Searching For Roots

28 Apr 2022 –  Looking For A Needle In A Haystack

Sat: tkx for my dose of red meat, yummy rib-eye-steak@TanglinClub and my favourite Bushmill night-cap – was first introduced to Bushmills in the late 1960s in Ireland! and liked it then.

Bro Leslie discovered a brillant way to rid AC-condensation on the windows while chilling outside Maduro jazz-lounge last night – he should patent his secret! Appreciations for a lovely evening out with Les&Ivy+Daisy and Clement – as we were leaving, was stopped by some young ppl who asked if we were a family and after confirming that we are, she was all smiles telling us how wonderful and nice to see family having such a nice time together – blessed&grateful to Les&Ivy for these family gatherings and for keeping us together.

Sun: tkx to 2nd born for this smoked mackeral, it was OK but I still prefer the plain warm-smoked ones. Many think it is too fishy, and even when I am visiting her in Norway, will try to eat this outdoors! I like it on an open-face sandwich with raw onions and NorwegianMillsRemulada which was unfortunately confiscated when she tried to bring on her trip this time round with no checked-in luggage, only carry-ons. Oh well, will have to wait until I get to Norway to taste it.

A busy Sunday trying to locate old pix with IreneL for the LAM-Heritage project. So many questions with few&no answers as most of the BlueGen who have the answers have passed on and the few ones remaining do not know or not quite sound in the minds to remember. With such a large family like ours it is a challenge but good news is that Prof. Selia Tan and the conservation team in China will hold a special ceremony at our ancestral hall to honour our ancestors and to report the start of the construction repair work in May – this traditional Cantonese ceremony will be held Fri29Apr.

Mon: must try to locate as many pix&any other possible info from my 2009&2011 trips so that the conservation team can see and keep to the original designs. Not sure how Irene is going about with her research or how she intends to write the family history? Will try to do my best to help as long as I can do so with good conscious&intentions , ie without uterior motives!

Tkx to her for this info and pix of a Ming Dynasty ancestral hall (layout slighly similar to our anestral hall) that is being restored. We are fortunate that the same contractor involved in this project will be working on ours. Another encouraging development is that the head of the Lam Family Association in the neighboring township of Sunwui (Xinhui) has offered to deal with the Party secretary on our behalf. He is a powerful and influential person in the region, so this will be very helpful. 

Tue: take care, stay healthy&safe everyone now that life is more or less back on track here in SIN. Time to find my passport and yeah! it is still valid – have just been informed that about 2months wait to apply!! Slowly but surely thinking&planning about being on the go again, ie if my health checks are cleared!

Busy getting help to recover the images from the CDs with no luck. Last hope now is to approach the library (have been informed that the only chance might be the museums, library or police who might have better Hi-Tech equipment!). Tkx to Leonard for all his help and for trying. His neighbourhood has a guy ringing his bell on an icicle tricycle, had to treat myself with an ice-cream to remind me of the carefree childhood days when I used to run down TemenggongRd to the main TelokBlangahRd at the same sounds of those bells.

Life is like ice-cream, enjoy it before it melts

Wed: searching&updating pix&info, etc for the LAM-Heritage and for Irene’s research. What I managed to salvage from the grounds when I was there in 2009&2011, thinking that it would be the last time I would see our ancestral hall – tkx to Irene for sharing her salvage when she visited in 2019.

Thu: finally able to visit bro Steven@UMC – last visit was for his Bday Sep2021, closed to visitors for the last CNY. ART self-test was required and the sky opened up during the hour bus ride on 196. No worries as it really cooled down the temps after a hot&humid morning. He was in good spirits, even remembered who I am+my name as well as his own name after a few hints.

Some random interesting (to my eyes!) shots from the bus on the way back. Nonna Lina with the Italian flag colours located in one of the shophouses on CantonmentRd; caution – caterpiller crossing road! Have been wanting to take a pix of this interesting BuahCherry/Aratiles-sarisa tree which looks like it has no trunk on NicholeHighway before it gets chopped down.

