30 April 2011 – Happy Bday to John CHENG

Condolences to Auntie Kay LEE’s family for her passing. Auntie Kay is mother’s #7 younger sister and according to her family she was 96yrs old.

Prayers and thoughts for the people in Alabama/USA effected by the recent tornado killing at least 350 people.

Busy, crazy, hectic, whirlwind, the Tasmanian Devil! etc whichever description or word will fit now! Back from KCH and guest from the USA. The mind is willing but the body is giving different signals! Dr Lori MARSH who teaches in VA Tech and was there during the shooting incident! We met on the AT Thru-hiking (trail name Lizard) is on a job assignment in SIN and is staying on a few days to explore. Wed: met@Swissotel The Stamford and did tours on the museums and China Town. Thu:  breakfast@MP Wet Market and so coincident to bump into HimSuan from Gao, walk EastCoast Parkway, Botanic Gardens & Little India and the energy was drained.

Fri: appreciations to Calvin TAY@Campers’ Corner Outfitters Ptd Ltd for hosting the AT Thru-Hike Talk. An interesting talk by another hiker, but a completely different trek with spectacular climbs in Pakistan to Karakoram (8,611m/28,224′) 2nd highest peak in the world. Enjoyable evening and a delightful turn out in spite of the election rallies in SIN and the royal wedding. To AmyR, Lori (US guests), Bev, CH, Ting and Grace, thank you for being there. To the rest of the group, for your gracious attention. To John LIM and Kathleen, another coincident, and what great way to catch up, supper@Kopitiam!

Another fairy-tale… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/


Today, Lori is off to the ArtScience Museum on her own. The overwhelmed battlefield flat needs cleaning and clearing before closing down for the peaceful summer. At present dealing with new shocking pink camera (Canon IXUS 115 HS) and thanks to Lawrence, a sweet pink mobile phone (Samsung GT-C33031). Please be patient if no answer, or not replying to SMS; takes lots of time for an old dog to learn new tricks; Leonard my tech man is out of town… HELP!!

Tickled PINK with all the new things but do not know how to use a thing… hehehe 🙂 🙂 🙂

St Joseph’s Cathedral/KCH

25 Apr 2011 – Baptisms

Sat: Arrived KCH before 0900hrd, met by Lawrence who was really busy as his whole family has recently arrived from KL for his and Mabel’s baptism later in the evening. Thank you to Raymond & Agnes ONG for the hospitality and their kindness to accommodate me for the evening; to Lawrence & Mabel, for a delicious dinner at the Sarawak Club. It has been many moons ago since I had the opportunity to be in Lawrence & his whole family’s company.

The mass at St Joseph’s Cathedral started 2000hrs and there were over 200 baptisms. The location had no air-conditioning and the congregation was so packed that chairs were placed outside. Half way into the service, heat/prickly rashes were so uncomfortable that we had to head outdoors to get some air. Was not prepared with any ointment for the rashes, plus Leonard’s shirt was drenched with sweat were the reasons we sat outside. Thank goodness we could follow with the service over the speakers outside and got back into the location to witness, Lawrence, Mabel, Chuan and his brother’s baptisms.

Sun: Easter lunch with Lawrence & family@Spring Mall and dinner with Chuan & family@Sarawak Club.

Mon:  a nice day walking thru’ the dried goods, wet and spice market, plus more eating! Appreciations to Lawrence & family and Chuan & family for the honour to be part of this very special occasion and for all their graciousness. Without Leonard, there would not have been pix for this posting! Arrived in SIN with more surprises!! Cordelia & Leonard, thanks for the ride from the airport to the apartment.

Photo credits to Leonard.

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother – Kahlil Gibran

Happy Easter/God Påske 2011

22 Apr 2011 – Good Friday/Earth Day

Last year’s Easter Sun was on 4 Apr (posting 4 Apr 2010, Richard YUNG’s Bday). Easter (death of Christ) is the holiest day, besides Christmas (birth of Christ) for the Christians. Back in the dark ages, 1970s/80s! in Norway, practically everything was shut down and most of the natives will disappear from town to retreat to their mountain cabins to go skiing. It was not even possible to buy milk for nearly a week. But of course that is not the case now.

Today is my turn to make lunch for Kenson and it suddenly dawn on me that this is the first Easter we are celebrating together! He is my oldest friend and godfather to May. We have known each other since 1954 and he made many visits to Norway during his student days in UK. Even painted this lovely drawing of the cabin up at the mountains in Norway. So how is it possible that he was never there during Easter? The only explanation is that during our student days, we stayed in Dublin and did not travel to Norway. That must have been the times we drove around Ireland. Need to dig up those old colour slides to refresh the memory.

