Hello Jun 2020

1 Jun 2020 – Life Online With Interesting Links

Sat: interesting read and if this link is proven correct, it will not be good for ppl like me if the virus hits me, at this age with pre-existing issues like blood clots&heart issues. Oh well, when it is my time to go, will go with no regrets – such is life


Looking at the clock daily, one of those few ppl who still has an analog clock&watch, and would not have realized how amazingly brilliant the analog clock&watch face can be if not for Alan’s FB video posting. Hmmm clock&numbers, is this a sign or too much time on hands?? Not linking this clock video here as it takes up too much space in the posting, but if interested, copy&paste the link below.


Have been listening to Ajahn Brahm’s talks again. Do remember what a calming effect they had on me, first introduced to his talks in the late 1990s when I returned to work in SIN. Glad that they still do have the calming effect as that is so needed now. Having some concerns as he now sounds like he is short of breath, but then, I too would probably sound the same to someone who has not heard from me for a decade.


The Studios Online: A Good Death – hosted by The Studios and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. A palliative care doctor, as she journeys with her patients, opening up to her about their hopes&fears while her own family conflicts over what is best for their ageing parent. Rather depressing, but the reality of life is that we all die; how you lived your life+your attitude will also effect how your face your ending days. Family Duet: a light-hearted multi-generational take on the seldom-asked questions about family life – did not get much of my attention, trying to get the message without success.

But life was taken way too soon from Tori 9yrs ago.


Sun: God Pinse on this last Sun&last day in May to those marking this long weekend in Norway&around the world – tkx to 2nd born in Norway for the reminder of it being a public holiday there on this Christian holiday of Pentecost, which is celebrated the 49day after EasterSun. Reading a gator in the clouds this morning, must have been around too many FL-Gators – hahaha 


Not having lived in SIN from 1965-1999, am not too familiar with the celebrities of that era. For me, the only familiar work from Dick Lee’s Home, which I like and is practically the national anthem here, anyone from SIN would probably know this song. Just discovered from the online concert that he wrote it in the late 1990s having lived sometime in Japan&HKG and was feeling homesick. Here is a touching video where you can hear what it is like to be homesick. 

Sad news from the US, so much unrest with protests, riots, curfews, looters, violence, etc happening there on top of the COVID-19 pandemic. Demonstrators rally has now spread to Europe in solidarity with US protesters – really depressing with all these news. 


Mon: welcome Jun2020 and hopefully there will not be too many increase of cases now that Phase 1 of CB is opening here tomorrow. Going to be a real busy week for the family in SC/USA with #1s PromDinner, graduation and family vacation to GA.

The below link has NOTHING to do with religion for me, its about hopes for PEACE and if prayers help and or work, just do it. Prayers&thoughts are with all in the USA and around the world. For all my life, I have always hoped&prayed for PEACE ON EARTH and will never stop hoping&praying for that. Here is where John Lennon’s Imagine is so needed.


Oh no! PP added to list of public places visited by COVID-19 cases (Wed 20May between 1400-1500hrs) while infectious – was last there Fri22May (1100-1400hrs), 10days ago!!


1 Jun – Happy Bday Morten
2 Jun – Happy Bday KK  & Richard LEE
6 Jun – Happy Bdays Dika & Harry
9 Jun – Happy Bday Sophie
15 Jun – my father LAM TinYue would have been 109. L&M paternal grandfather John HALD III 97 today. Happy Bday AmyJ
21 Jun – Happy Father’s Day
25 Jun – Happy Bdays John/Chon, Clement & Huang
28 Jun – Happy Bdays Jeff & John WILSON
30 Jun – Happy Bdays JenMun & Annie

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