Welcome FENG Yuan To The Family

22 Apr 2022: Looking Forward To Another&Next Visits

Mon: a late morning of packing+a few hours to EC Pk and again avoiding the sun which usualy gives me a headache, did not accompany them to the beach. Has been 2+yrs ago since last in Jewel and not only has #6 grown, so have the flaun&flora here.

#6 with his perfect eye-sight spied a wedding.

Many thanks to Clement for being such a spot here – both mother&grandmother were not up to ball-games on the nets. #6 favourite小笼包 XiaoLongBao+fried-rice@鼎泰豐DinTaiFung before boarding with heavy hearts&blurry eyes at the departure gate until we can look forward to meeting again –

Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow – Shakespeare

Tue: while waiting for Rahman to drop Ivy@GreatWorldCity thinking of #6 as I sat by his favourite restaurant – this pix got me to miss him even more!

Tkx to Annie for vegetarian lunch@Elemen元素 – excellent WildMushroom&WhiteTrufflePizza(very thin crust, must be my favourite pizza so far!) and good to have a chance to chat with her before she leaves back to Perth/Australia.

Wed: congratulations to the marriage of grandnephew PG4ANG KeeYang to FENG Yuan. He is the 2nd of the PurpleGen to be married (4Feb2021), wonder if I will be around to update the next generation – BrownGen???

Perfect day to do the laundry (5loads), tkx to a good washing-machine and decent drying weather -managed to get a shot (zoom) of this beautiful yellow-flame-tree/Peltophorum pterocarpum(tkx to Wendy for the name)located at junction of MarineParadeRd&MarineCres by the ongoing MRT-constructions.

and now everything is cleaned and dried before the rains, slowly but surely will get them just folded&lay-away until the next visit from USA in Jul, no need to store-away yet!

Thu: pouring cats&dogs this morning, thank goodness the laundry was done the past 2 days! A long- due-haircut, tkx to Helen for arranging the appt; a trip to CC to say hi and to share some goodies from 2nd-born&#6 – missing them tons.

Fri: TGIF Happy Earth Day and looking forward to another yummy durian season.

When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excited to wake up each morning to work on your passions – Edmond Mbiakading

Fun With Family & Friends

17 Apr 2022 – From Sentose To SuperPark & SBG

Wed: a beautiful early morning (starting before sunrise), solo walk on the beach towards the MonoRailBeachStation before the family gets up – wonderfully serene for someone like me who hates crowds, totally Demophobia not that I fear crowd, thus not Anthropophobia.

Heading back by the road, managed to capture this beautiful rainbow when I got back to the hotel after ~2hrs walk.

Another morning of water activities for #6 before checking out –  breakfast for the past 2days!

Speechless with our Grab driver’s dashboard! Goodbye and thanks for this Sentose staycation.

A fast cleaned up and short rest before heading to SuntecCity. 2nd born took bus196 to work while Pat&Beth picked us up for a playdate with Isebelle and I had another good 2hrs walk leaning the new layout of this mall while the kids were bouncing&jumping about!

Tkx to Lee&Adeline for dinner@鼎泰豐 DinTaiFung where #6 discovered that he really likes their小笼包 XiaoLongBao.

1st time tasting these fancy pancakes@FluffStack – fluffy soufflé pancakes.

Not only did these pancakes fascinated me, so did this tattoo and did get permission to take his pix!

Thu: tkx to niece for yummy Indonesia lunch@CumiBali, shopping the afternoon in Chinatown and it was fun times for them Easter egg hunting with Seok&family where they spotted a hornbill.

And I had dinner with Clement&Leonard – 1st time tasting this CurryNoodles@HongLimHawkers. Here we were enjoying the noodles when we got news of the BeachRdSlasher!