To nephew Clement & Audrey, thanks for coming by to dinner and helping to clear the food 🙂

As far as Easter is concerned, Good Friday to Easter Sunday and Easter Eggs, they have all been posted, 4 Apr 2010, 11 Apr 2009 so no point repeating them! But this Easter is going to be a special one. Tomorrow in KCH, Lawrence & Mabel are getting baptized and so is Chuan. Will be flying off bright and early Sat morning to attend their baptism. Seems like I was just there…

Most people outside of America won’t get it. It’s the Easter bunny. It’s another lie and I don’t understand why we had to invent this character – Todd Rundgren

Tanjong Pagar Rail Station

20 Apr 2011 – A National Monument

This place brings back childhood memories! Glad to see that it is going to be a National Monument. And knowing the SIN system, this place will be immaculately refurbished and maintained. Was there a couple of years ago arriving with the train from KL to SIN and it was a rather run-down sad-looking colonial-style building. Looking forward to visiting when it gets restored back to its heydays. Ariel pix credit to Straits Times and the rest of the pix credits to Raymond CHAN.

1950s, first trip on a train was either from or to this station. Was intrigued with the toilets. They were not flush-toilets but what one could see was the moving tracks at the bottom; for a child, it was scary doing business onto the moving tracks! No wonder they could not be used when stationary or when in stations!

Second sister-in-law would take the train from Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia/near the Thai border to visit SIN now & then. Whenever we saw her off, the customs checks were very harsh. They would take out every single object including the clothes, to see if they are anything hidden in between. When the clothes look new, there would be a fine and if you could not pay, things get confiscated and believe me, these so-called custom-officers were unkind and even mean to an extend (hmmm wonder who benefits from the confiscated goods?). It was quite a painful and time-consuming ordeal 😦

Choo choo train, chugging down the track,
Gotta travel on, never coming back. Ooh!
Got a one way ticket to the blues – Neil Sedaka                                                                                                                                                                                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmcwBkt0xfE

Temenggong Road(2)

1950s: The above picture was taken with the habour view from 5 Temenggong Road. Quite a contrast from the BEFORE to NOW, where the wavily roofs then is now Vivocity with more wavily roofs… at least the wavily remain consistent 🙂


Apr 19, 2011 – Mapletree Group to launch IPO

By Francis Chan

Mapletree Commercial Trust, which owns Vivocity mall and office complexes, will offer about 713 million units priced at 88 cents apiece – PHOTO: VIVOCITY

INVESTORS can now own a piece of Singapore’s largest mall or be landlords to a big American bank and the operator of the world’s second busiest seaport.

This can now happen, after Mapletree Commercial Trust (MCT) announced Monday that it will raise $893 million in an initial public offering (IPO).

The offer could also potentially rise to $983 million if the over-allotment option of 101.5 million units is exercised in full.

MCT, which owns Vivocity mall and office complexes including the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Harbourfront and PSA Building, will offer about 713 million units priced at 88 cents apiece.

Based on the offer price, trust manager Mapletree Commercial Trust Management has forecast a distribution yield of about 5.7 per cent for next year and 6.2 per cent for 2012.

The public offer for MCT opens tomorrow and closes at 9am on Apr 25. MCT expects to list on the Singapore Exchange two days later on Apr 27.

Garage Doors!

18 Apr 2011 – Pick Your Choice!

Decided to blog these silly pix today, actually more funny than silly! Appreciations again to Chris in London for sharing. This is to help chase away the Monday Blues for Aileen and for the spastic stiff neck muscle which is a headache! In additional to being SPAMMED in FB again yesterday, twice within last week, first Hunky Harry and then Cute Robin who were spreading their viruses like wildfire (lessons for playing with fire!) Spent hours last night (no help to the neck!!) to clear and update everything. Can hear some of you moaning, oh please let her have her camera. Enjoy the silliness for the time being… hehehe!

If your garage door is boring, and most are, you may like to consider one of these alternatives or design you own! Just stick a new decal on your door! Make an impression and statement with your garage doors and be assured that you will always find your way home 🙂

Do it yourself…

In case of car problems!

An invitation to burglars 🙂

Ahhh… that’s my kind of garage and you will get heaps of visitors, cheers 🙂 🙂

Too clean to be Manhattan…

Last but not least 🙂 🙂 🙂

The doctor must have put my pacemaker in wrong. Every time my husband kisses me, the garage door goes up – Minnie Pearl

How coincident, the doctor who attended the stiff neck at the Polyclinics this morning is Pearl HUAN! No kidding and NOT HIGH on muscle-relaxin or pain-killers… YET!!!!!  Have a wonderful week.