In Memory of Tori McGee

30 May 2011 –  So Very Sad…

Taught English Language/American Culture at Auxiliar de conversacion, Ministry of Education/Spain. Studied International Relations at Texas Christian University. Lived in Manzanares, Castilla-La Mancha/Spain. Languages spoken English, Spanglish, Spanish.

Victoria, first-born to Kathryn & Michael passed away suddenly in Spain today where she had just completed her teaching assignment and was on her way back home to TX/USA. This wonderful young lady crossed my path in FL/USA in the early 1990s with fond memories.

Our last contact was regarding her concerns if the plane will be able to take off as the volcano ashes in Iceland were again getting in the way for the planes. Her travel itinerary was: Berlin, Cologne, Heidelberg, Hamburg, Rothenberg, Dachau, Neuschwanstein, Munich, Zurich, Basel, Madrid, TEXAS. Told her that all the fingers are crossed for her.

Oh Tori, you will be greatly missed and may you rest in peace. Such a charming young lady who was not afraid to live her life fully. Thank you for crossing my path and for your being. Sincere condolences, prayers and thoughts to her family, especially to her mom Kathy dad Michael, sister Samantha, brother Michael jr and aunt Nancy & the Bowmans.

Was so dreading to house painting and was online re-reading about a previous blog posting:

Also posted in my FB comment to someone just before the news of her passing. In my next life, I want to be a butterfly, flying freely and sniffing at the beautiful flowers; looking gorgeous for 24hrs and die ●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●

And strangely as I received the news of her passing, a butterfly was outside my window. For Norway, it is too early for the butterflies (long winter&late spring this time round). Not sure if this makes any sense, had to edit (1 Mar 2013) as what was previously written was confusing as I was in a total state of shock.

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven… Ecclesiastes 3:1

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  1. In the name of all your students here, in Spain, we are really shocked by this tragic loss. you have left us, but you’ll be forever within our hearts. we hope you will find a better place
    When i saw you the saturday morning and said “Hellow Tori” in Empedrada street in Manzanares i couldn’t imagine i was seeing you for the last time. Our biggest condolences for the family and friends

    • Hi,

      I got a picture from Tori on Saturday with her in this funny purple headband/hat thing. I’m trying to find them. Could you take a look at the picture on my facebook (let me know if you can’t see it) and tell me if you know the shop? You can see it in the background.

      Thank you!

      • Please go to this website set up by her friends. They might be able to help you and also do make a contribution to the family at this difficult time. Thanks for your comment.

      • Hi Jen

        this is Victoria’s Aunt in MD, can you send me that picture?

        oh we are so sad at this time

        Bless you for being her friend


  2. I was on vacation in Key West when Mom called. I spent most if the afternoon walking around totally numb. The first thing I did was head to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory & bought a purple butterfly to represent my beautiful girl. Later in the day I read your post & comment about life and being a butterfly. Fitting.

    • Oh Angela, no words can describe this feeling of sadness on the loss of this beautiful and charming young life. Strangely I was sitting by the dining window with the laptop, dreading the job of painting the house. A butterfly flew by and it is slightly a bit too early in the season for butterflies where I am at now! Thus the comment in FB about what I wanted to be in a next life… ie if there is one!! Then after that, your dad sent the message. You take good care of yourself and thanks for keeping in contact.

  3. Tori was a very sweet girl, wise beyond her years. She was a good-childhood friend of my daughter’s and spent a lot of time at our house when she was younger. At age 8 she spoke of wanting to one day be a judge, of articles she’d read in “Newsweek”, things she’d seen on CNN. We are so terribly saddened by this news; our hearts are breaking for her family.

  4. yo soy una chica que estudio en el instituto sotomayor de manzanares,y ella fue mi profesora,cada dos semanas venia a nuestra clase a enseñarnos algo de su pais,ciudad,comidas típicas de alli,etc.Me acuerdo cuando me despedí de ella en la clase y en la entrada del instituto se iva triste pero dijo que volveria el año k viene.Hasta que el Lunes estaba yo en el ordenador tranquila y vino mi hermano dicieno: -patricia saves quien se ha muerto?,yo dije quien y dijo Tori la de ingles, yo no me lo creí al principio pero luego fue verdad, me quede triste y llorando porque me caia muy bien
    NuNcA Te OlViDaRé

  5. I’m going to translate the post in Spanish(or to try):

    I’m a girl from Sotomayor hight school, and she was my teacher, she went to my classroom every two weeks to teach us something about her country, city, typical food, etc. I remember when I saw her off, she was sad but she said that she would come next year. But last Monday I was with my computer and my brother said to me: Do you know who has dead? and he said me: Tori, the English teacher. I couldn’t belive it but it was true. I’m really sad because she was wonderful
    I won’t forget you

    • Appreciations for your translation. If there were more people like Tori on this earth, the world would be a better place. Take care and live your life to the fullest as life is fragile and precious.

    • To Tori’s Spanish Students. Thank you for putting the video together and for sharing it.

  6. Hi, I am sorry to see this sad news even little late. Met Tori in Spain. Since I moved to US I was trying to get in touch with her. Can you please email me about her and her tragic death. I am shocked to read this news. She was a wonderful person.
    Will look forward to hear from you. My condolence to her family for this great loss.
    Plz reply

    • Hello Ovi, thank you for your comment which I have forwarded to Tori’s aunt. Apologies that I am in no position to answer your question. It is very sad and those who know her miss her a lot. Take care.

  7. Thanks Amylamsg for the reply and forwarding my comment to her aunt. May she rest is peace. Do you know what happened to her? was it plane crash or something else, please let me know what happened to her. I still can’t believe that she passed away.

    • I believe Tori passed away in the hospital where she was admitted after some pains. Apologies do not have the details. Hopefully Angela Bowman, Tori’s aunt has written to you, assuming that your email address is:

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