Fri: do not even remember when I was in SBG last, a location I frequented&worked in many moons ago! #6 enjoyed seeing the wild life despite the heat&humidity, especially after the morning rains.

Do not remember Prisoner of War Brick Step; sculpture ChangKuda by ChongFahChrong – a reference to a popular children’s game from the 1950s where they would piggy-back one another for a race. Appreciations to the Chuas for an enjoyable afternoon.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for KoreanCharcoalBBQdinner@Chang with Jo, Sue, Daisy, Clement and MeiPin.

Night-cap@Les&Ivy, tkx to Jo&Sue for ride back to the EastSide. Appreciate to all for their company&time+gifts.

Sat: tkx to KK for yummy home-made lunch and an afternoon at the NationalGallery, 1st visit for 2nd born&#6 – grandmother having been here countless of times ran out of steam had to sit&rest!

While mom has a night out, it is bonding time for grandma&grandson on this full-moon night.

The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished — Deng Ming-Dao

Sun: Happy Easter God Påske to those celebrating&marking today. In 7thHeaven feeling totally blessed after last night and now surprised with basket&bunny hand-made by #6+egg home-made&carefully carried with TLC by air from Norway. Just goes to show the energy level when unable to accompany them to WildWildWet! and also never have been to this location – as long as they had a good time is all that matters.

Satay dinner@LauPaSat on this lovely wet Easter Sunday night, but then why let the weather dampen good company with yummy foods when you can dance in the warm tropical rains before flying back to colder weathers.

Tkx to Sue&Clement+KK&Leonard for dinner&dessert+this wonderful experience.

Appreciations to Sue for joy-ride for them to see how comfortable our HDB dwellings can be.

Edited: they forgot to tell me that this baby yellow bird was on the ground@ECPk and how they called to ask what to do – the ppl@CoffeeBean&TeaLeaf loan them a pair of gloves and they placed the chick on a tree. Hopefully the motherbird will find her chick, so typical of #6 to get into this kind of situation! Pix&video credits to 2nd-born.

Edited: EasterDayLunch in SC/USA with cake baked by #2 – pix credits to 1st born&Cindy.

A Little Piece Of Paradise

12 Apr 2022: Welcoming Family From Norway

Fri: a fantastic weekend to all, I know it will be for me! My own AC maintence&care was done last month; watching the neighbour’s (also on the 7th-floor) can be nerve-wrecking, but looks like he knows what he is doing. Pix (zoom) taken from the kitchen window, the nearest visible neighbour from the kitchen. Quite a restless night with news of flight delays&changes, but better safe than sorry. KLM-flight cancelled from OSL-AMS, so now changed to SIA-flight from OSL-CPH transitting in CPH instead of AMS.

Sat:  its been over 2yrs ago since I step into the airport here, no not going anywhere but very excitied to meet with 2nd-born&#6 after a delay of 12+hrs due to unsafe flying conditions&weathers in Norway. First by out in the early dark morning rains, strange to be here at one of the world’s best airports where I used to frequent before Covid-days – things are sooo quiet, not the usual busy buzz from what I can remember!

But then nothing matters when you catch a glimpse of your loved ones thru’ the glass doors, reunions are such joy. Appreciations for thoughtful gifts, especailly my special request for the warm-smoked mackarel. Unable to get in the Norwegian butter, remulada & gin (all considered liquid), but again no worries as long as they are here safely. After a few hours of nap, all ready to go again.

Tkx to Clement for DimSum lunch@ImperialTreasureFineChineseCuisine (MarinaBaySands). Good to catch up with Ann&Andrew who are also in from Perth. Andrew who is now 15 will probably be the tallest in our LAM-family. More naps needed before dinner!

Appreciations to Pat&David for having us for dinner in their lovely home – salad&fruit platter were my contributions. #6, Lucas, Beth&Isebelle had fun getting to know each other.

