St Joseph’s Cathedral/KCH

25 Apr 2011 – Baptisms

Sat: Arrived KCH before 0900hrd, met by Lawrence who was really busy as his whole family has recently arrived from KL for his and Mabel’s baptism later in the evening. Thank you to Raymond & Agnes ONG for the hospitality and their kindness to accommodate me for the evening; to Lawrence & Mabel, for a delicious dinner at the Sarawak Club. It has been many moons ago since I had the opportunity to be in Lawrence & his whole family’s company.

The mass at St Joseph’s Cathedral started 2000hrs and there were over 200 baptisms. The location had no air-conditioning and the congregation was so packed that chairs were placed outside. Half way into the service, heat/prickly rashes were so uncomfortable that we had to head outdoors to get some air. Was not prepared with any ointment for the rashes, plus Leonard’s shirt was drenched with sweat were the reasons we sat outside. Thank goodness we could follow with the service over the speakers outside and got back into the location to witness, Lawrence, Mabel, Chuan and his brother’s baptisms.

Sun: Easter lunch with Lawrence & family@Spring Mall and dinner with Chuan & family@Sarawak Club.

Mon:  a nice day walking thru’ the dried goods, wet and spice market, plus more eating! Appreciations to Lawrence & family and Chuan & family for the honour to be part of this very special occasion and for all their graciousness. Without Leonard, there would not have been pix for this posting! Arrived in SIN with more surprises!! Cordelia & Leonard, thanks for the ride from the airport to the apartment.

Photo credits to Leonard.

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