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26 May 2022: Most Beautiful Public Restroom

Sun: train your mind to see the the bigger pictures with different angles so as to be more aware of circumstances&situations and of ppl with their actions&words. Some ppl&situations are not what you sometimes believe or perceive them to be, or perhaps age has to do with my present cyniciam, hahaha! Find own your balance otherwise your brains will fall out if you are too open-minded, lol.

Life is not an easy matter…. You cannot live through it without falling into frustration and cynicism unless you have before you a great idea which raises you above personal misery, above weakness, above all kinds of perfidy and baseness – LeonTrotsky

Mon: a link so true to Norway ie that it is not possible to do just one trip when visiting – must be having a NorwayWithdrawal to be searching for a good site! It is really one of the most beautiful countries I have been, lived&worked in and according to this video, it is where the most beautiful public restrooms is located! Made of frosted glass and concrete, in quintessential minimalist design, the structure seems to glow in the dark as the glass is lit at night. In the daytime, the facility offers just about the most breathtaking view you could hope to enjoy while relieving yourself.

Ureddplassen along the road in the Helgelandskysten area, this rest-area gets its name from the WWII memorial located at the site. The monument commemorates the Norwegian submarine Uredd=fearless that sank during the war, causing 42 sailors to lose their lives. Have not been there yet, but this bucket, (hahaha) is on my bucket-list when&if I am ever in N Norway again!


Tue: at CC to help out and to get grandniece Kiera her first pair of climbing shoesS$99LaSportivaTarantula. Climbing is popular with the younger generation, was not that long ago that I was at CC getting a pair of climbing-shoes for grandnephew Darryl. Lunched@OwlsBrew, but forgot to tell them to not have the chilli in our thin-crust-pizza!

Wed: welcome back to SIN and tkx for the visit dear beautiful niece Yasmine&Andrew. Belated Bday (23May) gift to her+wishes for them to enjoy their stay, take good care to be healthy&safe and all the best for everything ahead. A lovely wet afternoon cooling down the evening temps for a goodnight sleep.

Thu: have always wanted a small stone-bench or chair! Thought this came in 3pieces, but how wrong can I be, this one is cemented into a single piece. ChrisT managed to get it transported from a 3storey heritage-house to a HDBblock – thankful for this gift and grateful to the help for getting it outside my 4-walls. Now fitting perfectly here, an ideal seat for getting on&off shoes – also be assured that no one will be able to steal it, hahaha!

Stone furniture brings back fun childhood memories where all our outdoor furniture were made of stone as far as I can remember! Pix of me (1952-53) on a stone-bench with bro Leslie by another stone bench in the background! Will search for more…

Tkx to Iyas for showing his new pad on the 44floor – interior fittings&furnishing tastefully done. Good to be able to get some tips if I need to redo my place.

Such a good idea for a toilet with integrated hand basin for my next new toilet, and maybe a small bathtub or (standup or walkin-tub/pix downloaded) to relax those overused stretched muscles.

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