Sun: after a good night rest, tkx to Leonard for helping us to check into ShangriLaRasaSentosa. Nice to meet with Seok&family. #6 had fun with his auntie Sue, uncles Clement&Leonard+friends

dining on pizzas and playing on the climbing nets&slides by this man-made-beach.

Mon: greetings from a little piece of paradise where even the wild

and the young ones know what life is about – beach, sand&water are all they need!

I do not believe that any peacock envies another peacock his tail because every peacock is persuaded that his own tail is the finest in the world – John Ruskin

The joy to discover a corner all to myself in the midst of all these man-made luxury, but at this stage in life, best to avoid too much sun and be content with pleasan views! Do wonder what is going on with what seems to be more than usual military planes flying above??

Shuttle bus to VivoCity for dinner@SoupRestaurant 三盅两件 and to do some shopping with Clement. Somehow this area always bring back childhood memories. Downloaded some amazing ariel pix where I can so clearly see where I was born, but  now a piece of green jungle.

Tue: another full-fun activites day for #6 and dinner@Sushi-Tei/VivoCity with Patricia&Clement.

#6 with his Easter drink, a drink as sweet as he! for the last night of our staycation

Beliefs Triumph Over Logic Again

7 Apr 2022 – Hospital Admissions (2000-now)

Tue: QingMing 清明 (Tomb-Sweeping) is now ongoing in this part of the world. In memory of my parents&grandparents – will not be going to the crematorium, but thoughts are with them.

Pix downloaded – bringing this QingMing to the next level with these paper offerings (today even a bank!  do wonder what OCBC thinks of it?), will continue as the never-ending of beliefs, faith&hopes triumph over logic&reality again! This really makes me wonder if it is possible&how to make a whole paper universe with all the materialistic values in it, ie a package-deal? As DeniseS so eloquently said – Our humanness makes us vulnerable and we all seek solace in different ways. I suppose it depends on the devils that haunt one from life’s experiences that determine what manner of solace we choose.

Wed: appreciations to niece Daisy for lovely flowers delivery, made my day and so thoughtful of her for cheering me up when I really needed it today.

2yrs ago was the start of lock-downs&circuit-breakers. Was also admitted to SGH due to an asthma attack then (also around QingMing), swapped for Covid /negative, blood test+X-rays were done to discover too high calcium-levels – more scans were then arranged for the thyroids.

Jun2020: infected gallbladder when an ambulance took me to RafflesHospital for an unscheduled emergency surgery where the gallbadder was removed –

Apr 2021:scheduled thyroid surgery@SGH

Jul2021: scheduled R VATS KIVsurgical removal of a nodule in the upper R-Lung incidentlly discovered during thyroid scans@SGH

Apr2022: FarrerPkMedicalCentre for another asthma attack and this time round tkx to Leslie referring on to Dr AlvinNg’s care and thank goodness no need to be admitted to the hospital –

Thu: follow-up appt with Dr Ng, and since in the area, took the opportunity to do some shopping@City SqMall and pick up some fresh produce@Mustafa. Kiwiberry, yummy but expensive $5.50, mini pineapples/6-8perpack $3.50, fresh dates$8, mini capsicums$3.70, not getting any dill, no gravlaks on the menu for now.

Frist time trying WokHey – egg fried rice with prawns$7.30, ok for that price and considering it being fastfood – still prefer the one@鼎泰豐 DinTaiFung costing nearly twice!

Hopefully all those hospital admittences from Apr2000-Jul2021 will be it   –  keeping my fingers crossed that whatever more underlying health issues can be taken care of now so that I am able to travel again in 2023.

Namaste=the light within me bows to the light within you. Really! 5yrs ago in 2017 since we were in Nepal where one of the most dangerous airports/Lukla is located!

Asthma Attack

4 Apr 2022 – In The Family

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all on this April Fool’s Day. Pix from Apr2011 in HKG PatSinLeng CountryPark八仙嶺郊野公園 towards Bride’sPoolNatureTrail 新娘潭自然教育徑 located on the NWside of PloverCoverReservoir. Tkx to Jack for taking the time to hike with me then – today he is a proud father of BabyArthur.

