Bye-bye Camera

14 Apr 2011 – No Camera…

Camera has gone bye-bye to me 🙁 Lawrence is giving me his camera next weekend, so will have no camera until then! Life without a camera means more words since a picture is worth a thousand words – Napoleon Bonaparte

1,000 words are not the forte in this blog, so will blog about one of the favourite pastimes-movies! The other favourites being sleeping, eating, catching up with family & friends and hiking. The weather here is no fun to hike in but somehow it did not seem to bother during childhood days when cousin Wilki and I were roaming Mr Faber and it’s foothills, climbing every climbable tree! Does age play a role or is it really global warming??  Would like to think that it is the latter 🙂

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart****a single girl notices a handsome hunk in the office building across the street. A quirky romance ensues as she starts communicating with the stranger through paper signs. Her fate changes when she is approached by a misfit. They start talking, become friends and she starts helping him to rebuild his confidence to get back on tracks. However, she meets the hunk and falls for him. Complications in a love triangle but an entertaining and feel good HKG movie!

Spoken in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Have once commented that will not watch another HKG movie here in SIN as the Cantonese is dubbed to Mandarin, thus lost in translation! Surprised and thrilled that this flick is not dubbed. The Hongkies spoke in Cantonese while the mainland Chinese spoke in Mandarin with English sub-titles. The 5*rating by local viewers was the reason that got me going. So sometimes the ratings can be right!

Norwegian Wood***Japanese flick but had to watch this with a title after the classic Beatles song Norwegian Wood! Watanabe is uncertain as to how to view life after the death of his friend Kizuki. Watanabe is a quiet and serious Tokyo college student who falls deeply for Naoko, an introspective young woman who was Kizuki’s girlfriend. Naoko feels as if some integral part of her has been permanently lost.

When Naoko decides to quit college and become a recluse, Midori comes along. Midori is outgoing, vivacious, supremely self-confident and basically the very opposite of what Naoko ever was. Watanabe is torn between the two women whom he is deeply attracted to. A melancholy slow drama befitting the mood of the title but in the Japanese culture!

Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad – Victor Hugo

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