School Shootings

31 May 2022: Uvalde Elementary School Shooting

Fri: that same truly SAD feeling and lost of words creeps up again as I remember another elementay school shooting 10yrs ago where 20children and 6adults were the victims – total of 28 killed including the gunman’s mother and the gunman who shoot himself.

Prayers to those affected by this recent RobbElementarySchool in Uvalde, TX/USA (Tue24May2022) where 19children and 2adults were the victims – total of 22 killed including the gunman. How many more of these mass shooting does it take for ppl to understand what&where the problems lie before there are any solutions? Are these mass shootings only happening in USA or that other countries are just not reporting about it??

Sat: helping out at CC in the afternoon as Calvin is out of town and it would be good to have an extra pair of eyes&hands around. The kitchen is out of action, so no drinks or foods can be served at present, but can always bring you own.

Enjoying Sat night at Geylang, SIN only legal red-light district (for real) – and not only red-lights, but bright lights for durian-hopping in this Durian-Paradise. The prices ranges for the different types, and the Kampong-Durian refers to durians that aren’t hybrid or specially grown and I like those.

Tkx to Wendy for driving&helping to choose the Kampong-Durians. White-hair does have its advantage here, complimentary fresh coconut-drink for the Ah-Ma! RichardY/HKG thinks that I should touch up my pix as he cannot see the point of making myself look older than I actually am and that I have only one life and to make the best of it. My reply to him is that I have no complains – comfortable with my age+looks enjoying my being&existence by living life to the fullest within my condition&capacity. To be honest, I prefer my natural looks, but tkx RY for doing such a great job of touching me up, hahaha!

Sun: great catching up with HS&Boon and hearing about their recent Greek Islands hopping trip. Glad that they like one of my favourite HorFun@IpohStyleSanLouHorFun from 50A Marine Terrace#01-275,  and the KampongDurians, mangosteens&rambutans, all local and yummy. Another hot day and the AC on by 1530hrs until temps go below 30ºC – power bills have gone up and it will even get hotter for the next couple of months.

Mon: regardless if you are marking&observing this MemorialDay (USA public holiday – pix downloaded) or otherwise, it is a day to remember&honour those who have fallen while serving their countries. Unofficially, today also marks the beginning of the summer season – a good week ahead to all. Jun-school-holidays have started here in SIN, that means going out only when necessary for me. And in memory of a young beautiful lady Tori –

Tue: for ChickenRice fans+other chicken dishes enjoy your chickens as SIN receives its last chicken import from Malaysia today on this lasr day of May. 2021 SIN imported 214,400tonnes of chicken ~48% of these chickens were from Brazil, ~34% from Malaysia, ~8% from USA and the remaining 10% from other countries. Tkx to IreneH for the funny – needed a good laugh today.

What came first – the chicken of the egg? I dont’ care, I eat both – GousePasha

Was hoping to SarawakKoloMee@LinYuMei HaigRoadMarket&FoodCentre for breakfast, but it was not to be as the stall was not opened. No worries, cloudy sky made it possible for a stroll on JooChiatRd (one of my favourite roads here in SIN to walk) to HjhMaimunahRestaurant which is usually crowded whenever I pass by, but today there were not so many ppl yet. The food was inviting, but by now was not hungry – periwinkles looked tempting but after the last experience when I had to fly back after a bad incident of food poisoning of these in KCH, am careful nowadays!

Another nicely restored perankan-type-house. Did not ever know that GreenCoffee existed. By the time I got to KỳAnhQuán/VietnameseRestaurant, the sun appeared, got a refreshing cold AssamDrink there+some spring-rolls to takeaway and headed to the bus-stop.

31May2022: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,389
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 17,905
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 3,172

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