No April’sFool joke but a morning@FarrerParkMedicalCentre after intrerrupted sleep nights due to difficuilties in breathing, but last night as I was grasping for air, these 3words from GeorgeFloyd came to mind I can’t breath! Blessed to have caring family&friends making sure that I got safely to&fro the hospital to confirm that it was asthma attach acting up again and not other underlying issues – echocardiogram&chest X-ray were done, so far so good. Hopefully new inhalers+meds can help to some decent sleep so as build a stronger immune system. MRT-constructions+burnings for QingMing are not much of a help where air quality is concerned!

Informative info from today’s ST – even #6 in Norway has been collecting recyclable bottles&cans to trade in for his Sat-goodies since he could count! Good to know how to save with all these prices going up. And 1recycled beer can save enough electricity to run a television for 3hours according to DenisHayes. Remember being able to choose if I want to keep, donate or put in the value for some draw. Not sure how those new machines work nowdays?? Have not been back to Norway for 3yrs and alot of things can change!!

Sat2Apr-Mon2May2022: will probably not be checking out the lights this year, but those who are celebrating&marking this event, and those fasting tomorrow, take care and enjoy your moments – pix downloaded.

Thank you to Karen, AT-hiking-buddy-Wiggs for belated Bday-gift, can’t wait to catch up again – Tiger hugs from AT-2005Thru’Hiker; still hoping&praying that PEI-700km-Thru’Hike/Canada will be possible from either Sep2023or24or25! Appreciations to niece for these interesting patches to try out and to Gel for her recommendations for capsules. Not sure what I think or feel about TCM which are mainly natural products, seem like there is no harm – but not right now yet, not good to combine with the newly prescribed meds.

Appreciations to niece&nephew for bringing yummy dinner&dessert and for good company – family or friends like them are precious.

Sun: the bad news is that asthma cannot be cured but the good news is that it can be controlled to the point that the symptoms become negligible. As a chronic&lasting condition, asthma is not curable, but highly treatable with professional support. Breathlessness, wheezing&coughing can be really exhausting, but this too shall pass and there are many other worse ailments&symptoms!

Also runs in the family (father, aunt, bro&sis, cousins), seems like I am inheriting these genes to add to cancer(mother, maternal-uncle, bros) &heart(grandfather, father)+this enviroment is like playing RussianRoulette. Not a good time to even talk about Russia despite it being in my bucket-list; time to think about Norway(neighbouring country to Russia) when underlying health issues are resolved.

Tkx to niece for redmart delivery of laundry detergents, etc heavy stuff not too easy for me to carry in present circumstances – just walking across the road gets me to be short of breath! She asked if I needed any toilet paper and I told her that unless #6 wanted to TP the roads when he visits, I should have enough to last us during their stay here – hahaha. Do feel much better today after 7hrs of sleep lying flat last night – have been sitting up to be able to breath&catch whatever zzz possible the past week.

Mon: with a constructive&positive atitude+a full adventurous life-journey of 7+decades there are no complains – whatever will be will be, but will do my upmost best to take care of myself to whatever realistic capacity&possibility I am able to do to continue this amazing life journey ahead. All’s as well as it can be now with everything to look forward to the arrival from Norway – a good week ahead to all.

Apr family&friends Bdays:

2  Apr –  NEO EngHuat80
4  Apr –  KHOO Amy40, MayaH, RichardY
8  Apr – TorillW
10Apr – LAM Danielle
12Apr – PeggyT
13Apr – LAU Yvette
15Apr – LynneO, AileenK
17Apr – LAM Sara, AnneS, SharonK, EasterSunday
19Apr – KLUSMAN Claire
22Apr – BOROWSKI Ike
29Apr – LAM Stanley