Happy Easter/God Påske 2011

22 Apr 2011 – Good Friday/Earth Day

Last year’s Easter Sun was on 4 Apr (posting 4 Apr 2010, Richard YUNG’s Bday). Easter (death of Christ) is the holiest day, besides Christmas (birth of Christ) for the Christians. Back in the dark ages, 1970s/80s! in Norway, practically everything was shut down and most of the natives will disappear from town to retreat to their mountain cabins to go skiing. It was not even possible to buy milk for nearly a week. But of course that is not the case now.

Today is my turn to make lunch for Kenson and it suddenly dawn on me that this is the first Easter we are celebrating together! He is my oldest friend and godfather to May. We have known each other since 1954 and he made many visits to Norway during his student days in UK. Even painted this lovely drawing of the cabin up at the mountains in Norway. So how is it possible that he was never there during Easter? The only explanation is that during our student days, we stayed in Dublin and did not travel to Norway. That must have been the times we drove around Ireland. Need to dig up those old colour slides to refresh the memory.

To nephew Clement & Audrey, thanks for coming by to dinner and helping to clear the food 🙂

As far as Easter is concerned, Good Friday to Easter Sunday and Easter Eggs, they have all been posted, 4 Apr 2010, 11 Apr 2009 so no point repeating them! But this Easter is going to be a special one. Tomorrow in KCH, Lawrence & Mabel are getting baptized and so is Chuan. Will be flying off bright and early Sat morning to attend their baptism. Seems like I was just there…

Most people outside of America won’t get it. It’s the Easter bunny. It’s another lie and I don’t understand why we had to invent this character – Todd Rundgren