Fri: live-streamed of #1 graduation tonight and an evening with tears of joy streaming down from this grandma! Congratulations to #1 with her siblings&proud parents@Irmo High School Graduation Ceremony at W C Hawkins Stadium.

All the best to the next chapter in her life’s journey@University of South Carolina/UofSC/SC (1801) not to be confused with USC/CA (1880). Looking forward to visiting her there. Pix credits to L&M.

The Courtney Shealy Hart Award, in recognition to the Top Female Senior Athlete who excels in the classroom, community and on the playing fields!

Every person you meet knows something you don’t; learn from them —H Jackson Brown Jr.

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