Weird Perceptions…

26 May 2011 – … And Thoughts!

Joplin, Missouri (CNN) – Residents of tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri, continued picking up the pieces, totaling the damages and counting their blessings Wed, killing at least 125 people… thoughts and prayers out to the people affected.

Linn’s cross-country and track coach, Tom Hammontree made a comment on FB: Linn I thought of you yesterday about OKC and am glad you don’t live there any longer. Thanks Coach for the thoughts, feel the same too! Linn & Jeff lived in Oklahoma City for a short period and that is part of the USA known as tornado alley! OKC is also where Katy is born and where the 1995 bombing killing 168 people.

Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon and had to be in Oslo on legal matters with the same lawyer handling all my legal situations since early 1980s. She is good! The bus to and from Oslo is NOK 90/S$20, must find out how much the bus cards here cost! Have to be more efficient about living here or end up using too much time on walking, smelling the flowers and getting nothing done! This morning sitting in the dining room with the overgrown lawn and weeds in clear view is no escape for the tired hands 🙁

The mind has been receiving strange inputs lately, like making cheesy comments on FB and  trying to find a good international word for cheers. Received some responses but came to the conclusion that maybe the best international way is still sign language by lifting up your glass… again shows that action speaks louder than words 🙂

Maybe breathing in too much of strong detergents and paint fumes are getting into the head! Or is it the side-effect of living in Viking-Land again! Received a comment that the postings are too short with words, which have never been my forte. If there is a one-liner to say it all and say it clear, that is the best! Apologies but will for the most remain short, like the blog owner… LOL

Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste – William Shakespeare