30 April 2011 – Happy Bday to John CHENG

Condolences to Auntie Kay LEE’s family for her passing. Auntie Kay is mother’s #7 younger sister and according to her family she was 96yrs old.

Prayers and thoughts for the people in Alabama/USA effected by the recent tornado killing at least 350 people.

Busy, crazy, hectic, whirlwind, the Tasmanian Devil! etc whichever description or word will fit now! Back from KCH and guest from the USA. The mind is willing but the body is giving different signals! Dr Lori MARSH who teaches in VA Tech and was there during the shooting incident! We met on the AT Thru-hiking (trail name Lizard) is on a job assignment in SIN and is staying on a few days to explore. Wed: met@Swissotel The Stamford and did tours on the museums and China Town. Thu:  breakfast@MP Wet Market and so coincident to bump into HimSuan from Gao, walk EastCoast Parkway, Botanic Gardens & Little India and the energy was drained.

Fri: appreciations to Calvin TAY@Campers’ Corner Outfitters Ptd Ltd for hosting the AT Thru-Hike Talk. An interesting talk by another hiker, but a completely different trek with spectacular climbs in Pakistan to Karakoram (8,611m/28,224′) 2nd highest peak in the world. Enjoyable evening and a delightful turn out in spite of the election rallies in SIN and the royal wedding. To AmyR, Lori (US guests), Bev, CH, Ting and Grace, thank you for being there. To the rest of the group, for your gracious attention. To John LIM and Kathleen, another coincident, and what great way to catch up, supper@Kopitiam!

Another fairy-tale… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/


Today, Lori is off to the ArtScience Museum on her own. The overwhelmed battlefield flat needs cleaning and clearing before closing down for the peaceful summer. At present dealing with new shocking pink camera (Canon IXUS 115 HS) and thanks to Lawrence, a sweet pink mobile phone (Samsung GT-C33031). Please be patient if no answer, or not replying to SMS; takes lots of time for an old dog to learn new tricks; Leonard my tech man is out of town… HELP!!

Tickled PINK with all the new things but do not know how to use a thing… hehehe 🙂 🙂 🙂