A New Laptop For SGH Stay

19 Jul 2021 – NAKED Singapore Style

Fri: grocery shopping at Giant/Tampines – MeatsS$32 minus 3%SrSav

Durians total S$19.40. 5 for S$10+3 for S$10 with .60c SrSav, – packed them so well that I managed to take them on the bus, all 8durians! – really good deals&promotions considering that there is also 3%SrSav and points to my PassionCard. For that kind of price, they are very decent. Nice to have Clement, SL&Leonard over for dinner.

Tkx Leonard for a new HuaweiPortableBluetoothSpeaker and for setting up the new laptop from Michael. Good to have an extra lighter laptop if I have to be away from my 4-walls, this one is easier to take with me.

Sat: pix from Mick&Ann in Dublin! They said that it was good – has anyone else seen or tasted this outside of Ireland? With a tagline like NAKED Singapore Style, it got my attention and I am really curious now! Some funny comments from FB friends: AudreyW: Naked..means just curry n water? LolChengCH: Consume while naked.

Sun: checking into SGH to get the AntigenRapidTest/ART done with neg results before admission. At the rate I am here, should be able to find my way around blind-folded! No available beds in the Block5-56-Cward, but had the luxury of being in an AC ICU room for the night with interesting observations&eavesdroppings – MrMachoMuscle, perhaps imagining that he was the main attraction, but I must admit all my ears&eyes wanted was a quiet rest! MrNoPainKillerForMe, too much poison, but smokes and would cry Aiyoh painful!! MsPrissy with a husband who brought her gourmet food to feed her as she was having seizures but seems like there was nothing to show in the scan results!!!

Mon: 0835hrs – procedure (R VATS KIV) surgical removal of a nodule in the upper R-Lung discovered during scans in the beginning of the year for the thyroids. Now with the Metabolic Imbalance https://amylamsg.com/2021/04/22/parathyroidectomy/ taken care of, this is the next step. With a family history of lung-cancer, best to get rid of it and hope&pray that it bye bye forever to it! In ICU with morphine on demand but making me throw up all night – looks like you can’t have the cake and eat it – min pain, max nauseous in ICU.

Tue: infection is NOT welcome, now on AntiB intravenously in ICU to fight this very annoying infection.

Wed: must be on the mend to to taken away from ICU, but now off morphine on demand, less nauseous but the pain was NO fun! Effort to cough with the an infected lung saturated with yukky infection and ridding of phlegm is another story! Breathing excises and a security small hug pillow do help. Morning out on the ward and probably still in a dazed, thought I was in some MamaShop, the sight all the foods piled on the table across the bed by the window with the scanning sound which was the drug dispenser, a welcoming figure now ready for my array of drug cocktails!!

Thu: the most exciting event of the day was watching these 2men cleaning the vents – another interesting observation; in previous days it would be a Chinese instructing an Indian and now it is reversed! Also learnt that there is still a tube attached to my R-Lung, thus lugging this thing (to check the liquid in the lung) which has to be with me where ever I am+2other needles in the arm.

Fri: discovered this piece of paradise in the AC waiting room where I could hide with my book, (still struggling with BillBryson’s WalkInTheWoods/2nd time round) but at this stage still getting dizzy with too much screen or words time. Overheard another conversation between a Chinese, Indian&Malay guys who were comparing SGH to CGH and it tickled me to find out that SGH-SureToGoHome while CGH-CannotGoHome, hahaha

Sat: ~0600hrs Xray, ~0900hrs tube out from lung, ~1000hrs Xray all cleared to be discharged by 1400hrs. A big THANK-YOU to DrBH ONG+team and to all our health care workers for their dedication&good work@Block5/Ward56/Level6/Room22/Bed4. Appreciations to Clement for seeing me back to my 4-walls, feeding me to make sure that I will survive. Another surgery down, life moves forward and the next step is to organize and sort out my drugs! Truly blessed to have such caring&concerning family&friends and no I will not miss hospital food no matter how nourishing, lol.

Getting old is not for sissies ― Bette Davis

Sun: no complains, I can walk, see, hear, smell, eat&talk alot – very thankful to SL for today’s yummy meal delivered by DinTaiFung


From Garry10Jul: Trip around the block #25 Karajini National Park. A must-visit if you are in the area. Evidence of occupation dates back 30,000 years and land management practices such as ‘fire stick farming’ have helped determine the range of vegetation and animals now found in this tropical semi-desert.

Foryescue Falls
Beautiful deep gorges cut through the arid plains and many wildflowers are still blooming. I visited the eastern part of the park on my way from Marble Bar to Newman and the western while heading from Newman to Tom Price.
I camped beside this unmarked riverbed where the surrounding rocks were covered with the Aboriginal etchings.
From Garry12Jul: Just now. ABS – another bloody sunset over Cleaverville WA! But I liked it!

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