Room & Pool with a View

11 Apr 2011 – Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Pix of the exterior of this hotel have been posted 14 & 26 Jun 2010.

Visiting guests@Marina Bay Sands on the 40th floor suite. Views from the bathroom, bedroom and living room.

Finally got to swim in this neat infinity pool with the SIN skyline in the background. How lucky to experience such luxury! Like being on top of the world, a kind of natural high feeling without any substance πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Enjoyed the all you can eat and drink club by the pool while the rains moved in and the sky opened up raining cats and dogs! Quite an impressive sight with the lighting and thunder. Β The casino was just too crowded and not my scene, decided to do window shopping after all the food and champagne!

Interesting door in one of the shops. There is an unusual fountain by where one can row a boat on the water-ways. From indoor, the water is coming out at the bottom of a transparent semi circular design. From the top (outdoor), it look like a mini hurricane with all the water rushing to a funnel.

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